The United States spends more on college life than almost every other country in the world. This can be attributed, in part, to the excessive lifestyle costs that come with student life. Accommodation, meals, and other day-to-day costs make college a very expensive affair. In this article, we will be looking at the cheapest universities in Texas.

When considering college or university applications, the cost of tuition can play an integral part in the decision-making process. The state of Texas has a considerably lower average than the rest of the USA, in terms of tuition fees.

Affordable Schools in Texas for International Students

1. Midwestern State University

  • Tuition Fees: From $5,216 (Domestic) | From $7,166 (International)

Midwestern State University is a leading university in liberal arts. It encourages creative discovery and research development, as well as supports the importance of a global society.

The university is based on a 255-acre campus and has a core curriculum of science and comprehensive arts.

Although its in-state tuition fees are not the cheapest in Texas, it provides a ‘special tuition rate’ for out-of-state students. Its out-of-state tuition fees are ranked in the top ten cheapest making it a very attractive establishment for students coming from outside of Texas.

2. South Texas College

  • Tuition Fees: From $2,330 (Domestic) | From $7,620 (International)

South Texas College prides itself on teaching excellence and workforce integration. They have a practical approach to the economic development of their students and, also, focus on their career goals.

Due to the extremely cheap in-state tuition fees, this university is known to be a very cheap university in Texas. The out-of-state and international fees are also very low in comparison to other colleges, in Texas.

The college has a strong focus on local economic development and, as such, would be a better pick for students wishing to remain in-state.

3. Midland College

  • Tuition Fees: From $1,950 (Domestic) | From $4,800 (International)

Midland College is quite unique in the way it provides the education of its students. It is extremely locally driven, providing community services to Midland. The college offers its students training required by local businesses to suit the industry’s current needs. It will alter its courses, when necessary, to reflect this.

The costs of attending this college make it a very attractive and affordable option, especially for students residing in the local area. Its costs are approximately 1/3 of the cost of other institutions in Texas.

Although its out-of-state and international costs are exceptionally low, the nature of the college’s courses is more geared toward the local community. Therefore, this cheap university in Texas may not be the most suitable option for those wanting to expand their horizons, out-of-state.

4. Tarleton State University

  • Tuition Fees: From $4,008 (Domestic) | From $13,752 (International)

Tarleton State University provides a traditional college experience in a beautifully historic and comfortable area. The area actually comprises a student population of 67%, making it very student-oriented. The university is very focused on providing hands-on experience in terms of work and partners with local businesses, to provide internships.

Its in-state tuition fees are in the bottom 25% of costs, in Texas. The fees, combined with the attractive location, make it a very appealing institution for residents of Texas.

Although its out-of-state costs are slightly high, in comparison to previously mentioned colleges, it can still be a tempting choice due to its location and reputation.

5. Texas A&M International University

Due to the location of this university, in Laredo, this establishment is very culturally diverse and, therefore, multilingual. This can be a deciding factor for some students. This university also boasts one of the most impressive planetariums in Texas.

Although this may not be a deciding factor when considering this cheap university in Texas, it definitely makes for an interesting fact.

This university is an extremely affordable option for in-state residents, perhaps due to its aspiration to improve the quality of life for citizens living on the border.

However, out-of-state and international fees are considerably higher. Due to this, it is important to reflect upon the university’s academic profile and its standing as a branch of the Texas A&M University group.

6. Angelo State University, San Angelo

  • Tuition Fees: From $4,061 (Domestic) | From $14,021 (International)

ASU has a very strong academic value making it one of the top educational facilities, in Texas. Since 2010, it has continuously been ranked ‘one of the best colleges by The Princeton Review. It is also important to note that it provides scholarships for one in every three students, awarding in excess of $87 million since the program began.

Its in-state fees are surprising when reflecting upon the university’s standards. Although its out-of-state and international fees are high, it is important to consider that its generous scholarship program may be able to assist with this.

7. Texas A&M University, Galveston

  • Tuition Fees: From $4,516 (Domestic) | From $12,940 (International)

Texas A&M University, in Galveston, is a highly specialized institution offering a unique education in marine and maritime training. To attend here, its students must have a strong desire to enter into a working role in an ocean environment.

Considering its specific marine-oriented educational value, its in-state tuition fees are low., making this institution the last in our list of cheap universities in Texas.

Although its out-of-state and international fees are much more expensive, its current student population is made up of residents of 42 different states.

If this is the specific training requirement for a student, the fees become an accepted aspect of the experience.  It is one of a few of these types of establishments.


Overall, tuition fees in Texas can vary as greatly as they do in any other state. However, the average is much lower. Does this mean that the quality of education is also at a lower average? In short, the answer is no. Texas has a plethora of academic universities that can provide a fantastic education in a vast range of industries. As previously mentioned, the costs that are attributed to college life can be exorbitant. Having lower tuition fees can help greatly with dealing with the overall costs.


We hope that this article on the cheapest universities in Texas was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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