Before we get started with this list of easiest college majors, we need to get one thing straight: none of these majors are to be considered as a walk in the park. Attending college is hard and a different experience for everyone so you should not make your choice of a degree solely based on this listing. Every school offers different programs and it is very hard to compare the same degree from different colleges with each other, as there will be small and big differences between the same degree. No matter what academic path you may end up choosing, it will most definitely require some effort and dedication. Make sure you know what your strong qualities are and utilize those in picking your college path. That being said, this top 20 countdown of the easiest college majors is based on statistics on GPA from a variety of colleges and will give you an insight into what you can expect to be focussing on while studying one of these degrees.

Easiest College Majors

1. Psychology

When studying psychology, you will gain a better understanding of the human mind and its peculiarities. If you are intrigued by topics such as phobias, mental illness, or how the human brain adapts to and overcomes periods of mental and physical trauma, psychology might be a field of study you will be interested in. Psychology majors can be successful in many different areas, such as childcare, counseling, practicing psychologists, or within social services.


2. Criminal Justice

If you want to do an easy college major, Criminal Justice should be on your list. A degree in criminal justice is your best tool to later become active within the field of security and safety. A typical criminal justice major is not very writing or reading-intensive, which makes them a bit more easygoing than some other majors. If you are interested in what makes a person more susceptible to be active within criminal circuits, how exactly law enforcement and the court system works or how to best handle convicted criminals in correctional departments, a career within criminal justice might just be the thing for you.


3. English Literature

First things first, you must know that a major in English literature will require a lot of reading. If that is exactly your cup of tea, English literature might just be the thing for you. If you like to analyze books and writing, discover the underlying motives and views of the author, and discuss your findings with your fellow students, you should consider studying English literature. It is important to note that most English literature graduates do not pursue a further career in writing or literary work. Most go on to become active within marketing and PR work.


4. Creative Writing

If all the reading involved in English literature is not your thing but you feel like you could make a career out of writing, you should look into a major in creative writing. Most of your time spent in this major will be dedicated to writing, learning about different skills that are involved in writing, and immersing yourself in the views and ways of famous writers. There are usually plenty of opportunities to construct your own path with elective courses. The majority of creative writing majors will go on to become active within marketing or pursue their own professional writing careers.


5. Social Work

If working with other people is a very important critic for you in choosing your college career, you might want to consider social work, which is one of the easiest college majors. A social work major will make it possible for you to make a change in the world. You will be able to make a difference to the most vulnerable people in today’s society or provide services to children in problem or abusive situations. After graduating, social work majors might be pursuing a career in health education, family therapy, or rehabilitation counseling.


6. Education

Pursuing a major in education will be the perfect start if you are striving to become a teacher yourself. As an education major, you will be able to choose your own path within the area of schooling. For example, you might choose elementary education, secondary education of education for special needs children. You will be taught what it takes to become successful in educating the youth and at the same time get lots of practice. There is usually a focus on a hands-on approach, which means you will have little to do with the complicated psychology and science behind education. It is important to note that it might be difficult to make a good start on the job market after graduating.


7. Sociology

If you love to be around people and attend social events, you might be interested in studying sociology. Topics that will be handled within sociology include social behavior, dynamics within populations, and the impact of religion on social bonds. This major might also involve some math and statistics but this should not scare you to not enroll in sociology if you are interested in the dynamics of our social culture. This easy college major is usually a little bit easier for students to pick up the material, as it will all be familiar from real-life situations.


8. Communications and PR

Communication is such a basic component of today’s culture and society that we usually do not stop to think about how exactly communication, both verbal and non-verbal, takes place and the problems that may arise when these processes are disturbed. If you are interested in learning about how exactly people communicate and how you might be able to influence this, you would be a perfect communications major. Graduates are usually active in the fields of media, television and marketing. The majority of communications and PR students are sociable, talkative and bold people who are not afraid to take initiative and ask questions.


9. History

Anyone who looks at a history book will be able to see that there is a wide variety of time periods, all with their own distinctive traits and events. A history major will allow you to dive deeper into these time periods and analyze the course of events that shaped the world to be like it is today. However, a major in history will expect you to be good at memorizing lots of data and be able to see the connections and correlations between different events in history, even if they do not seem to be connected at first glance. If you attend this easy college major, you will spend most of your time analyzing texts and writing papers on your own views and thoughts.


