Globalization allows for students to get into competent universities in different countries. Cyprus, for instance, is an unconventional yet attractive study destination. Its rich culture sets the perfect stage for producing globally competent professionals of science and technology, particularly computer science.

IT professionals and computer scientists expect great demand as digital technology rapidly evolves. Cyprus values skills and knowledge in computer science greatly. So much so, that CS graduates also work hard to earn their licenses. Get to know more of the best computer science programs from the top universities in Cyprus with our curated list.

Top Universities for Computer Science in Cyprus

1. University of Cyprus

First on the list is the University of Cyprus (UCY). Established in 1989 to cater to the intellectual demands of the people of Cyprus, UCY steadily grew to become an international study attraction. It also offers one of Cyprus’ excellent computer science programs.

The UCY Department of Computer Science implements a world-class computer science program in Cyprus and boasts a highly advanced learning environment for the students. To accommodate hands-on skills in computing, graphics, data management, and more, the department provides access to a diverse line of technology. Virtual reality equipment, cloud computing facilities, and storage area networks train students to apply theory to practice. The UCY Department of Computer Science provides undergraduate CS students with seven subjects for specialization. Graduate students can also pursue higher coursework and research here.

2. University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) proudly ranks second among all Cypriot institutions for higher education. UNIC also joins world university rankings for its reputation in various subjects. Locally, it brings world-class education in computer science.

The UNIC Department of Computer Science is a top computer science university in Cyprus and recognizes that technology is quickly evolving. Here, students have the proper training and instruction to become future contributors in IT. The department concentrates on a diverse range of subjects like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies. It also proudly manages one of Europe’s pioneering undergraduate degrees in Data Science.

3. Cyprus University of Technology

Cyprus’ drive for outstanding academic performance and employability gains recognition and praise all over the world. The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is only 17 years old but has made it to the top percentile of European universities. CUT’s computer science program aims to deliver applied and theoretical skills not taught in other universities.

The CUT Department of Electrical, Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Informatics offers a fused program of computer engineering and informatics. The technicalities of engineering equip students with a high-level comprehension of mathematics design. The multidisciplinary approach of the department produces graduates competent in software development, cloud systems, and other related fields like biology, nanotechnology, and multimedia.

4. European University Cyprus

The European University Cyprus (EUC) is a private university with a reputation for its graduate employability and selective admissions. EUC invests in technology and entrepreneurship endeavors. It also houses a startup center from Microsoft, proving EUC to be a great choice for computer science.

The EUC Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one of the leading computer science institutions in Cyprus that facilitates undergraduate and graduate degree programs for computer science students. These internationally acclaimed programs mold students into becoming globally competent IT professionals. The department offers several specializations to spark the students’ interests, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. EUC also encourages students to appreciate the multidisciplinary significance of every degree program in the different disciplines of life sciences, natural sciences, applied sciences, social science, and humanities.

5. Frederick University

We feature another private university called Frederick University. Frederick University is the first private university and a leading computer science school in Cyprus, ranking in the top 100 technical schools in Europe. To the Cypriots and international students, it offers an amazing computer science program.’

The Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Informatics adopt a forward-thinking approach. Here, students learn to find their way amid the ever-evolving field of informatics. Undergraduate students can enroll in the computer science degree program, and proceed to graduate education. Graduate program specializations include smart systems and web systems. For professionals wishing to delve deeper into research, the department also provides doctorate degrees.

6. Cyprus International University

Most universities in Cyprus teach in their mother tongue. However, the rise of English as a medium of instruction foresaw the establishment of the Cyprus International University (CIU). CIU’s English instruction succeeds in delivering a comprehensive computer science program.

The CIU School of Applied Sciences delivers exceptional programs for computer science in Cyprus among associate degrees and degree programs for computer systems and technologies. Programs such as information security technology and management information systems focus on the pressing need for IT professionals capable of working their way through software, hardware, and research work. Students graduate from CIU with the confidence to build a career in different fields like software development, startups, and research institutes.

7. Open University of Cyprus

Knowledge is power; more and more are recognizing this, thus the rise of continuing education. The Open University of Cyprus (OUC) came into being as Cyprus’ response to accommodate the demand for an institution for continuing education. OUC is the sole distance-learning institution for higher education and one of the best institutions for computer science in Cyprus. OUC is the preferred pick of students with a tight work-study schedule, yet passionate to learn more about computer science.

The OUC Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences oversees the graduate education of computer science students. Unlike most universities, however, OUC offers computer science graduate degrees in Greek only. This serves as the perfect opportunity to improve your language proficiency in Greek. The faculty concentrates on molding the students’ knowledge in developing secure computer networks, stable and reliable communications, and highly adaptive artificial intelligence.


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