Global Scholarships

External Scholarships $1,000 Scholarship for International Students is happy to offer a $1,000 Scholarship for International Students to three (3...

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Hope for Healing Scholarships

Hope for Healing Scholarships: $5,000 Award

The Hope for Healing Scholarships aims to inspire and encourage students to pursue vocations about m...

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Palantir Women in Technology - North America Scholarship

Palantir Women in Technology – North America Scholarship: $7,000 Award

Through the Women in Technology - North America Scholarship, Palantir hopes to encourage and empower...

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Women in Computing Scholarship

Women in Computing Scholarship: $1,000 Award

Women pursuing degrees in computer science and other closely-related fields might want to consider a...

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Curtis E. Huntington Memorial Scholarship

Curtis E. Huntington Memorial Scholarship: $3,000 Award

To honor the services of Curtis E. Huntington in the actuarial profession, The Actuarial Foundation ...

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Good Samaritan Scholarship

Good Samaritan Scholarship: $1,000 Award

The Good Samaritan Scholarship is offered by Connecticut Domestic Violence Information Center as a w...

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The Divorce Stigma Scholarship

The Divorce Stigma Scholarship: $1,000 Award

Through the Divorce Stigma Scholarship, the attorneys at Atlanta Divorce Law Group would love to hea...

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Ivy Panda Annual Essay Writing Contest

IvyPanda Annual Essay Writing Contest: $1,500 Award

Put your writing skills to the test and get the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship! All you have to ...

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Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship

Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship: $10,000 Award

The Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship is presented by the 4A's Foundation in partnership with Wunder...

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Franchise.Law Entrepreneur Scholarship

Franchise.Law Entrepreneur Scholarship: $1,000 Award

Students who are passionate about entrepreneurship might want to apply for this scholarship awarded ...

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ISC Undergraduate Scholarships

(ISC)² Undergraduate Scholarships: $5,000 Award

Undergraduate students studying to become information security professionals would surely benefit fr...

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Rhodes Scholarship

Rhodes Scholarship for International Students

The Rhodes Scholarship is one of the oldest and most celebrated international scholarship programs, ...

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