Australia is called the land down under but this beautiful country has one of the most updated and student-friendly online bachelor’s programs to offer. International students have a variety of countries to apply for in-person studies but there are only a handful of countries in the world that provide online education that is worth-the-while and also useful for career building. One of the best things that Australian universities have to offer is diversity and culture and to our amazement, the same can be seen in their online programs and classes.

With over 70,000 online enrolled students, Australian universities have put much effort and thought into making their experience one-of-a-kind and also exhilarating. There are however a few prerequisites that one needs to fulfill before they enter an online bachelor program in any of the universities in Australia. If you are willing to work hard and well, a bachelor’s degree from an Australian university will be a gold mine for you.

In this article, let’s talk about the best universities in Australia that offer online bachelor’s degrees!

Can international students take online Bachelor’s programs in Australia?

Yes, international students can take online bachelor’s programs in Australian universities. Most universities have three forms of learning: 100% in-person, 100% online, and hybrid. All three forms are available to each student, national or international. Each degree is highly recognized and acknowledged around the world which opens up the number of opportunities available for each student.

International students bring in a lot of revenue for the Australian universities and government so they make sure that each international student that has chosen to study at their university, either online or in-person, has access to some of the best facilities and technology for a ceaseless education.

Best Universities for Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Australia

1. Deakin University

Deakin University is home to more than 1,000 students each year and even more so in online programs because this university offers not only great education and environment to study in but also multiple industry placements, internships, and interactions throughout the course of the bachelor’s degree. The university also over the widest selection of subjects for online learning so you do not need to compromise on your favorite subject’s availability.

Deakin has multiple university representatives in various countries to answer any of your questions and also walk you through the application process. The university also prides itself in the provision of hefty scholarships to both national and international students for both on-campus and online degrees. So if you are looking to do your bachelor’s degree from an online university in Australia, you should definitely check out Deakin University.

2. University of Tasmania (UTas)

University of Tasmania in Hobart is named the number 1 university globally for its climate action and sustainability practices. This university caters to thousands of international students each year because of its popularity and also sheer determination to make a change to the global climate and its impact. It also accommodates students from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds which adds to the overall diverse experience of studying at the university.

The university is known for its programs in natural and social sciences, so do not forget to check those out. The university has an online application portal where you can apply for online education as well as a scholarship. The administration is quite friendly and accommodating so you will definitely be in great hands for your application procedure. As a top university offering online bachelor’s degrees in Australia, you’ll surely get the best educational experience.

3. University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ)

The University of Southern Queensland has been maintaining online learning for international students for a long time which is why they have some of the most online-learning-friendly directives in place. For example, each online student at the university is assigned their own personal Student Relationship Officer that will help the student in every way possible to ensure a safe learning environment and a seamless education experience. This was a game-changing feature that was introduced some years back by the managers of online education at the University of Southern Queensland. This showed how much care and admiration they had for their students, either national or international.

The university has some of the best courses to offer in medical science, arts, and engineering in Australia so make sure you check them out exclusively. The university also offers great scholarships and industrial internship offers to all of its students.

4. Curtin University

Curtin University is well-known around the world for its a-class education and popularity among international students. The other reason behind their international popularity is that this university is present in 5 different countries namely Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, and Mauritius. This Australian university offers great online bachelor’s programs in many fields of STEM and Arts to each of the national students of the respective countries and also to international students from all around the world.

When applying for a bachelor’s program online from any university, you should definitely check the courses offered by Curtin university. They offer great scholarships and overall a very invigorating and worth-it educational experience.

5. University of South Australia (UniSA)

The University of South Australia is present in the heart of Adelaide and is known as one of the most prestigious universities in all of Australia. The university has been offering great online bachelor’s degrees in Australia for a long time. For any enrolled student, be that a national or an international student, the university makes sure that they experience the highest form of educational stimulus and opportunities. This is one of the reasons why the university is very popular around the world, especially for its medical sciences programs and engineering programs.

As UniSA is one of Australia’s highest-ranking universities, both in on-campus and online studies, it is a great way to kick-start your formal education journey. The university offers an online application portal where you can apply for the online bachelor’s program and also for any available scholarships.


There are many universities in Australia that are offering online bachelor’s programs to international students like you, so take a leap of faith in yourself and apply. Any university will be delighted to have you as their student. Good Luck!


We hope that this article on the best universities offering online bachelor’s degrees in Australia was helpful and informative! You can also visit the Australia Scholarships Page for more articles about studying in Australia!


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