Studying in China is attractive for many international students because of the country’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant travel opportunities. Aside from this, international students have access to a globally competitive education at a fraction of the cost of other western universities.

One requirement to consider when looking for universities in China is the medium of instruction. Language requirements may vary per university. With this said, globally recognized universities in China offer courses in Public Health that are taught in English. Let’s take a look at these universities!

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Are Qualifications in Public Health in Demand?

A degree or postgraduate degree in Public Health is growing in importance and demand. Public Health programs commonly include the study of several disciplines such as medicine, policymaking, research, and life sciences, and even mass communication. Professions in public health ensure the health and general well-being of an entire population which is why programs in public health are interdisciplinary. China is home to several globally recognized universities with highly ranked public health programs. These universities have well-reputed educational systems and high research activity. Leading Chinese universities with top-tier public health programs are part of the top 100 global universities.

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Top Universities for Public Health in China

1. Peking University

  • Public Health Program
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Degrees in the field of Public Health

Peking University is a public research institution and a top university for public health in China with high global and national rankings. Peking University ranks 45th in Best Global Universities and 5th in Best Global Universities in Asia. The Peking University School of Public Health is recognized by the World Health Organization as the leading education and training provider in China.

The university’s School of Public Health offers a comprehensive list of degrees in public health. This includes bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the fields of Epidemiology, Occupational and Environmental Health, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Toxicology, and many more. A list of departments and Institutes in the school of public health can be found here.

The Peking University School of Public Health is equipped with state-of-the-art labs and research centers which makes it the perfect environment for scientific discovery and research.

There School of Public Health has over 10 departments with specific focuses on the disciplines related to public health. Application for admissions can be done through the university’s official website.

The Executive Masters of Public Health Program is one of the most prestigious degree programs on public health offered by Peking University.

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2. Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is one of the leading research universities in Beijing. The Tsinghua University is among the best schools for public health in China and is home to over 25 schools and colleges, each with its distinct area of expertise. Tsinghua University’s public health program is divided into several areas of study in the Vanke School of Public Health and the School of Medicine. With this said, the primary education for Public health offered by Tsinghua University is the International Masters of Public Health Program.

The IMPH program overview can be found here. The curriculum is taught in English and focuses on addressing the issues of global health service delivery, product accessibility, and global health administration. The Vanke School of Public Health is globally connected with prestigious public health organizations and educational institutions. The curriculum of the International Masters of Public Health Program is a good choice for international students interested in pursuing a career in the global public health system, national health administration, and the development of global public health.

Aside from this, international students may apply for scholarships to help fund their studies. These scholarships are awarded by the Chinese government. The university also has an internal scholarship called the Tsinghua University Scholarship that international students may apply for.

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3. Nanjing Medical University

  • Public Health Program
  • Degrees Offered: Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees, and the Masters of Public Health Program

NMU is a highly respected research and educational institution for medicine in China. The university has five schools focusing on different fields related to medicine. This includes the School of Basic Medical Sciences, the School of Public Health, School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, School of Health Policy and Management, and many more.

The School of Public Health at Nanjing Medical University delivers a top public health program in China and has eight main departments specializing in the fields of public health. This includes the Department of Occupational Medicine, the Department of Toxicology, the Department of Epidemiology, and the Department of Social Medicine and Health Education.

Undergraduate degrees in public health from Nanjing Medical University include Preventive Medicine, Hygienic Analysis and Detection, and Biostatistics. The Masters of Public Health Program takes on a global approach in studying public health. This program focuses on the control and prevention of global infectious diseases. The courses that are part of the Masters of Public Health Program are on their official website.

4. Jiangnan University Wuxi

The School of Medicine in Jiangnan University is another excellent public health school in China and is a well-respected Chinese research institution and educational institution. Their Public Health Program is offered to Master’s students only. The master’s program is researched-based focused on developing progressive methods of prevention and treatment of diseases.

The four primary research components of the Public Health Masters Program in Jiangnan University Wuxi are Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases; Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health; Nutrition and Food Hygiene, and Tropics Diseases Prevention.

International students may find admission requirements on the university’s official website.

5. Zhengzhou University

Zhengzhou University’s Medical School offers a variety of top public health degree programs in China from the College of Public Health. The College of Public Health is composed of nine departments and research institutions.

The majority of the programs in public health offered are postgraduate degrees. The only undergraduate degree in the field of Public Health is Preventive Medicine.

Masters in Public Health at Zhengzhou University School of Medicine include Masters of Occupational and Environmental Health, Epidemiology and Health Statistics, and Hygiene Toxicology. Masters in Public Health take up to three years to complete.

Ph.D. Degrees related to public health are also available on their website.

Most of these courses and degree programs are taught in English by highly respected health professionals and professors in the medical community.


If you are considering studying public health in China the universities mentioned above should be great options for you. In case you are already on the application process, you may find that some of the universities require you to obtain a student visa for China. You can check out our article on how to get a student visa from China. If you would like to keep browsing for courses in China you can also look at this article on the best subjects to study in China.


I hope that this article on Best Universities for Public Health in China was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students to know more!

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