Ireland is one of the most popular academic destinations for international students in Europe due to its up-to-date education system and exceptional universities, which are among the best in the world. It hosts over 30,000 students from all parts of the globe and offers a wide range of degree programs for diverse 21st-century learners.

Despite the rather expensive tuition fees at Irish universities, many students still choose to study in Ireland due to the numerous scholarship opportunities available and the globally recognized degrees they can earn there. In addition, almost all universities in Ireland offer courses in English.

Irish universities are also keeping up with the growing demand for data professionals locally and abroad and have started offering competitive Data Science programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students can also benefit from international exchange programs among prestigious universities to further expand their exposure and experience in the highest global industry.

Below, we talk about some of Ireland’s best universities for data science.

Top Schools Offering Data Science in Ireland

1. University College Dublin

The Catholic University of Ireland was established in 1854 and became University College Dublin (UCD) in 1908. It ranks among the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide, making it attractive to international students who comprise almost a quarter of its student body. Moreover, a third of its academic and administrative staff also hail from other countries.

Among the best universities for data science in Ireland, UCD offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Data Science program. It costs €26,400 per year for non-EU students, while most students from EU/EEA member countries, the UK, and Switzerland, may qualify for free fees. Meanwhile, students enrolled in the program may apply for an international study opportunity at a partner university in New Zealand, the UK, or China.

The university also offers a Master’s program in Data and Computational Science. It’s worth 90 credits and lasts two years. EU students have to pay an annual fee of €8,370, whereas non-EU students must pay €20,440. Both the undergraduate and Master’s programs are taught in English.

2. University College Cork

The University College Cork (UCC) formally opened in 1849. It was initially called the Queen’s College Cork. It is one of the top universities in Ireland and ranks among the top 300 in prestigious global rankings. Domestic and international students alike benefit from the university’s vibrant atmosphere and the diverse selection of clubs and societies that allow them to balance their academic and personal lives. It also offers hundreds of study programs for prospective students to choose from.

UCC’s undergraduate program for Data Science and Analytics provides a solid background to mathematical, statistical, and computer skills necessary for an in-demand and highly diverse labor market for data professionals. The program lasts four years and costs €22,500 per year for non-EU students.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s program may enter the labor market directly or pursue a Master’s degree at UCC. The postgraduate program lasts one year for full-time students. The annual tuition fee for EU students costs €7,130, while non-EU students must pay €18,500.

3. Dublin City University

Dublin City University (DCU) opened in 1975 and is currently one of the top-ranking young universities in global rankings. It hosts approximately 18,000 students from 55 countries. The students are spread among five areas of study: the Business School, the Institute of Education, and the faculties of Engineering & Computing, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Science & Health.

Prospective students of this outstanding data science school may apply for the Bachelor of Science in Data Science program. Through the program, students will master business, computer, and mathematical skills that would help prepare them for a future career in various fields, including finance, healthcare, media, sports, and more. They will gain the abilities required to become professional data scientists or business intelligence analysts.

The program takes four years to finish full-time and costs €6,679 per year for EU and €15,000 for non-EU students. Registered students also have to pay the annual contribution fee worth €3,043.

4. Maynooth University

Maynooth University (MU) is a fast-growing university that officially opened in 1997 but has roots in 1795 from the founding of St. Patrick’s College Maynooth. MU currently ranks 88th among the top 100 young universities worldwide.

Being one of the best data science universities in Ireland, Maynooth University’s undergraduate program in Data Science is a four-year course that provides students with the data literacy necessary to impress employers in a modern, data-driven society. It combines the essential preparations in computer science, mathematics, and statistics and allows students to select between one more computer science course and an engineering science course.

The program is pretty costly at €15,000 per year for international students. However, several scholarships are available at the university and from external sources for those seeking financial assistance. Graduates of the program may pursue a Master’s Degree in Data Science and Analytics, which lasts one year and offers additional skills and qualifications to be more attractive to the best employers in the industry.

5. NUI Galway

NUI Galway’s long history started in 1845 during the founding of Queen’s College Galway. Over 170 years of experience helped the university expand so much that it can keep up with the diverse and ever-growing society. One way through which the university stays in pace with the evolving modern world is the establishment of the Data Science Institute in the past decade.

The university has two Master’s programs that provide skills in the data industry: Master of Science in Computer Science (Data Analytics) and Master of Science in Genomic Data Science. Both programs last one year for full-time students, and each is worth 90 ECTS credits. They cost €7,760 per year for EU students and €21,240 for non-EU students.

Graduates of the Data Analytics program can find good job opportunities in the business and financial industries. In contrast, professional genomic data scientists can hold positions in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and research & development industries. More data-science-related Master’s and Ph.D. programs are available at the Data Science Institute.


We hope this article on the best universities for data science in Ireland was helpful. If you’re looking to study abroad, make sure to check out the Available Data Science Programs for International Students.

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