Morocco, whose coasts are bathed by the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, has influences from the Berber, the Arab, the Jewish, the Spanish, and the French. This makes it the perfect destination for international students, who will benefit from its rich culture, history, and traditions.

To attract international students, the Moroccan government has made important efforts to improve education, form more professionals, and reduce the illiteracy rates, which translates into better universities that are affordable. When you look at history, Morocco has the oldest university in the world, and it is Karaouine University, which has been operating since the year 859.

Affordable Schools in Morocco for International Students

1. Moulay Ismail University

We start out with a list of cheap universities in Morocco with Moulay Ismail University. Although this university’s schools of sciences, arts, and humanities existed since 1982 and belonged to another university, Moulay Ismail University was officially established in 1989.

Almost 70,000 students attend this university each year, and it has two campuses: the main one in the city of Méknes, and the other one in the city of Errachidia.

The main campus has four schools of sciences, technology, engineering, arts and humanities, and law, economic and social sciences. The campus in Errachidia has a school of sciences and technology and a multidisciplinary school, which offer 163-degree programs and have 230 research units available.

It is affiliated with almost 250 universities around the world, including the Erasmus program. To learn more about admissions and tuition fees, you have to directly contact the school you’re interested in.

2. Mohamed I University (MIU)

Established in 1978, Mohamed I University (MIU) has four faculties of sciences, arts and humanities, legal, economic and social sciences, and a multidisciplinary faculty. There are also four specialized schools which are the High School of Technology, the National School of Business and Management, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, and the National School of Applied Sciences of Oujda.

More than 70,000 students are educated in this cheap university in Morocco each year. MIU gives priority to research, events, and cultural events. They organize forums, the National Theatre Festival, a Science Week, and workshops in areas such as photography, visual arts, music, storytelling, and culture, among others. There are also 76 up-to-date laboratories.

International students must apply through the diplomatic path from their countries of origin. Applications are managed by the International Cooperation Moroccan Agency. There are certain age limitations for some programs.

In case you need help, the university has a Students’ Information and Orientation Center (CIOVE). There, they offer information and assistance to international students.

3. Al Akhawayn University (AUI)

Al Akhawayn University is located in the city of Ifrane and started to operate in 1995. It is a public university that follows the model of the U.S. system and has up-to-date educative and research programs.

This cheap university in Morocco has three schools of humanities and social sciences, science and engineering, and business administration. They offer seven undergraduate programs and 15 graduate programs. The best part is that all of them are taught in English! They also offer executive and continuing education programs.

AUI receives around 2,100 students each year. It has 21 student residences available for both domestic and international students. It also has a library, research laboratories, seven academic buildings, four dining halls, and a sports center. They have their own system of transportation for students.

4. International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco (IIHEM)

The International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco (IIHEM) was established in 1988 and is another university that follows the U.S. university model and standards.

IIHEM has two schools. The School of Business Administration offers bachelor’s degree programs in finance, marketing and management, marketing and communication, and management information systems. The School of Engineering offers bachelor’s degree programs in civil engineering, industrial engineering, and software and network engineering. This cheap university in Morocco also offers master’s degree programs.

Bachelor’s degree programs last for five years. Programs are available in English and French.

In order to be admitted, students have to take a test that includes English and math content. Depending on the results, students can be directly admitted to the major, enroll in the “remedial program in English and Mathematics” or be sent to the intensive English Program.

5. Private International Institute of Management and Technology (PIIMT)

The Private International Institute of Management and Technology (PIIMT) was founded less than twenty years ago, in 2006. It has two campuses: one in the city of Rabat and the other in the city of Casablanca.

PIIMT is affiliated with the American University of Leadership. This means that students will receive a double degree from that university. So, you’ll have a Moroccan and an American degree.

It has a School of Business Administration, an Enterprise School, and a School of Computer Science. Programs are taught in English and French. They also have flexible online courses.


SIST is another cheap university in Morocco and is related to the British higher education system. The university is affiliated with the University of Cardiff Metropolitan University. This means that degrees obtained here are accredited by Morocco and Great Britain.

