Trinity College Dublin is a leading university in Ireland. The school is also one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and is a favorite among international students thanks to its iconic environment and state-of-the-art facilities.

Trinity has three faculties with about twenty-three schools and offers diploma and degree courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It also encourages research in mathematics, technology, English, and engineering. Every year the university opens its doors to new students who have successfully scaled the hurdle of getting admitted. Still, many students find out that they are not fully informed about one of the most crucial parts of getting admitted and remaining a student: The school tuition fee.

So whether you are currently an international student or a prospective international student, read this article till the end to learn all the essential details about how much it costs to study at Trinity College Dublin.

How Much Does the Tuition Fee Cost for One Year at Trinity College Dublin?

€4,343 to €39,000. Depending on the program and course of study. However, aside from the tuition fee, there are other fees you would be expected to pay. This fee includes Student Contribution, Annual Fees, and a rate one charge on additional or repeat years.

Cost of Studying at Trinity College Dublin

Knowing the cost of studying at this school is very important even before you begin or complete your program at Trinity College Dublin. Once you have received admission into the school, understanding how much you need to pay and when you need to do so will save you a lot of stress and prepare you for the cost of schooling here.

As an international student, it is crucial you know that you will be required to pay a deposit once you accept the offer. The deposit will be deducted from your total payment. You will also be required to pay the student Sports Centre charge of €125 and an additional €2 for five-year courses and an extra year, the Student Space and Centre levy of €30, the graduation fee of €135, etc. The cost of studying at Trinity College Dublin per session can be between €10,000 to €50,000, depending on the program.

Application Costs at Trinity College Dublin

International students are expected to pay a non-refundable application fee of €55 for both international bachelor’s and master’s courses. This payment should be made before the deadline, usually on the 1st of February. The application fee covers the cost of processing your course application, and failure to pay the fee in full means your course application wouldn’t be submitted to the school.

Tuition Fee Costs at Trinity College Dublin

The tuition fee is the main fee for your academic course, teaching, and use of other facilities provided by the school. However, not all students will pay the same tuition fee, as the fee differs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Your tuition fee will also depend on the course you will be studying.

Bachelor’s Tuition Cost at Trinity College Dublin

Bachelor’s tuition fees for international students cost between €7,000 to €38,480. Undergraduate courses like global business, law, music education, and English Studies demand a tuition fee of €21,080. In contrast, microbiology, molecular medicine, and chemistry courses will cost you up to €27,610.

Master’s Tuition Cost at Trinity College Dublin

Master’s tuition fees for international students cost between €2,000 to €37,000. This also depends on the course you will be taking and whether it will be part-time or full-time. For instance, full-time courses like M.Sc in Community Health, Nursing, and Health Policy & Management cost up to €21,790, while courses like M.Sc in Environmental History, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Business Analytics can cost up to €12,500.

Ph.D. Tuition Cost at Trinity College Dublin

The Ph.D. tuition fees for international students cost between €8,000 to €12,000. However, tuition fees for international students largely depend on the course and if it would be full-time or part-time. Full-time courses like Ph.D. in Education cost about €11,620, while part-time Ph.D. in Drama, Music or Film cost €8,060.

Other Costs

Of course, the tuition fee is the major fee when it comes to schooling at Trinity College Dublin, but it isn’t the only fee that is considered important. In fact, without covering the cost of other items, you might find yourself struggling to have a balanced academic experience. So here are the additional costs of studying at Trinity College Dublin that you will need to cover as a student.

Books and Miscellaneous Expenses

There is no way you are studying or planning to study in a school without certain materials, which include your notebooks, pen, textbooks, and other study material. Buying books can sometimes accumulate a lot of money, and preparing is best. Budget at least €500 for writing material every semester.

On the other hand, textbooks are a lot more pricey and can cost thousands of euros depending on the book and the course it is for. However, the school has one of the largest libraries in the country, and it can provide all the textbooks you will need during your course of study. You must also consider other expenses like feeding, Stationery, etc., while in school.

Accommodation and Transportation

Trinity College Dublin provides accommodation for students staying on campus. Accommodation costs at Trinity College Dublin are charged to the student’s ledger for them to make payment. There are different types of accommodation with different prices attached to it. These prices also vary depending on the time of the year and the size but will usually cost between €595 to €2000. Students are expected to contact the accommodations office for further enquires. On the other hand, transportation isn’t something to worry about if you stay on campus; if not, cabs and trains are at your disposal but can cost up to €500 every week.

Living Expenses

Living expenses typically consist of feeding, clothing, and other things you simply can’t live without. Keeping this in mind when planning to study at this university is very important as it helps makes your time on campus more pleasant. However, depending on how prudent you are, you might spend up to €1000 weekly to cover your living expenses.

As an International Student planning to study at Trinity College Dublin, ensure that you know how much it will cost to study at Trinity College Dublin. Plan to cover your tuition fees and accommodation costs, and consider all necessary fees, including your living expenses and transportation. This way, you would not be overwhelmed by studying under financial stress.


Hopefully, this article on the cost of studying at Trinity College Dublin for international students was informative and helpful. You can also find more information on different European universities and scholarship opportunities on the Europe Scholarships Page!

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