As the world only continues to evolve, so does the learning material in universities. Computer science is among the disciplines with rapid development. Universities require quick wits and lightning-fast reflexes in accommodating changes and updates in computing. The United Arab Emirates, however, has no problem keeping pace with computer science’s expansive knowledge.

The United Arab Emirates has always been gearing up for international recognition. Business and commerce are not the only ways to do it; the Emirates took on catering world-class degree programs, whose graduates are highly sought-after all over the world.

If you are looking for the perfect computer science program the UAE has to offer, you are in the right place! Let us guide you with our list of the UAE’s top universities to study computer science in. Read on below to find out more!

Top Universities for Computer Science in UAE

1. United Arab Emirates University

The United Arab Emirates University is the oldest university in the seven Emirates and among the top university for computer science in the UAE. It is among the best performing higher education institutions in the Middle east, and often the region’s representative in international university rankings. Locally, it caters a rigorous and highly coveted computer science program.

The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering facilitates the university’s offerings of computer science courses for undergraduate and graduate levels. Foundational computer science courses instill critical analysis and cunning problem-solving skills to face real-world situations of computations.

The department participates in various research initiatives for fields such as data science, information security and privacy, and microelectronics and energy.

2. Khalifa University

Khalifa University comes in second place as the UAE’s top university for computer science. Competing all the time for top ranks in university performance rankings, the Khalifa University is a rising institution for scientific discovery and innovation.

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department of Khalifa University are dedicated to educating and training individuals to become leading professionals in the IT industry. Especially amid an economy ruled by oil and gas, the department takes the initiative in cooperating with research institutes to jumpstart the latest innovations in programming.

Khalifa University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in computer science. Students can expect to take part in research revolving around robotics, cybersecurity, networks, or signal processing.

3. American University of Ras Al Khaimah

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah fuses American-style education with the local culture of the Emirates. Such an approach to teaching allows the university to present a multiculturally rich computer science program.

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah School of Engineering is one of the leading schools for computer science in the UAE that offers an undergraduate degree in computer science. The program is fully accredited by ABET, equipping students for the international stage of coding and programming. The computer science program trains students to apply theoretical knowledge in figuring out real-life problems.

4. University of Sharjah

The University of Sharjah is the first private university included on this list and one of the best universities for computer science in the UAE. Its dedication to research and the strong research impact are testaments to the university’s academic reputation, both locally and internationally.

The University of Sharjah offers top computer science degree programs intending to either equip the students for professional work or get them ready for higher studies. Students do not only get exposed to fundamental computer science courses but also take on courses from other departments. As coding and programming are indispensable skills in many of today’s career opportunities, it is only fitting that students entertain the possibility of working indirectly for the IT industry.

5. American University of Sharjah

Dubbed the “most international” university in the Middle East, the American University of Sharjah comes in fifth place. It offers world-class and accredited programs across various academic disciplines, among which are computer science, thus it is recognized as an excellent university for computer science in the UAE.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering facilitates the training and education of current and prospective computer science students. Catering only to the undergraduate level, the department focuses on equipping its students with skills that are transferable and applicable in a variety of career opportunities.

The curriculum constantly refreshes to accommodate the latest computing discoveries, allowing students to stay up-to-date with the professional landscape of computer science.

6. New York University Abu Dhabi

Rounding up our list for today is the New York University Abu Dhabi. A portal campus of the New York University, it joins forces with the main NYU and NYU Shanghai as the NYU Global Network University. Among NYU Abu Dhabi’s strongest suits is computer science.

The New York University Abu Dhabi is known for being a top university for computer science in the UAE that boasts state-of-the-art learning facilities and equipment to support the studies of computer science students. The university particularly takes great care in molding the students’ appreciation for both software and hardware.

Computer science research deals greatly with cybersecurity, technology for social good, human data interaction, and artificial intelligence. Efforts in research allow the students and faculty to come closer to narrowing down societal-level problems through a series of computations and programs.

And that is it for the top universities to study computer science in the United Arab Emirates. We hope that this university listing helped you find the perfect educational institution for you.

Whichever university you choose, it is good to know that these all foster a good global perspective within its students. The international population among the student body and faculty provides a well-rounded view of computer science from different cultures.

Recruitment firms and employers prefer candidates with a broad and ambitious outlook on where computer science is leading to. Not to mention, candidates bearing diplomas from any one of the aforementioned universities are bound to get hired right out of graduation. Accredited degree programs set you up for a successful future in the workforce.


I hope that this article on Best Universities for Engineering in the UAE was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Computer Science Programs for International Students!

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