Canada is a popular choice for employment and education as it is filled with a lot of exciting opportunities. It can be a very profitable move. While Canada offers universities that cater to almost any career choice, they can be quite expensive. This can be a problem for international students wanting to study here but come with a limited budget.

When starting your application to a university, you will be considering the cost of the process—first, the application fees. You might not think that application fees are not a huge deal. However, application fees alone could add up quickly (usually averaging around 100 CAD each) when you are still in the initial stages of researching different universities.

For students facing this problem, you do not have to worry. While some universities in Canada charge high fees for your application, there are a lot of schools that offer them for free. To help those international students, we’ve compiled a list of universities in Canada without application fees, even for international students.

Before we get started, we will look over some of the frequently asked questions that readers of this article ask.

I can’t finance my education in these universities in Canada. Can I still Study in Canada?

The short answer is yes, and the long answer is that it will be difficult, but with ample preparation, it is still possible.

The best way to go about doing this is by getting scholarships in Canada. There are many universities that cover the full cost of studies in Canada for international students. You can visit the Canada Scholarships Page for more info.

Now, there are other ways that you can finance your education. We’ve compiled a guide on 6 Ways You can Study in Canada for Free. I highly recommend reading and applying it, especially if you can’t finance your education.

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Are there Universities in Other Countries without Application Fees?

This question is frequently asked by international students who apply to universities in other countries as well as universities in Canada. The answer is yes! There are many universities in other countries with no application fees for international students.

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Universities in Canada with No Application Fees 

1. Quest University International

Quest University is a privately funded institution located in Squamish, British Columbia. The school is small, only housing about 600 students yearly. They focus most of their specialties on the Liberal Arts and Sciences. So, if you want to have a deep foundation in Arts and Sciences, this educational institution is for you.

A young university to be considered, this university was only founded in 2007. However, if you like the modern architecture and facilities, you will like this college. That being said, it is an excellent school that offers great courses with decent tuition fees. For the quality of education, they have a unique educational approach to learning offered to students.

Since they have a smaller student population, their classes are small in size. It is more student-focused, and if you like lesser crowded campuses, you can consider this university.

2. Booth University College

A Christian liberal arts educational institution, the Booth University College in Winnipeg focuses more on the liberal arts. It is a privately funded institution and only offers a small number of openings. They currently have less than a thousand students annually.

As a whole, the Booth University College has four schools open to local and international students. They have the school of business, social work, humanities, and social sciences, and continuing students. Additionally, one unique feature of their classes is that they are small-sized that focus on students’ in-depth learning.

Interested students may find this school attractive if they plan to study Social Sciences and the Humanities. The school itself is linked with the Salvation Army, which operates in a number of countries around the world.

So, Are you Interested in Canadian Universities with No Application Fees?

As you can see, there are some universities that offer free applications. Whether you choose these or take the leap and spend a bit of money on your preferred school, just know this. Research is an important aspect of any decision. Choosing a university to invest time, money, and effort in is a prime decision that one must not hastily decide on.

These schools can offer what most universities in Canada charge you for a chance. A chance to gain admission to a university, without having to pay upfront. Students with limited funding can weigh their options without spending a majority of their money on mandatory introduction fees.


So, if you are interested in these universities in Canada with free admissions fees, definitely take a look and apply! Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Canada!