Biology, the study of life, is a broad field. There are many possible specializations because life can be explored from various scientific perspectives. You can opt to study it from the macro view of ecology or the smaller-than-micro lens of molecular biology.

If you have a passion for this essential natural science, keep reading this article! We will discuss some universities that offer biology tuition-free, which can help make your path as a biologist much easier.

Tuition-Free Schools Offering Biology Programs

1. Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich in Germany is part of the top schools for natural sciences programs and among the biology schools that offer free tuition. It is also among the country and Europe’s best institutions. Indeed, it is among the first in Germany to have earned the title: University of Excellence. This public university was established in 1868. It also has campuses in other areas in Germany and Singapore. Tuition is free at the university for all students; however, there may still be semester fees (student union fee, semester ticket) that you have to pay for.

Various biology-related programs are being offered at the Technical University of Munich. For the undergraduate level, they have a B.Sc. Life Sciences Biology program, with potential specializations in genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, ecology, plant science, and zoology. However, it is taught only in German. They also offer bachelor’s programs in molecular biotechnology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, chemical biotechnology, pharmaceutical bioprocess engineering, bioeconomics, food technology, and biogenic materials.

As for the graduate level, the university offers a Master of Science in Biology program. It is a full-time program and set for four semesters. The language of instruction may be German or English. Aside from M.Sc. Biology, they also have master’s programs in Molecular Biotechnology, Nutrition and Biomedicine, and Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering. They also have different biology graduate schools and programs.

2. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

  • Admissions | Scholarships
  • Location: Germany | Free to: EU/EAA students, international students who passed the German “Abitur,” students under cooperation/mobility programs with partner universities, doctoral students, students with a scholarship from Baden-Württemberg Stiftung

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is another public university that offers free tuition for biology programs. It is also part of the top 100 schools for natural sciences programs. The institution’s origins can be traced to 1825. Students who qualify for free tuition fees (e.g., EU/EAA citizens, German “Abitur passers, cooperation program students, etc.) do not need to apply to avail the said benefit.

All biology-related programs in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are taught in German. For undergraduates, they offer a B.Sc. in Bioengineering; B.Ed. in Biology; B.Sc. in Chemical Biology; and B.Sc. in Biology. They also offer master’s level studies in Biology. They have an M.Sc. in Bioengineering; M.Ed. in Biology; M.Ed. In Biology (Complementary Subject); M.Sc. in Biology; and M.Sc. in Chemical Biology programs. These are all offered in German only

3. University of Helsinki

  • AdmissionsFree Tuition Fees | Scholarships
  • Location: Finland | Free to: Exchange Students, Ph.D. students, EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens, individuals with permanent Finnish residence permit or long-term resident’s EU residence permit

The University of Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland, is a public institution and a top biology school that has no tuition fee established in 1829. It is considered among the world’s leading universities and one of the best research institutions. This oldest and largest academic institution in the country offers free tuition for qualified students, such as EU citizens, and a limited number of scholarships for those who are not exempted.

There are many programs offered at the University of Helsinki. However, their bachelor’s programs are only available in Finnish and Swedish. Biology-related undergraduate programs are bachelor’s in biology, molecular biosciences, or environmental sciences.

As for the graduate level, they have international master’s programs that are taught in English, Swedish, or Finnish. You can select from these language options for your multilingual program. Relevant master’s studies offered at this university are programs in ecology & evolutionary biology, genetics & molecular biosciences, integrative plant sciences, microbiology & microbial biotechnology, neuroscience, environmental change & global sustainability.

4. University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is a public institution in Bergen, Norway, dedicated to research. Its origins can be traced back to 1825, making it one of the country’s oldest universities. It is also a renowned institution in the natural sciences and an excellent biology school that offers free education. Education in Norway is very affordable because public universities are tuition-free, regardless of whether the student is a resident.

There are undergraduate programs in Biology being offered at the University of Bergen. However, they are not taught in English. Thus, you would have to present proof of Norwegian language proficiency to apply. These programs are in biology and molecular biology. Both are set for three years only.

As for master’s studies, many programs at the University of Bergen are taught in English, including biology. However, they may not be available for students outside the EU. Thus, only EU/EEA/EFTA and Norway citizens may apply. These programs include a master’s in biology (English) and a master’s in molecular biology (English, Norwegian). There are many available specialties for master’s in biology: biodiversity, evolution, & ecology; microbiology; environmental toxicity; aquaculture biology; fisheries biology & management; marine biology; and developmental biology, physiology, & nutrition.

5. Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Like the University of Bergen, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a tuition-free, public institution for biology in Norway. It has campuses in Trondheim, Gjøvik, and Ålesund. It was established by merging the University of Trondheim with other institutions in 1760. Tuition is free for all students, regardless of their country of origin.

Like the other universities, most of the institution’s undergraduate programs are not offered in English. Their three-year Bachelor’s in Biology program is taught in Norwegian at the Trondheim campus. They also other undergraduate programs such as Bachelor’s in Biomarine Innovation and Bachelor’s in Biotechnology.

Master’s level students may also find their niche in this university. They have many English-taught international programs in biology – MSc in Biology; MSc in Biotechnology; MSc in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry; MSc in Natural Resources Management; and MSc in Ocean Resources. Each program’s duration is two years only. They also have master’s programs in Norwegian – MSc in Biotechnology and MSc in Natural Science with Teacher Education. They also have Ph.D. programs in biology, with research focusing on aquaculture, ethology, evolutionary biology, environmental toxicology, physiology, marine biology, molecular biology, natural resource management, and general ecology.

FAQs about Studying Biology

Is a Biology Degree Worth It?

A degree in Biology holds substantial value as it presents a wide array of prospects. This includes but is not limited to occupations, such as genetic counselors or microbiologists, which are in high demand and boast varying salaries. Moreover, it opens up the possibility of acquiring a Ph.D. degree, leading to even more lucrative job opportunities. Additionally, the pursuit of a Biology degree provides the opportunity to cultivate essential skills that are invaluable in any career path, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and research abilities. Finally, a biology degree can open up opportunities to work abroad in research, healthcare, or conservation, providing a unique and rewarding experience both professionally and personally.

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