Serbia is a landlocked country conveniently located between Central and Southeast Europe. Due to its strategic position, it became a melting pot of landscapes, cultures, and religions, and a witness to the developments of many states. For this reason, Serbia makes a promising destination for higher learning by blending history and modernity into its values and education system. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Serbia for international students.

Is Serbia good for international students to study in?

Serbia has some of the best-performing universities in the world and grants globally recognized degrees. If you’re planning a career anywhere in Europe, it would be a good decision to build your foundation in Serbian universities. Some of the most popular programs include IT, Computer Science, Engineering, and Economics.

Besides high-quality education, education in Serbia is relatively affordable compared to other countries. You can expect an average of 2500 EUR or 2900 USD for annual school fees. The Serbian government and many private organizations offer scholarships for foreign university students as well.

Like most countries in Eastern Europe, Serbia is known for having an exciting social, art, and food scene. It is representative of the Old Continent with its medieval architecture and long-time traditions. Nonetheless, you can expect much cultural diversity among its people and an openness to modern ideas and technology.

Can international students work in Serbia while studying?

A part-time job is a great way to help students with their finances, engage in a foreign country’s culture, and familiarize working conditions for their expertise. Fortunately, international students who wish to work alongside their studies in Serbia can do so, as long as they meet minimum requirements.

To be able to work, you have to secure a residence permit, whether a permanent one or permission for temporary residence. You also need a work permit issued by the National Employment Service.

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Can international students stay in Serbia after graduation?

International students who decided to stay in Serbia after finishing their courses can renew their temporary stay permits. You can request authorization to stay in Serbia for any of the reasons stated by the Ministry of Interior. In most cases, foreign graduates wish to pursue their specializations in the country, whether by employment or setting up their own business. This temporary residence permit is valid from one year to three years.

Best Universities in Serbia for International Students

1. University of Belgrade

Founded in 1808, the University of Belgrade is the oldest and the best university in Serbia for international students. It comprises 31 faculties, 11 research institutes, and seven university centers dedicated to the social sciences, medical sciences, sciences and mathematics, and technological and engineering sciences. It consistently aces global university rankings as well, especially in the areas of physics and mathematics. Today, the university proudly supports around 4,800 academic staff members who are specialists in their fields, as well as over 97,000 enrolled students from all over the world.

The University of Belgrade has grown with the city through the decades, and many of its buildings are registered as important historic architecture. Nonetheless, it has adapted to the challenges of modern education while preserving tradition at the same time. This endeavor makes the university a flagship brand of Serbian higher education.

2. University of Novi Sad

The University of Novi Sad is the second-largest public university and one of the most important research institutions in Serbia. It educates over forty-six thousand undergraduate and graduate students across all science disciplines (medical, natural, technical, and social sciences), as well as in the fine and applied arts. The university also has specialized institutes for forestry, food technology, and BioSense that focus on blending agriculture and ICT.

Today, students of the University of Novi Sad have access to high-spec laboratories, modern libraries, and the Matica Srpska Library, which is the oldest cultural and scientific center in the country. This top university in Serbia also supports its students with campus accommodation and a Student Healthcare Institute.

3. University of Niš

The University of Niš is a state-governed higher learning institution in Serbia. It was founded in 1965 under the patronage of the University of Belgrade to become the center of academic activity in Eastern and Southern Serbia. As one of the best universities in Serbia for international students, it offers study and research opportunities across 13 faculties dedicated to Medicine, Engineering, and Law & Economics. Hence, this university has counted over 75,000 graduates since its foundation including nearly 2,000 international students.

The University of Niš was granted several national and international accreditations in the past decade and is comparable to foreign universities in terms of professional work, research activity, quality study programs, and renowned faculty.

4. University of Kragujevac

The University of Kragujevac is one of the largest public universities located in Serbia’s automotive industry capital and nearby towns. The multi-campus institution offers over 100 courses in almost all major subjects of teaching, including natural and social sciences, engineering, medicine, and the arts. Besides a total of 12 faculties, the university comprises several research and education centers focusing on career development, lifelong learning, and business support, to name a few.

International students are encouraged to apply at the University of Kragujevac and join enrolled students from the United States and European Union member countries. In fact, this university in Serbia supports incoming and outgoing students through various international networks, such as Erasmus+, TEMPUS, and many others.

5. State University of Novi Pazar (SUNP)

The State University of Novi Pazar is one of the youngest universities in Serbia established only in 2006. It is the only integrated university in the country and unites technical sciences, philosophy, and law & economics into a comprehensive higher education unit. Today, it has over 50 accredited study programs across ten departments and more than 4000 students enjoying an inclusive campus.

As one of the top universities in Serbia, SUNP recognizes the importance of internationalization and has laid out various support programs to facilitate staff and student mobility. It has partner universities from all over the world as well, and international students can expect a multicultural and open-minded environment at SUNP.


We hope that this article on the best universities in Serbia for international students was helpful. If you are interested in studying in Europe, make sure to check out Available Programs in Europe for International Students.

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