Studying in Canada is a great option for many international students. Cities like Vancouver, located in British Columbia, offer a special appeal for their diversity and the merger of different cultures in the city.

Furthermore, students pursuing degrees in filmmaking and visual arts will be especially interested. A great number of films and tv shows are filmed in British Columbia and it has become a hub for education in this area. Nevertheless, there are many other programs offered by different institutions.

Studying in Canada is usually a lot more affordable for residents of the country than for international students. Despite this, there are competitive prices between these universities. We have compiled the universities with the lowest tuition rates.

That way, you can be prepared for the expenses that might come with your higher education. In this article, we will be looking at the cheap universities in British Columbia.

Cheapest Universities in British Columbia

1. Emily Clark University of Art + Design

  • National: $4,101
  • International: $16,407

As the name states, this university is mainly focused on visual art studies. Located in Vancouver, it’s one of the pioneers in the area. It was founded in 1925; however, it wouldn’t be until 70 years later that they would be able to offer bachelor’s degrees and diplomas.

This cheap university in British Columbia moved to its new campus in 2017, and they have widened the number of programs offered. These now include media arts, design arts, fine arts, and specialized ones such as fine arts or design arts in specific areas.

Some of these are illustration, communication design, and photography. Emily Clark now has a research laboratory dedicated to 3-D research. This constant search for innovation makes it a very sought-after institution by students interested in these programs.


2. Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University is located in Kamloops, and it’s an institution highly focused on research. This public university has its main campus in Kamloops, with a satellite campus and an online campus.

This distance-learning option makes it very attractive for students with reduced mobility or with other obligations. This platform allows students to manage their time better while pursuing higher education. Thompson Rivers was founded in 1970, and it started as a two-year institution.

However, in time, it grew exponentially and is now a fully qualified higher education institution. Furthermore, it now has over 140 programs offered on campus and 60 programs offered through distance learning. As the campus grows, they have incorporated sustainability strategies, in order to turn this house of studies into an eco-friendly institution.


3. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

The Kwantlen Polytechnic University offers over 100 degrees in a wide variety of subjects. Furthermore, they also offer a considerable number of vocational courses. This institution has a student body formed by approximately 20,000 students, making it one of the largest in the province.

With five campuses, it has adapted its infrastructure for the huge expansion it has undergone since its foundation in 1981. Students have rated this cheap university in British Columbia as one of the best in the country, with innovative teaching methods.

The faculty constantly encourages students to participate both in class and in research projects as well. The programs offered go from health sciences to horticulture, including business and design degrees. This allows students the possibility to choose between different options.


4. University of the Fraser Valley

The University of the Fraser Valley was founded in 1974 and it has expanded to form four campuses, all located in the province of British Columbia. It’s considered one of the best universities in the area, and students have reported a high degree of satisfaction with the institution.

It started as a small college, without a real campus. This led the faculty to teach classes in any available space, from basements to storefronts. It wasn’t until 1983 that the university inaugurated its first campus.

Now it has three more locations. Research is considered instrumental in this institution, and it now has 10 different centers for this purpose. The main focus of research tends to be relateds to food and agriculture.


5. The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of the best in the entire country. It has two campuses, one located in Kelowna and the main one, in Vancouver. It was founded in 1908 and became the first university in the province.

Research it’s very important, and there are approximately 8,000 projects a year. This provides a great opportunity for students interested in innovating and acquiring research schools during their education. Its library is one of the biggest in the country with over 20 branches and more than 9 million tomes.

The beautiful campuses, high-quality education, and modern research centers make this cheap university in British Columbia one of the most sought-after institutions in Canada.


6. University of Northern British Columbia

The University of Northern British Columbia is a much smaller university. The main campus is located in Prince George but there are three more campuses throughout Northern British Columbia. Despite the number of campuses, there are little over 4,000 students enrolled.

Founded in 1990, it has quickly risen through the ranks and it’s currently considered one of the best higher education institutions. Medical sciences have become one of the most attractive programs offered by the university.

They have invested a lot of time and money in developing centers such as the BC Cancer Agency Center for the North. This has attracted researchers to this area and there’s a burgeoning medical research community there.


7. University of Victoria

This university has a long history in the province. It first started as Victoria College in 1903, and it became the University of Victoria in 1963. It was in this year when the university became independent from McGill University. During the past century, research has been highly promoted at this institution. This has resulted in numerous inventions. Programs are offered in different subjects, ranging from education to engineering. One of the main focuses for research is the ocean, and the institution has modern centers created for this purpose.


We hope that this article on cheap universities in British Columbia was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Canada!

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