Designed as a continuation of the previous part, in this exam, candidates will reuse their topics during the part 3 exam and make a continuation. However, there is a difference between the interactions in the first exam to this exam. While FCE Speaking Part 3 introduces the topic, in Part 4, candidates will continue their discussion and dive into further details about the topic.

What will B2 First (FCE) Speaking Part 4 Contain?

The FCE Speaking Part 4 exam is similar to Part 3, which means it is also a collaborative and interactive exam. This exam will test your ability to interact and express your opinion and also deal with your listening abilities. You must be highly vigilant and focused during the entire exam since random instructions will be spoken to you at any time. The instructor will not write down the guidelines but rather talk you through them.

Listed below are the different parts of the exam written in detail.

First Part

During the first part of the exam, the examiner will throw different questions at you connected to your first topic during the FCE Speaking Part 3 exam. This serves as a continuation and dives deeper into what your ideas and answers were about during the previous part. For example, you were given a topic about clothes or different kinds of apparel during the third exam, so you might be asked questions like “What do you think is the limit in spending money on clothes, shoes,  etc.?” or “What do you think about recycled clothes?” These questions are related to the general topic but delve into a deeper discussion about your opinions on the subject matter.

Second Part

After being asked different questions by the examiner, you will have to discuss your answers with your partner. In this part, you will have to display how you express your opinion, your ability to show how you disagree or agree with others, and how you can come up with an answer together. This part will only be between you and your partner; however, if the examiner wishes to participate in your conversation, he can give some insights about your topics and answers.

Like all other tests, the FCE Speaking Part 4 Exam also considers time. What makes it more difficult than others is that you are expected to do and complete everything in around 4-5 minutes. You have to listen, think about possible answers, agree or disagree with what your answer must be with your partner, and organize your final answer within the given time.

How to Prepare for the FCE Speaking Part 4 Test

Preparing before the exam is always the right thing to do; it can help you answer the questions more confidently and keep a calm demeanour while answering. Enough preparation can allow you to think clearly about your answer. Not only will it help you pass the exam, but it will also aid in getting a higher grade. As a way of helping you out, we made a list of things on how to prepare for the exam.

1. Answer Some Questions

During the entire course of the FCE Speaking Part 4 exam, you will be thrown with different types of questions that require a lot of insights. So, as good preparation for this, you can try to answer different questions orally to get the hang of expressing your opinions. You can start by writing your answer first to express it and gradually work your way to answering impromptu questions at any time of the day. This way, you can quickly know how to tackle different questions during the exam. It might also be helpful to read a lot and learn the answers to the questions connected to your topic during the previous part.

2. Learn New Words

As always, new words are always the key to improving your abilities. Expanding your vocabulary allows you to express your opinions and sound more fluent easily.

3. Practice your critical thinking abilities

When answering questions on the spot, some people often black out and forget everything they prepared for. So, as a preparation and a way to avoid situations like these from occurring, you can practice your critical thinking abilities beforehand. Try to exercise your mind and find an easy way to navigate your thoughts.

Tips & Techniques to Increase Your FCE Speaking Part 4 Score

Although you’ve already prepared enough for the exam, you can always add more effort to it and try to improve your abilities. This will help in getting a higher mark than usual. Of course, these are not necessarily essential to pass. Still, if you want a slight advantage over other candidates, I’d suggest giving the following items a little try to enhance your abilities further.

Tip 1: Giving a More Profound Answer

Some people play safe and keep their answers to a minimum to avoid potential mistakes or blacking out. However, this also limits their answers regarding ideas and explanations. So, it is also essential to give a more profound and comprehensive answer when talking to the examiner or your fellow candidate in FCE Speaking Part 4. Give your thoughts and opinions. Express your emotions about the topic and question, and supply a reason to support your answer. To further explain your reply, you can add some examples or personal experiences to comprehend your answer better.

Tip 2: Showcase Your Abilities

When taking exams like FCE Speaking Part 4, it is never an option to shy away. If you always keep to yourself, you can come off as nervous and unprepared for the exam. However, keeping a calm and confident exterior can give an impression that you’re relaxed and prepared for the exam. Showcasing your abilities can let the examiner know what you’re truly capable of and what type of person you are. This can help you get a higher mark.

Tip 3: Work on Interacting with Other People

Given that FCE Speaking Part 4 is also a collaborative exam, you still have to improve how you approach and interact with others. Learn the proper behavior and etiquette in talking with new people and how to approach new individuals. Not only will you be interacting with your fellow candidate this time, but also your examiner.


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