Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program is offering a fully-funded Master’s degree program to South Africans. This fellowship was established in 1979 to allow South African students that were displaced by the apartheid system to study in institutes of higher learning. Since then, this fellowship has funded over 200 students from South Africa to study at Harvard.

The fellowship covers one year of the Master’s program. The fellows have the option of pursuing either a degree or non-degree program while at Harvard. The available department for fellows in the Harvard Law School, School of Public Health, and Kennedy School of Government.

Scholarship Amount

  1. Full tuition and fees
  2. Airplane Tickets
  3. Monthly Stipend to cover room, board, and personal expenses


  1. Must be a South African Citizen
  2. Around 30-45 years of age
  3. Few years of work experience

Eligible Degree Programs

  1. Mid-Career Master in Public Administration, Harvard Kennedy School
  2. Master of Laws, Harvard Law School
  3. Master of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health

Eligible Non-degree Programs

  1. Advanced Management Program, Harvard Business School
  2. General Management Program, Harvard Business School
  3. Program for Leadership Development, Harvard Business School
  4. Special Student Status, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  5. Visiting Fellow Status, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

For more information about these degrees, visit the official scholarship website.

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Application Timeline

  1. Mid-December- The fellowship application opens.
  2. Late February-  The application is due.
  3. Early May- The applicants are notified if they had been selected for an interview.
  4. May -June- The applicants interview in South Africa.
  5. Late August- Interviews are notified if they had been selected as a finalist.
  6. September – December- Finalists apply to their graduate school of choice.
  7. January – April- The finalists are notified if they have been admitted at the graduate school.
  8. July – August- The fellows start the one year program.

For detailed information about the application timeline, visit this scholarship page.

Application Materials

  1. Application form
  2. Transcripts
  3. Letters of Recommendation
  4. Academic and Personal Statements
  5. Resume/CV

For more information about the application materials, visit this scholarship page.

How to Apply to Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. Write essays, ask for recommendation letters, and prepare your resume.
  3. Prepare all the application materials that are listed above.
  4. Submit the application by the deadline.

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