They offer six bachelor’s programs and a master’s in business administration (MBA). All programs are completely taught in English and last for three years.

In order to be admitted, students provide an English proficiency certificate with at least a B2 level. However, this is not compulsory because students can also take a test online. Those who studied at a British, Canadian, or American high school are exempted from this.

The admission process includes an interview to check the English level of candidates. Accepted students can be directly sent to the first year of their chosen majors or to the Foundation Year, which is meant to help them achieve the required level to start their major.

7. Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P)

The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) focuses on economic and human development, education, and research that contribute to the African continent.

It has five schools of architecture, planning, and design; agriculture, fertilizers, and environmental sciences (ESAFE); industrial management (EMINES); governance and economics (EGE); and collective intelligence. Over 600 students receive education in one of their programs.

International students follow the same admission steps as domestic students. They have to pre-register online and submit the required documents. After a preliminary selection, students will have to take a test and go to an interview.

UM6P helps international students to obtain student visas. They also offer scholarships and financial aid grants.

8.  International University of Agadir (Universiapolis)

We end our list of affordable universities in Morocco with the International University of Agadir (Universiapolis). It originally started as the Higher Institute of Management (ISIAM-Agadir) which opened in 1989. It was the first one that implemented the U.S. university model and standards in Morocco.

After building and inaugurating most of the school, ISIAM-Agadir became Universiapolis in 2010. It has a business school (ISIAM Agadir), a school of engineering (Polytechnic of Agadir), the Higher School of Hospitality and Tourism, and a school of communication and humanities (SupH’Com). It also has the Agadir Krechendo Trading Center where they offer training in finance trading.

Programs are taught in English and French. The university has modern student residencies and a committee of assistance for international students.

The Polytechnic of Agador has cutting-edge facilities that include robotic labs, a hall of mechanics, chemistry and microbiology labs, networking, and data processing labs, among others.

FAQS About Studying in Morocco

How Is the Higher Education System in Morocco?

Universities in Morocco divide into public and private, and as of right now, there are 15 public institutions and a growing number of private colleges.  Although private universities outnumber public ones, public universities continue to have a better education. Actually, less than 5% of students are enrolled at private universities.

Medicine, engineering, and business administration are the areas that are growing the most in higher education, and last but not least, there are also some schools that specialize in a field, such as music conservatories.

How Is the Admission Process in Moroccan Universities?

In order to be admitted to most universities, students will have to submit the required documents along with a revalidated high school diploma. However, for highly specialized programs, like medicine or engineering, universities often require applicants to take an entrance test.

After being accepted into admissions, the application for a student visa must be done right after you receive your acceptance letter. The process is not very complicated as it mainly consists of submitting certain documents and paying the fees.

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What Is the Language of Instruction at Moroccan Universities?

During the 19th century, France and Spain were strongly interested in Morocco. After different disputes, Morocco became a French protectorate in 1912, which ended in 1956. This is why French is used as the language of instruction during secondary and higher education even when the official languages are Arabic and Berber.

However, the population and authorities have emphasized the importance of English, and many universities are including English programs in their academic curriculum. Even if your program is taught in English, we highly recommend learning a little bit of French or Arabic since that will help you as you go outside of the school campus.

How Much Are Tuition Fees in Morocco?

Tuition fees will obviously depend on the university you choose. Although there have been attempts to charge higher prices, these have failed, and in general, most universities are very affordable.

You can expect to pay up to 5,000 USD per semester, but for most universities in Morocco, the tuition fees are cheaper than $5,000 USD, which can be of help to international applicants.

Is Living in Morocco Expensive?

In Morocco, the living fees are pretty low since it is really cheap to rent an apartment, and even cheaper when it comes to buying food.  The tricky part about living in Morocco is transportation. Since there’s no metro in the big cities, buses are usually very crowded, which can make your travel quite uncomfortable.

However, there are also grand and petit taxis. The former carries up to six different passengers and can be a little bit dangerous since there’s no seatbelt and drivers don’t really follow most traffic regulations. Petit taxis are for one client and are in better condition, but be aware and ask the price in advance. Don’t let them overcharge you!


We hope that this article on the cheap universities in Morocco was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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