Facing an exam paper that you are unfamiliar with can be daunting. Fortunately, many online and paperback resources are available, both free of charge and for purchase, to help candidates prepare for their FCE examination.

Top B2 First (FCE) Practice Tests

1. Cambridge English Preparation Tests

The official B2 First (FCE) website offers a series of downloadable practice papers to candidates with answer keys and a guiding tutorial. These include reading, listening, and writing sample tests and can be accessed through this link.

Answer keys for the writing paper are unavailable, but candidates can refer to this link to access sample answers with examiner comments.

B2 First for Schools (FCE)

Practice papers can be accessed at the official website through this link. The tests and the answer points are structured the same way as the B2 First General and Higher Education (FCE) mentioned above.

All the above practice and preparation materials are offered free of charge. There are, however, a few that can be purchased through the official website. Both student and teacher versions are available for most course editions below. Candidates can purchase main course components separately and request a free sample preview.

2. Objective First

This is an updated edition of the most popular Cambridge First (FCE) course. It has PDF and print material, including a CD ROM with audio. Free and downloadable tests from this course are available in the resources section. Purchase them through this link.

3. Compact First

This edition consists of ten units that explore all four parts of the exam. It provides sample answers for each section, particularly the writing paper. Each of the 10 units provides a revision section. This edition focuses on improving grammar and vocabulary.

Free downloadable workbooks and some practice tests are available in the resources section. Purchase them here.

4. Complete First

Like the editions mentioned above, Complete First provides candidates with material to study at their own pace. This edition contains a full FCE sample test with accompanying audio material. Pronunciation practice is available for the speaking test.

A speciality of this edition is that it offers answers from real candidates taken from the Cambridge Learner Corpus to help candidates avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Free wordlists and practice tests are available for download in the resources section here.

5. Cambridge English First 2

Candidates can purchase four authentic B2 First papers, answer keys, and model answers. Only a student version is available. Purchase them through this link.

6. First Trainer

It provides six  FCE practice tests to candidates. The first two are supported by step-by-step instructions on how to answer each exam component best. Real candidates’ papers are offered as examples to help avoid making mistakes and to learn how to improve answers. A separate teacher version is not provided.

Free downloadable audio material and accompanying transcripts are available in the resources section. Purchase them through this link.

7. Testbank

Candidates can experience actual examination conditions, including timed tests, by purchasing Testbank. They can try out Practice Mode, Exam Mode, and Speaking Practice. In Practice Mode, candidates get 3 attempts to try out the four tests per exam. Exam Mode is a single-attempt test. Candidates are offered automatic evaluation and real-time responses in the Reading and Listening tests.

Testbank for B2 First (FCE) can be accessed in 3 ways. When purchasing the Objective First, Compact First, and Complete First courses, candidates will be offered a single-use code for Testbank.

The other method is to register at an institute where Testbank is provided. The institute purchases the candidates.

Candidates are also offered Testbank when purchasing “Common Mistakes at First Certificate…and How to Avoid Them”. Purchase them through this link.

8. Exam English Grammar and Reading Tests

ExamEnglish.com provides resources and practice tests to candidates preparing for any English language test. It provides information about the exam structure and offers tests to candidates to determine their level of proficiency. All tests are offered free of charge. Grammar and Reading and Use of English tests tailored to suit B2 First (FCE) standards are available.

9. English Revealed Practice Tests

Candidates can practice the Multiple Choice Test, Open-Cloze Test, Word Formation Test, and Keyword Transformation Test under the Use of English (Reading) section of the B2 First (FCE) examination. Free tests with answers are available online, and a premium version with more tests is available for purchase.

10. Flo-Joe Tests

Multiple reading tests, including Multiple Choice, Open-Cloze, Word Formation, and Keyword Transformation practice, are available on this website. Learners can download their practice sheets in a printable format to keep a record of their attempts.

For £24.00, you can purchase an FCE Success Plus subscription for 13 weeks. The program is divided into two series, each spanning over 13 weeks, and learners can register for either or both.

When registered learners log in each week, they are presented with practice on two advanced grammar structures and a vocabulary section in the style of the first paper in B2 First (FCE). They are also given a writing question with a model answer, a new practice test for the reading section, and a 25-question grammar test.

Learners can also request e-mail support for any language questions they might have. They will also be provided with live tutorials. Hints and recommendations are offered from an examiner’s point of view to prepare the candidate better.

The program has been offered for 16 years, with much positive feedback available onsite from past candidates and learners.

11. The English Learning Longue App

It is available for download in the Apps Store. This application provides learners with quizzes and study material appropriate to their level of proficiency. Conveniently downloadable on mobile, learners can track progress and receive tests and material from native speakers of English. While the app is free to download initially, many in-app purchases can be made to unlock more features.

12. Open World

A new edition to Cambridge preparation material, Open World, exposes candidates to real-world language use scenarios. Online FCE practice tests are available, coupled with exam tips. Both student and teacher versions are available. Purchase them here.


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