China has become one of the favorite study destinations for international students. Besides its economic growth and quality education, Chinese universities have affordable prices compared to other universities. It also stimulates the integration of new cultures. However, international students have to pay much more than just tuition, including outbound and return flights, visas, living expenses, accommodation, and so on. If you add application fees to that, it’s possible that studying abroad becomes impossible.

Typically, universities impose application fees to cover the cost of reviewing each application submitted. Even if the process is done online, all applications and all documents submitted will be reviewed. This is to ensure that all information submitted by the applicants is true.

This is also to lessen the number of applications received by each university. Students who are willing to pay are those who truly want to study at that university. Otherwise, if universities do not impose application fees, degree-seeking students would apply to hundreds of universities to increase their chances, and these universities would have to manually review millions of applications.

Application fees in China can go from 90 – 150 USD. An international student who applies to five universities would have to pay around 450 – 750 USD! And that’s without considering any other expenses they must pay during the whole application process.

In case you want to save some money without sacrificing your possibility of getting into a university, here’s a list of Chinese universities that do not charge any application fees.

Universities in China with No Application Fees

1. Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University

Founded in 2006, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU) came to fruition through a joint venture of two prestigious universities in China and the UK. As the name suggests, it is in partnership with Xi’an Jiaotong University and Liverpool University. Although the university is still considered a young university, it has already established a name for itself in the academic community in China and other countries.

For one, all offered study programs at XJTLU are conducted in English, a sure way of attracting international degree-seeking students. To make it a lot easier to apply, all applications are submitted using an online application system. No need to send in original documents by post.

Another feature that makes the university stand out among other Chinese universities is its strategic location. Situated in Suzhou, one of the most developed cities in the country, students will have easy access to all major and thriving companies in the country. One of the advantages of studying at the university is having the most opportunities to do internships in big companies, as well, as making relevant connections that will help in their future careers.

2. United International College

Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College or simply UIC, is another joint venture of two Asian universities – Beijing Normal University (BNU) and Hongkong Baptist University (HKBU). UIC is a liberal arts education that started admitting students in 2005. The university’s primary goal is to produce graduates with diverse capabilities and an open-minded approach that will enable them to explore their chosen field with expertise.

Interested students planning to study in China should consider submitting their applications at UIC. The application process is pretty simple and the university hasn’t imposed any application fees even to international applicants!


Studying abroad will incur a lot of academic costs. But there are many ways to lower these expenses like looking for universities with no application fees. In China, while most of its universities charge for their application process, there are still schools willing to accept your applications for free just like the list of Chinese universities above. Not only are they helping students with their academic costs, but these institutions also provide the best education in the country!


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