A Cyprus student visa is a document granted by the Civil Archive and Migration Department. It’s given to full-time non-EU students, meaning they would be taking at least 12 units in one semester.

The student visa in Cyprus is more than just for studying, though. You may use it to gain employment, depending on your course. Likewise, it renders you eligible to invite family and friends to stay with you for a while.

If you’re looking to apply for this student visa in Cyprus, then read on below.

Steps on Applying for a Cypriot Student Visa

Compared to most countries, your school in Cyprus will apply on your behalf. However, you still need to undertake several steps for a smoother visa issuance process.

Step 1. Complete Your Application Documents

Once you have the documents above, you may send the following to your school for your student visa in Cyprus:

  • Accomplished application form
  • Photocopy of passport bio-page
  • Four pieces passport-sized photos
  • Certified true copies of your academic qualifications (transcript, diploma, etc.)
  • Proof of English proficiency

Step 2. Wait for Your School to Set an Appointment

If there’s an embassy or consulate in your country, your school will set you an appointment for application. If not, the institution will send the application directly through the local Migration office.

Step 3. Attend the Interview

If you need to attend an interview in the Cyprus Embassy, you must bring the documents listed above and submit them personally.

Step 4. Wait for Your Cyprus Student Visa to be Processed

The processing period for student visas takes about a month.

To prevent any untoward delays, you must submit your application at least two to three months before your intended departure.

Step 5. Collect Your Visa and Travel to Cyprus

You can either pick up your Cyprus student visa from the embassy or consulate or have it delivered to your place of residence.

Once you have the visa at hand, you may travel to Cyprus. However, you will need to have the documents ready for a seamless airport entry:

  • Valid passport
  • Blue slip or entry permit from the Cypriot Migration Authority
  • Acceptance letter from the institution
  • Receipts of visa payment and tuition fee payments
  • Bank receipts that certify that the payment was transferred to the institution
  • Cash in hand of at least EUR 2000 ($2365)

You need to visit the school within the day or the day after so the officials can help facilitate your residence permit application.

Step 6. Apply for a Student Residence Permit Once in Cyprus

Within a week of your arrival, you must head to the Migration office to apply for a residence permit.

To get this, you will need to undergo another round of medical examinations. Likewise, you need to submit the similar documents stated above. After taking your biometrics, the Migration department will issue your residence permit.

Documents Needed for Cypriot Student Visa Applications

Here are the following documents that you need for the application process:

Completed Application Form

You can download a soft copy of the application form M58 here.

Passport Photos

You need to prepare four pieces of passport photos for your application.

Certified True Copy of Your Passport

You should submit a photocopy of your passport bio page for your Cyprus student visa. For your passport to be honored, however, it needs to be valid throughout your studies.

Certified True Copy of Criminal Records

You need to obtain this document from the governing body in your country of residence. The validity period for this is six months before applying.

Likewise, it should be translated into either English or Greek.

Certified Original Medical Exams

Students who wish to study in Cyprus need to be tested for the following:

  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Syphilis
  • Tuberculosis (X-ray)

This should be done at the country of origin. The validity for these exams is only four months, so you will need to apply once you receive your results.

Acceptance Letter from the Educational Institution

This serves as proof that you can enroll or register in your program of choice. Your letter should specify the description and duration of the program in which you’ve qualified.

True Copies of Academic Qualifications

You will need to provide copies of your transcripts, diplomas, or exam results to show that you are qualified to take your program in Cyprus.

Evidence of English Proficiency

English is the commonly used language in most Cypriot universities. Depending on your institution, you will need to meet a specific grade requirement in proficiency exams such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Receipt of Payment

You should include a copy of your receipt to show that you have paid the necessary fees to the institution.

Certified Copy from a Banking Institution

To get a student visa for Cyprus, you need to demonstrate that you have the financial capacity to shoulder your studies in Cyprus. You may do so by providing a certified true copy from a bank in your country of residence.

It should be issued not less than six months before your application date. Additionally, it should show the running transactions in the last two months.

For visa purposes, you need to show that you have the money (EUR 7000 or $8285) to pay for your tuition fees and accommodation.

Likewise, you need to present a bank guarantee that will cover the cost of repatriation, as required.

If you will study under a scholarship, you must provide a confirmation letter in place of a bank certificate.

Proof of Comprehensive Health Insurance

Unless your educational institution will shoulder your insurance, you will need to purchase one that will cover your entire stay in Cyprus.

FAQs: Student Visa Applications for Cyprus

How Much Money Do You Need for a Cypriot Student Visa?

The cost for a long-stay visa, such as a student visa, is EUR 60 ($71.)

Apart from this, you need to pay an immigration charge of EUR 175 ($207) upon arrival. This will cover the costs of the following:

  • Alien certificate
  • Temporary residence permit
  • Health certificates
  • Chest X-ray
  • Document attestation

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