If you’re looking for an affordable study destination, then you should put Vietnam on your list. With its colorful culture and low cost of living, it offers an educational experience like no other.

Even with the reasonable tuition fees, Vietnamese universities prove their weight in gold. Many of them are ranked high in listings, including the Vietnam National University and the Hanoi University of Science & Technology.

To make things even better, foreigners have the chance to study at any of these institutions for free. All you need to do is apply to any of these best scholarships in Vietnam for international students.

Best Scholarships in Vietnam

1. University of Economics Ho Chi Minh (UEH) Postgraduate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition amount
  • Eligible Degree: Doctorate degree at UEH

UEH, a prestigious economics school, is currently offering scholarships slots for deserving graduate students. Known as the Distinction Scholarship, it is open to 20 applicants who have already received an admission notice from the university.

This scholarship in Vietnam offers a full waiver, plus accommodation fees amounting to $11,000.

To qualify, the student must have a GPA of 8.0/10.0. They also need to have an IELTS score of 6.0 or above, apart from a Vietnamese proficiency level of B2.

Students are also expected to have a relevant Master’s degree that compliments the doctorate program they wish to enter.

Other requirements include a completed registration form, curriculum vitae, and transcripts of records. Applicants also need to furnish at least one recommendation letter from a former professor with a Ph.D. degree.

While all students are evaluated according to merit, preference will be given to students who have published in an ISI-Scopus journal.

2. UEH Undergraduate Scholarship Admissions

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  • Scholarship Amount: 50% to 100% of the tuition amount
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s degree at UEH

Similar to its postgraduate scholarships, UEH also offers three awards for deserving undergraduate international students. Currently, there are 100 slots available.

One is the Distinction Scholarship, which covers the total amount of tuition and accommodation fees. It is granted to students with a GPA of at least 8.0/10.0, granted they had met the prescribed entry requirements.

Foreigners may also apply for the Full Tuition Scholarship, which, as the name suggests, covers the total tuition amount. Similar to the Distinction Award, it also includes the cost of accommodations.

Apart from meeting the GPA and admission requirements, students may apply for the full scholarship if they were recipients of the partial scholarship last year.

This brings us to the third award offered – the Partial Scholarship program. It covers 50% of the tuition amount, apart from the accommodation costs, for a total value of $6,200. Compared to the two previous scholarships, it requires a lower GPA of only 7.0/10.0.

To apply for these Vietnam scholarships, students need to submit a copy of their high school diploma and transcripts, health certificate. Applicants also need to provide an IELTS result of 5.0 or above, plus certificates of other achievements such as published research/articles.

3. Vin University International Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 50% to 100% of the tuition amount
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s degree at Vin University

Vin University is a new private, non-profit institution based in Hanoi. Opened in 2018, Vingroup founded the institution with help from Cornell and University of Pennsylvania experts. With their inputs, the group was aiming to establish a 5-star Vietnamese university.

To achieve this, Vin University offers some of the best scholarships in Vietnam for international students.

One is the merit-based scholarship, which is given to applicants who show academic excellence, commitment, and creativity.

Eligible scholarships stand to receive a scholarship grant of 90% to 100%. This is equivalent to an amount of $126,00 to $141,500. Add to that, they will also receive a living expense of allowance of $1,500.

Vin University also offers a need-sensitive international fellowship, covering anywhere from 50% to 80% of the tuition amount. Financially, this is worth $70,000 to $112,000.

Students who wish to retain any of the said scholarships need to maintain a marginal GPA of at least 2.0.

4. RMIT University International Excellence Scholarships

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 25% to 50% of the tuition amount
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s degree at RMIT University

RMIT University is the Vietnamese branch of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. Founded in the year 2000, it has branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Danang.

As the first foreign-owned university in Vietnam, RMIT aims to attract more international students through its excellence scholarship program. It is open to all undergraduate applicants who showcase exceptional academic performance.

To qualify, students must have a year 12 GPA of 75% or equivalent. They also need to meet the entry requirements of a full-time program. Add to that, they should meet the required English proficiency level of 6.5 (IELTS.)

After meeting these requirements, eligible students stand to receive a tuition discount of 25% to 50%.

For this Vietnam scholarship to be renewed the next term, the awardee must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

5. Vietnam Japan University (VJU) Scholarships for Master’s Students

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: 30% of the tuition fee (amounting to $4,780/VND 110 million) for two years
  • Eligible Degree: Select Master’s Degrees at Vietnam Japan University

VJU is the seventh campus overseen by Vietnam National University. Founded in 2014, it is a joint project between the local and Japanese governments.

To provide foreigners access to Japanese-style education, the university has offered scholarships to eligible students. While it is only 30% of the full tuition amount, it can be taken with the other scholarships offered by the university.

One such example is the Japanese Government University, which is given to 20 recipients per semester. Available to applicants of all nationalities, it can cover 50% to 100% of the tuition amount.

Another option for students from Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar is the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund scholarship. This Vietnam scholarship will cover the total tuition amount, apart from the admission fees, enrollment fees, stipends, flight tickets, and health insurance.

Other scholarships are also available for specific VJU Master’s programs.


I hope that this article on the best scholarships in Vietnam for International Students was helpful. Make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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