McGill University is one of the most prestigious universities in all of Canada. This university ranks at the 31st spot in the top universities list worldwide in 2023. Located in the largest city of Quebec, Montreal, this English-language public research university has made an excellent name for itself and its students. People from all around the world apply to McGill for its state-of-the-art research and premium education.

The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs for national and international students. These courses are semester-based, and students need to complete certain credit hours to complete their degree. In undergraduate programs, the thesis is not mandatory, but it is non-negotiable in postgraduate programs.

Scholarships and funding are heavily provided to the students of McGill University in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The scholarships are provided to relieve the student of the financial burden so that they can concentrate well on their studies, and the funding is provided for research purposes by various corporations and agencies, private and government. So, to get started on your studies, check out the best study programs at McGill University below.

Recommended Study Programs at McGill University

1. Engineering

Engineering is among the top programs to study at McGill University for various reasons. The main reason is that it offers great hands-on experience and collaborations that make you industry-ready before you have even graduated. However, getting into an engineering program might not be very easy. Due to its robust reputation and also to maintain the integrity of the program, the students are vigorously screened and selected.

International students can get into the undergraduate engineering program by submitting an application to the university via an online portal when the admission dates open. This process is a little different for postgraduate students. They need to first get in touch with the professor or the group in which they want to carry out the research. The professor will interview and judge your competency before asking you to apply to the university for admission and scholarship support or funding.

The undergraduate engineering program is normally 4 years and the postgraduate engineering program is of at least two years and at most depends upon the research and the student. So if you are looking to apply for engineering programs anywhere in the world, McGill University should surely be on your target list.

2. Health Sciences

McGill University is known for its research sector and, more importantly, for its research in Health Sciences. The university offers a great range of courses related to the health sciences and introduces students to industrial placements and research opportunities, making it one of the best study programs at McGill University. Every year, the university adds a considerable amount of research papers to its resume that are published internationally and peer-reviewed. This is another reason why the university receives hefty funding from various governmental and non-governmental bodies for research and development purposes in the medical and health sectors.

Students looking to get into undergraduate programs like Bachelor in Health Sciences or Bachelor in Medicine will need to apply through the university’s online portal, while the students looking to get into postgraduate programs like master or Ph.D. will need to first get in touch with the appropriate professors for discussion regarding their research. You may also be eligible for a research or funding scholarship.

3. Business and Economics

In this fluctuating world of businesses and economies, you need to understand the importance of good investment and financial profiles to survive. Therefore, McGill University offers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs to national and international students in Business and Economics. With a great emphasis on hands-on experience and knowledge, the university has become one of the leading institutions in the business and economics sector globally.

You will need to formally apply through the online portal for undergraduate programs and a postgraduate degree through and with the acceptance of research professors. McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management offers and handles postgraduate degrees in business, economics, and management. But in addition to that, you will also require a robust enthusiasm for the ways of business in this world.

4. Math, Computing, and Technology

To get into math, computing, and technology undergraduate and postgraduate programs, which are some of the top programs in McGill University, you will need to have prerequisite knowledge of the field. Otherwise, it can get challenging for you. At McGill University, the courses offered in these fields are very in-depth and hands-on. They have real-time case studies and solutions to problems and difficulties. Rest assured that with your education at McGill University in either mathematics, computing, or technology program, you will have a sound career with exponential growth and career margin.

Each year the university increases its number of patents and research input through its prestigious students in these fields. The programs are offered for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. In some cases, you may require a written acceptance from a potential supervisor for research and a thesis in the Ph.D. degree.

5. Education

If you are looking for a degree in education and integrated studies, McGill University offers a great set of courses for you. They work in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental bodies to bring the best possible stream of education forward. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in education and integrated studies. These degrees are acknowledged and respected worldwide, so if you want to travel and work, this is something you should look into.

You may need to propose your own research for a higher degree through research programs in education, and you will also need a potential supervisor before lodging a formal application. So, make sure you have given yourself ample time to prepare and apply.

FAQS About Studying at McGill University

What is McGill University’s Most Popular Program for International Students?

Engineering is the most popular program for international students at McGill University. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Engineering with the addition of hands-on research and industry collaborations. The university provides mechanical, civil, electrical, software, environmental, computer, agricultural, chemical, biochemical, biomedical, materials, aerospace, aeronautical, nano, and mining engineering. So all types of possible engineering are offered at McGill, which makes it the most popular program for undergrad and postgrad national and international students.

You can choose from a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree in any of the engineering fields mentioned above at McGill University. These programs are also very future-safe as they offer high salaries and industrial growth. McGill University, therefore, provides an excellent experience for students opting for engineering courses with the promise of world-class education, research, and global internship and job opportunities.


Getting into one of the best study programs at McGill University will be your chance at success and a shining career ahead. Make sure to socialize, make friends, study, and, most of all, live your university days to the fullest. Surely, the university will transform you into the best possible version of yourself.


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