Among the various standardized tests used for testing proficiency in English, the International English Language Testing System, better known as IELTS, is one that has garnered much popularity over the years. It ensures that students can have effective communication and understanding of study materials by assessing their writing, listening, speaking, and reading skills. Additionally, universities use the test to ensure applicants have the language skills required for their selected program.

The IELTS is widely accepted by universities in Italy, as a part of the application procedure for international students. It is used to ensure students have a strong proficiency in English, which is vital for achieving academic success in an environment that uses English as a primary medium of instruction. This article will give you an overview of popular Italian universities with IELTS band requirements.

Minimum IELTS Band Requirements for Universities in Italy

Here are the minimum IELTS band requirements for six popular Italian universities. Note that score requirements may still vary between program levels and disciplines.

1. Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano is a reputed technical institute situated in one of Italy’s popular cities, Milan. It is renowned across Europe for its programs in architecture, design, and engineering. The university puts significant emphasis on innovation and research and students are offered various networking opportunities, access to advanced facilities, and assistance from expert faculty.

The minimum IELTS score accepted at Politecnico di Milano for international students is 5.0. This is for various English-taught programs like master’s programs in architecture, engineering, management, and design, and bachelor’s programs in architectural design, and civil engineering. Students may further specialize in these fields.

2. University of Bologna

Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is among the oldest educational institutions in the world. It is esteemed for its academic history, dynamic study background, and rich culture. The university offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate academic programs across a variety of fields. Additionally, students at the University of Bologna benefit from its inclusive and stimulating study environment, and a substantial focus on innovation and research

The minimum IELTS score accepted at the University of Bologna for English-taught programs is 5.5. The institution offers English-taught programs for both bachelor’s and master’s levels for the following disciplines: engineering and technology, business and economics, international relations, and political science.

3. Sapienza University of Rome

One of the largest public universities in Italy, Sapienza University of Rome, is located in the heart of the iconic city of Rome in Italy. Established in 1303, the university is reputed for its cultural heritage and excellence in academia. It offers a great range of study programs including a variety of interdisciplinary and research-oriented programs.

This Italian university requires a minimum IELTS band score of 5.5 for its English-taught programs. Students are offered a variety of English-taught programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels, including programs like architecture, humanities, economics, civil and industrial engineering, mathematics, physics, and natural sciences.

4. University of Milan

Established in 1924, the University of Milan is an institution that is well known for its contribution to research and academics. It has established itself in the center of Italy’s cultural and intellectual scene. This university also prides itself in nurturing its students in an innovative and stimulating learning environment, in addition to offering a comprehensive range of study programs.

The IELTS band requirement for English-taught programs at the University of Milan is 4.0. Popular English programs at the University of Milan include bachelor’s programs in artificial intelligence, international politics, law, and economics, as well as master’s programs in law, medicine, humanities, and more.

5. University of Padua

Founded in 1222, the University of Padua is among the world’s most ancient universities. It boasts a seasoned academic reputation and a rich cultural heritage. It also facilitates an intellectually stimulating and vibrant learning environment for its students, with a significant focus on interdisciplinary research and education.

The minimum score for the IELTS exam for English-taught programs at the University of Padua is 5.0. English-taught programs are available in both undergraduate and graduate levels for the following fields: economics, engineering, environmental sciences, medicine, and psychology.

6. University of Turin

The University of Turin, renowned for its research findings and excellence in academia, is a prestigious institution in Italy. As one of Italy’s oldest universities, this institution dates back to 1404. It also boasts of an innovative and collaborative study environment.

The required IELTS band for English-taught programs at the University of Turin is 5.5. The university offers both bachelor’s and master’s English-taught programs, in areas like business administration, economics, and law.

FAQs about Studying in Italy

Do Universities in Italy Consider Students Who Have Not Passed the IELTS Exam?

Yes, there are universities in Italy that may consider students who may have not passed the IELTS exam. Although IELTS is the prominent language proficiency test for English, however, there are alternative test options available for students who did not meet the Italian university’s IELTS band requirements or did not take the exam. Such options include other proficiency tests for English like the Cambridge Exams or TOEFL.

In addition, certain universities may allow students to demonstrate proficiency in English via specialized language tests of their own. For instance, the University of Bologna accepts English proficiency scores from tests taken at the University of Bologna Language Centre (CLA). Meanwhile, other universities may accept students who have completed their previous studies with English as the primary medium of instruction or have studied in an English-speaking country. For the most accurate information, though, it is advised that you look up official university websites.


Most Italian universities offering English-taught degree programs accept IELTS exam scores as a means of proving proficiency in English. However, minimum IELTS band requirements among Italian universities can vary depending on the program level and institution. Thus, make sure to check with your target university and program.


We hope this article has let you know what IELTS score you need to aim for to apply to Italian universities. You may also check this English Language Proficiency Exam page for more information about English test scores. Also, if you want to know what programs you can pursue in Italy, visit Open Courses and Study in Italy pages!

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