Speaking of ancient languages, let us introduce you to Korean! With over 75 million native speakers worldwide, Korean is a language that has captivated millions through K-pop melodies and captivating K-dramas. But beyond entertainment, South Korea holds an appealing culture, promising future opportunities, and the potential to pursue your dream Korean degree. However, to master this trendy language, immersion is key!

With approximately 50 million native speakers and world-class universities, South Korea is the ideal place to learn Korean. Its booming economy, diverse job market, and globally recognized institutes make it the perfect setting for mastering the language. So to help you learn Korean, this article will highlight five top Korean language schools in South Korea, providing you with the best learning opportunities. Let’s begin!

What Are the Advantages of Taking a Korean Language Program in South Korea?

When it comes to learning Korean in South Korea, there are abundant benefits. Firstly, besides North Korea, South Korea is the primary environment where Korean is spoken, making it the ideal location for immersive language learning. Every interaction, from roaming around street markets to engaging in everyday conversations, becomes a language lesson.

In addition to that; many South Korean institutes have faculty members who are native Korean speakers. This adds a valuable dimension to the learning experience as students directly engage with instructors who bring not only linguistic expertise but also cultural insights.

Overview of Korean Language Programs

So, let’s just take a look at a typical language program in Korea. Most courses are divided into six levels, and one level is a ten-week course. If a student starts at level 1, it would take them one and a half years to complete the language program. Students can be placed at any level depending on their current level by taking a placement test.

Students who have completed the language course can sufficiently study at a Korean university. Although there might be a little difficulty, of course, most of the language barrier will be gone. Students would need further practice to perfect Korean, a solid foundation can be formed by attending these language courses.

One thing to note is that people of all ages (18-70 years old) attend these Korean language schools. So, don’t worry if you are too old or too young to go. Also, don’t worry if your test scores or grades are “too low.” They basically accept everybody who applies. So, if you want to learn Korean, this is a good way.

5 Best Korean Language Schools for International Students

To simplify your search, let’s now look at the 5 best Korean language schools each chosen for their exceptional programs, dedicated instructors, and supportive learning environments.

1. Ewha Language Center (ELC)

Ewha Language Center (ELC) is located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, and is the premier Korean language institution for women, operated by the country’s top-ranked Ewha Womans University. ELC is famous for its supportive and focused learning environment, specifically designed to empower female learners through a women-only setting.

ELC offers a comprehensive range of Korean language programs, catering to all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced learners. These programs include short-term immersion courses starting at 840,000 KRW, as well as intensive academic programs for in-depth language acquisition, priced at 1,740,000 KRW.

However, ELC also recognizes the financial challenges some students may face. They generously offer a variety of scholarships to ease the burden and make their programs accessible to a wider range of women.

2. Korean Language Education Center (KLEC)

Run by the reputable Sogang University, the Korean Language Education Center (KLEC) makes a name for itself in the crowded field of language schools in Seoul and South Korea. Unlike some institutions that concentrate on specific demographics, KLEC accepts students of all genders, providing a varied and inclusive learning environment.

But KLEC’s true distinction lies in its utmost focus on propelling students towards communicative fluency and the environment of speaking-centered classes. This philosophy shines through in their innovative teaching methods and their highly qualified faculty of native Korean linguistic experts.

Furthermore, recognizing that your time is precious, KLEC offers flexible morning, afternoon, and evening programs in both engaging in-person and convenient online formats. This adaptable approach allows international students to seamlessly integrate Korean language learning into their existing commitments, empowering them to pursue fluency more easily.

3. Yonsei University Korean Language Institute (YSKLI)

When talking about Korean universities, there are only a few institutions that are in competition against Yonsei University. Just as Yonsei University holds its own prestigious position amongst Korean academic giants, so too does its Korean Language Institute (YSKLI). Founded in 1959, YSKLI has a rich history of pioneering Korean language learning methodologies. Over six decades, they’ve honed their approach, blending proven techniques with cutting-edge pedagogy, and their success speaks for itself: a total of 146,520 students from 151 countries have chosen YSKLI as their first step to Korean fluency.

Today, YSKLI has a number of varied programs catering to different levels of students and offering different times of the year. Notable Korean language courses include the Regular, Advanced, Summer-Special, and University Korean programs. The latter is intended especially for foreign students who wish to learn Korean in order to get admitted to a Korean university.

4. Green Korean Language School

Beyond the well-known names, Green Korean Language School is the next institution on our list of language school options in South Korea. With small class sizes and interactive teaching methods, Green Korean Language School provides a personalized and engaging environment for learners. This Seoul-based organization is devoted to providing a setting that supports efficient language learning.

Academically, Green caters to diverse aspirations, from seasonal short experiences to intensive long-term programs. They even offer specialized courses for young learners and dedicated preparation for the TOPIK, a standardized test validating Korean language proficiency for university admissions and professional opportunities.

5. Korea University Korean Language Center (KLC)

Founded on the vision of sharing the Korean language and culture with the world, KLC has empowered over 90,000 international students and overseas Koreans to find their path to Korean excellence and cultural understanding. No matter your level, you’ll receive dedicated support, with faculty and staff tailoring your program to your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you maximize your progress and stay motivated every step of the way.

Your journey at KLC may begin with the comprehensive regular program, costing approximately 1,800,000 KRW. But whether you choose short-term, intensive, or customized programs, KLC’s commitment to accessibility shines through in its straightforward online application process. So, take the first step towards Korean fluency at Korea University Korean Language Centre and join the over 90,000 who have found their path to Korean excellence at KLC.


For the next time, you watch your favorite K-drama, there might not be any need for subtitles fading away! Learning Korean with trusted institutes like KLC, YSKLI, and Green, extends beyond entertainment. Imagine passing the TOPIK exam for university admission at your dream Korean school, or launching a successful career at a company like Samsung. So, stop imagining, and apply now!


We hope this article has helped in your search for the best Korean language school. If you want to pursue higher education in Korea, check out the Study in Korea for more insightful articles! Also, check out these Available Programs for international students!

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