10. Music

If you want to make your hobby into your career and you enjoy all different kinds of music, attending college for a major in music might be the choice for you. This major has a very hands-on practical approach, which means there will be little focus on reading or writing. However, it is important to note that a music major will require a lot of dedication to playing music and practicing, so make sure you are absolutely certain you are willing to make your hobby into your academic career as well.


11. Sports management

This major is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing sports and analyzing every little thing that comes with managing a sports team or stadium. Essential qualities that you will need to excel in this field of study are a solid knowledge of sports, the ability to analyze problems, make big decisions based on these analyzations and have excellent people skills. This would also be the perfect major for those that are enrolled in any sports programs within a college or university and want to form their academic career around their sports career. You will learn more about the human athlete’s body, public relations, and dynamics within the world of sport and take a lot of fitness and physical education classes. Graduates will be qualified for management and PR jobs with sports teams.


12. Humanities

This easy college major is perfect for those who are interested in various different subjects to do with people and social situations, such as literature, writing, and language. There will be little focus on science and difficult formulas. Instead, students will have to be able to do a lot of reading, writing, learning foreign languages, and studying different fields of society. You will have to be interested in lots of different topics and be able to think critically and analyze current problems within society.


13. Women’s studies

A degree in women’s studies focuses on women’s place in current society but also on how this place has evolved throughout history. If you are intrigued by the social and cultural constructs of gender, how they have changed throughout time, and like to take part in today’s discussions about privilege and oppression, women’s studies (or any other gender studies) will be the place where you will find your outlet to make the world a better place for those that are still suppressed in today’s society.


14. Information Science

A major in information science covers a very wide range of topics relating to information systems and technology that handles the processing of data. Everyone knows that cyber security is currently a booming business given the steady rise in the digitalization of the world. The majority of information science graduates are involved in technical support companies and services, information security, and things of the like. This major is usually not very study intensive and students will have a lot of time to enjoy any leisure activities outside of their classes.


15. Liberal Studies

If you are interested in all different fields of study and are unable to make a decision about exactly what it is that you want to shape your academic career after, you might be interested in liberal studies. During this major, you will be offered a solid foundation of knowledge about today’s society, after which you will be able to choose your own academic path and specialize in any topics that have sparked your interest during your time at college. There is no certain career path a liberal studies major will be confined to, as you are able to shape your own degree to fit your own interests and passions.


16. Art

For those that are creative, like to explore the depths of their own imagination, explore new artistic territories, and are happiest expressing themselves in their own way, an art major is probably easy for you. There will be little to no focus on science, essays, or reading. Instead, students will be able to tackle creative assignments and unleash their creative abilities to complete their degrees. After graduating, art majors can choose a career in all kinds of creative fields, such as film making, painting, media, and theatre.


17. Health

Health degrees are often a good way to prepare yourself for a more advanced degree in healthcare or physical therapy. Health degrees are easier to complete than physical science degrees, as you will learn more about the principles and theories behind the science. There is little lab work, lab analysis, and statistics involved and the focus lies on the basic principles of health and healthcare.


18. Anthropology

Anthropology is another degree that focuses on social relationships, the evolution and development of these relationships, and the history of the many cultures that the world has or still includes. As stated, anthropology also deals with cultures that may have become extinct a long time ago, so you might be able to spend some time on archaeological digging sites. The degree usually is composed of a combination of history, sociology, and anthropology courses. It may involve a lot of reading and writing, but little science and maths.


19. Religion

For those that are curious about different religions and religious events throughout time or want to learn more about the tensions between religions that are currently causing conflicts in the world, a religion major would be a perfect choice. You will learn how religions originated, what the major foundation and views of different religions are, how they have evolved throughout time and how they currently relate to each other in today’s society. The difficulty with this major is the speculation that might be involved; sometimes there may not be a definite answer to questions but this will make room for some very interesting discussions.


20.  Language and Linguistic based majors

Language and linguistic-based majors are all about memorization. If you are great at learning new languages and are interested in becoming more in touch with a different culture, this will be a great academic path for you. In today’s world, globalization and public and financial relationships between countries and companies are getting increasingly important. The majority of language majors will go on to become translators, work in the field of advertising, editing, publishing or foreign civil services or pursue a career in business.


We hope that this article on easy college majors was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Bachelor’s Programs for International Students!

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