A private research university, Boston University was established in the USA in 1839. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, it is rated 108th. Moreover, on three metropolitan campuses, there are 17 schools and colleges that welcome students from throughout the world to enlighten and inspire them. Today, more students are opting to pursue their careers in the United States, and many overseas students are eager to attend BU since it is regarded as a top university for global research. The acceptance rate might help students determine their potential for being admitted to Boston University. Let’s jump into more details!

Boston University Acceptance Rate

As Boston University is committed to providing students with an amazing society and a top-notch education, there are more new experiences waiting for you there and in Boston, than you can possibly imagine. Students from all over the world can attend BU to engage in cutting-edge research and learn about their surroundings. Only 11,311 students, or 14% of all candidates, are chosen for admission to BU each year out of the approximately 80,796 who submit applications, according to a report from College Navigator. Since this is a significantly lower rate, it does indicate that the university is serious about admitting excellent students who want to pursue education there.

Preparing for Boston University

International applicants must consider the application procedure, tuition costs, and scholarships to determine how to increase their chances of admission because of the low acceptance rate at BU. Several of these elements will be covered in this section:

Admission Requirements

It is extremely important for all international learners to understand the educational requirements, English language competence requirements, and other criteria necessary for each particular program. It can be challenging to get into BU, so prospective international students are recommended to carefully review the prerequisites to ensure they meet them.

Tuition Fees

It would undoubtedly be easier for international students to pursue academics at Boston University if they have adequate financial resources. Since tuition fees make up the majority of the overall budget, international applicants should be aware of the costs associated with specific programs.


To reward outstanding international students who go above and beyond, Boston University provides a wide range of merit scholarships, some of which even pay the full cost of attendance. The majority of awards are given out for academic excellence, although others are given to creative performers, athletes, and artists.


Keep in mind that your eligibility to join BU will never be determined by the university acceptance rate, whether it is high or low. The discussion above provides some useful advice on how to prepare and submit your application to Boston University. Make sure to get your paperwork ready and sent by the application deadline.

We hope that this article on Boston University acceptance rate was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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