Over the last few decades, Hong Kong has managed to become an intellectual hub for people in search of the ideal place to obtain their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Due to its unique political and cultural history, the city is an ideal blend of Eastern and Western cultures, as well as of both history and modernity. Due to the reasons listed above, this article examines the five best biology universities in Hong Kong!

What are the Best Universities in Hong Kong?

The best universities in Hong Kong by ranking in world university tables include the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. These four universities fall among the top 100 universities globally and therefore offer some of the best globally recognized programs in the world. In case you would like to see what courses are available to international students in Hong Kong as well as other parts of the world to help you in choosing a school and program, you can browse through the different university websites, or check out our list of available courses.

Top Universities for Biology in Hong Kong

1. University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong is an excellent school for biology and is considered to be a top-tier research center situated in the heart of the vibrant city bearing the same name. Although the university itself was founded in 1911, the institution traces its roots to the Honk Kong College of Medicine in Chinese, making it the oldest institution for tertiary education in the city. As of the present, the University of Hong Kong has defined its three main goals – innovation, interdisciplinarity, and internationalization. When combine, these three goals work to create a multicultural environment filled with lively debate and knowledge exchange.

One department at the University of Hong Kong that encompasses all the above values is the School of Biological Sciences. It approaches biology as the research of both unity and evolution. In other words, it examines both the interconnectedness underlying biological systems as well as the evolution of each species separately and their outcome. On both the global and local scale, the School of Biological Sciences is concerned with understanding and preserving nature in all its relevant forms.

2. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The third institution to be granted university status in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It has been situated in the Clear Water Bay Peninsula ever since its establishment in 1991 by the British Hong Kong government. On the global level, the university is considered to be one of the fastest-growing centers for tertiary education in the world with interdisciplinary programs taught at all its schools. As its name indicates, one of the university’s main areas of interest is natural sciences and engineering. Nevertheless, HKUST is one of the best universities for biology in Hong Kong and has also worked tirelessly on developing its humanities and social sciences department in recent years.

An HKUST department worthy of mention is its Division of Life Sciences. Over just a few decades, this division has managed to build a highly competitive research program with over 600 students on the undergraduate level and as many as 200 on the postgraduate one. The division’s modernity is most visible through its program selection, as it offers courses in neuroscience, structural biology, and biotechnology. All the above-mentioned programs are taught both through theory and practice, as the school has provided state-of-the-art laboratories in which students both learn and work.

3. Hong Kong Polytechnic University

As one of the most prominent research institutions in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is situated in the area of Hung Hum. Its origins may be traced back to the first Government Trade School, the first to offer technical education in Hong Kong. For a little less than a century, the university’s motto has been to learn and apply, for the benefit of mankind, a sentence originally taken and then rephrased from the Chinese Book of Change. In line with its motto, the university’s vision is to holistically transfer knowledge and thus improve not just Hong Kong, but Asia and the world.

Those wishing to study biology at Hong Kong Polytechnic University need to look no further than the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology. Here, the university delivers an exceptional biology program in Hong Kong and has managed to create a vibrant interdisciplinary environment that combines the research of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biochemical engineering, and food science. In addition to the interdisciplinary approach to learning, all programs at the department require both theoretical and practical work. To ensure the success of the latter, the department has created versatile contemporary laboratories.

4. City University of Hong Kong

Founded in 1984 as the City Polytechnic of Hong Kong, City University gained its complete independence a decade later thus becoming an accredited university in its own right. Presently, the university is among the best institutions for biology in Hong Kong and is most commonly described as a diverse research institution, as it encompasses social and political sciences as well as engineering and technological development. Its main mission is to become a global leader in education through its innovative approaches to both teaching and research. During their time at the university, students are taught not only theoretical knowledge but are given the means to apply it in the real world as well.

The Department of Biological Sciences is focused on all relevant areas of biological research. It offers a wide array of opportunities for the future, as students equally embark on educational, scientific, or technical careers after completing their studies. Such versatility is achieved through an interdisciplinary approach with a few necessary theoretical subjects at its core. To become one of the leading centers for biological research, the department has modernized its curriculum to include courses in bioinformatics, genetics, and cellular molecular biology.

5. Hong Kong Baptist University

As its name indicated, Hong Kong Baptist University is a center for tertiary education with a long-standing tradition of Christian education and is also known for being a leading school for biology in Hong Kong. In 1983, the original name Hong Kong Baptist College became a fully acclaimed university. Since its founding, it has been committed to the idea of whole-person education which has grown and developed into its present interdisciplinary approach to research. Even though it was originally a college, today the university offers programs on both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Furthermore, ever since its founding, it has stayed committed to the ideas of academic excellence and integrity.

Within the Faculty of Science, students interested in pursuing a career in biomedical sciences will find the Department of Biology. Since its founding in 1961, the department has focused on two main branches of biology – biotechnology environmental science. Both of these areas have remained dominant in the department, as they are believed to bring about a better and more environmentally-friendly future for both the citizens of Hong Kong and the world.


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