Surrounded by skyscrapers and buildings, the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, is the most populated in the country. Because of its vast population, it has a diverse set of cultures, and foreigners enjoy the quality and way of living, making it the most visited city in Canada.

With the high rising building and other attractions, Toronto offers quality and innovative education to local and international students. They have high standards for promoting education and research, as they provide a lot of learning opportunities. There are many universities and study programs available for aspiring international students. As a result, these students get the most of their education while living in a dynamic city.

Today, universities and colleges in Toronto proudly welcome and assist international students. Supports are available for them, and they do have Toronto scholarships made especially for foreign students as they continue their chosen programs.

Best Scholarships in Toronto

1. The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has an excellent standing among the universities in Canada and worldwide. It is considered one of the top research universities globally and the largest university in the country. They have a lot of programs offered for local and international students. For years, they continue to attract students worldwide as they provide quality research and thinking. As a way of showing support to these international students, they provide Toronto scholarships.

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships are one of the most competitive scholarships in the university. The target of this scholarship program is to recognize high-performing incoming international undergraduate students. This is given yearly, and the award will cover the whole duration of your program.

Please be reminded that your previous school should nominate you as an excellent student to start your scholarship application. Afterward, you should also be accepted and admitted to the university and your first choice of program. You can continue the next steps in applying for the scholarship online.

2. International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction

York University is a public university located in Toronto, Canada, and it is the third-largest university in the country. It is considered one of the leading educational institutions in international teaching and research. Today, they provide education to local and international students, as they foster learning opportunities for everyone.

The International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction is one of the best scholarships in Toronto open for incoming foreign undergraduate students. This scholarship aims to support students who have an outstanding academic background with leadership skills. This award is renewable, given that the international students maintain excellent academic performance every year.

The applicant should be nominated by his previous school to be eligible for this scholarship, showing a strong good academic record and abilities. Also, the university will require you to submit a letter of recommendation. The documents needed should be attached to the York application. The university advises the applicants to complete their online applications before the deadline.

3. International Entrance Scholarships at Humber College

Established in 1967, the Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, or Humber College for short, is a public school in Toronto. This institution is continuously growing, and they are known for their programs in technology, creative business, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and health and wellness. They also provide scholarships to international students to assist them with their studies.

The International Entrance Scholarships are open to incoming international undergraduate and graduate students. This Toronto scholarship is available every semester, and it is given to foreign students showing excellent academic performance and must meet the minimum GPA needed. These students should be enrolled in a full-time program to qualify.

To apply for this scholarship, you should submit your student ID number, the Letter of Acceptance from Humber College, two reference letters, and a personal statement, including your GPA.

4. George Brown College – Certificate Scholarships

George Brown College offers a lot of opportunities to international students. They provide real work experiences designed for quality learning, and they have expert instructors in different fields and applied research. Currently, the population of international students at this institution is growing.

To support these international students, they provide scholarships in Toronto. One of them, the Certificate Scholarship, is open to postgraduate students. This award aims to acknowledge students with exemplary academic achievements and active engagement in the community. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants should meet the minimum GPA and must have an involvement with the community.

To start your application, you must be enrolled in a full-time program. All scholarship applications will be made online, and the scholarship link will direct you to the application guide with the complete step-by-step procedure. Successful candidates will be notified via email.

5. President’s Entrance Scholarships – Ryerson University

Ryerson University is known for its program in Media Production, Business, and Engineering. Since 1948, this university provides local and international students education and real-life work experience while learning. They aim to produce skilled and innovative graduates.

Scholarships are available for the students at Ryerson University. The President’s Entrance Scholarships are open to both incoming undergraduate local and international students in the university. This scholarship award in Toronto is given to acknowledge students who have academic achievements, leadership, and creative abilities. Yearly, this award is given to 12 students, and it can be renewed (up to three years).

To start your scholarship application, you need to submit some documents, such as an essay showing your creativity, two reference letters emphasizing your academic and leadership skills and abilities, and a list of community activities that you’re involved with. For the submission, it will be made online.


I hope that this article on the Toronto scholarships for international students was helpful. Check out the Canada Programs for International Students to know more information!

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