Do you want to know the acceptance rate at Durham University? If so, this article will discuss this. However, before we do that, let’s talk about the background information.

Durham University is a public collegiate university located in Durham in the Northeast of England. Although it was officially established in 1832, its origins can be traced back to the 17th century and is therefore considered to be the third oldest university in England. It is also one of the few British universities to follow a collegiate system and comprises 16 colleges. With its status as a research university, Durham is a member of the Russell Group of Universities as well as the N8 research partnership and the Coimbra Group, which enables it to commit to high-profile, cutting-edge research.

Durham University is located across sprawling areas that include a UNESCO world heritage site and several areas of historical significance. The large estate area is divided into two main sites, namely the Durham City campus and the Queen’s campus. Durham City campus is considered the main campus and is home to the university’s academic departments and all the colleges. Key areas of this campus include The Bailey area and the Old and New Elvet areas. The Queen’s Campus located in Stockton was established recently in 1992 and houses independent departments such as the International Study Centre and the Wolfson Research Institute.

Similar to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Durham follows a collegiate structure and operates through 16 major colleges, each of which acts as independent body of education although they are governed by the university. However, unlike the Oxbridge system, the colleges do not have official teaching but can be active in independent research. Formal dinners are a tradition in each college and around half require formal gowns to be worn for these events. Colleges also manage the residential, social, and pastoral functions and have been known to have a heavy intercollegiate rivalry.

Academically, the university is divided into the Faculties of Arts/Humanities, Science and Social Sciences/Health. Each of these is further divided into 25 departments that collectively offer over 200 courses for undergraduates and 130 courses for postgraduate students. Furthermore, the university has an enrolment of around 18,000 students comprising 13,000 undergraduates and 5000 postgraduates, which makes it one of the smallest universities by student enrolment in England. Renowned for its international community, Durham welcomes around 4500 international students hailing from over 150 different countries. As you can see, Durham University has many international students. This is one of the causes of the high acceptance rate at Durham. They accept many international students.

Students and staff have access to the Durham University Library which houses a vast collection of over 1.5 million printed books, journals, etc. Operating through 5 branches, the university proudly hosts several rare and historical collections of printed material, in addition to administering museums and national archives.

Alumni of Durham have the post-nominal name of Dunelm. With an alumni network of around 110,000 graduates, Durham takes pride in having one of the most active groups of alumni in the world who frequently communicate through annual dinners, reunions, and balls. Famous alumni include Steve Easterbrook (CEO of McDonald’s), Adam Applegarth (CEO of Northern Rock bank), Jill Black (Justice of Supreme Court of the United Kingdom), George Alagiah (BBC broadcaster), Roger Moore (actor), and Heidi Alexander (Labour MP).

Durham University Acceptance Rate

By reading the background information, I hope that you got familiar with Durham University and what it can offer to you as a student. So, are you interested in attending this University? If so, you have to first apply. The most important metric that students should consider is the acceptance rate. Durham University’s acceptance rate is estimated to be 41%. For a university with that much prestige, 41% is not that competitive. Universities in other countries with that much prestige have way more competition in their application pool. So, you might want to take advantage and apply to this excellent university.


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