Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe, covering an area of over 230,000 square miles. The mountain ranges packed with adventures and the majestic architectures across the country have made it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region. But that’s not the only thing that puts Ukraine on the map. It’s famous for quality education, which is also offered at a very affordable price. As such, the country has attracted international students from all over the world.

Another reason why Ukraine is one of the most popular student destinations is because of the wide range of scholarships. As an international student, you have access to various types of scholarships offered by the government, specific institutions, and non-governmental organizations. This article aims to discuss some of the famous scholarships in Ukraine that you can apply for as a non-local student.

Top Scholarships in Ukraine for International Students

1. The Ukrainian International Education Council Scholarships

  • Scholarship Page
  • Scholarship Amount: Partial of full reimbursement of tuition fee
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

The Ukrainian International Education Council Scholarship is the best scholarship in Ukraine for international students. The Ukrainian government is committed to ensuring that all foreign students studying within the country receive the best possible education. As such, it has set up various scholarship programs to facilitate this mission. The scholarships and grants offered by the government, however, are limited to certain countries. Therefore, you might have to visit the official website of Ukrainian International Education Council to see if your region is eligible.

If you come from the selected countries, there is another criterion followed to determine your qualification. First, you must demonstrate that you are gifted and are capable of becoming a notable specialist in your field. You will also be considered if you have financial issues or are from one of the countries categorized as poor.

Once you pass this step, the UIEC will assess your application and academic documents to see if you meet the requirements. Therefore, it is imperative that your academic results are among the best for you to be considered. Remember, there are many prospective university students looking to grab that opportunity.

2. The International Visegrad Fund

  • Scholarship Page
  • Scholarship Amount: A total of $10 million shared by eligible scholars annually
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s

The Visegrad Group countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Czechia) came together in 2000 to form an international donor organization, famously known as the International Visegrad Fund. The main objective of this organization was to promote cooperation within the region, and one of the steps it has taken is enhancement of education through scholarships.

Student’s from Visegrad Group countries looking to study abroad are eligible for this scholarship in Ukraine. Their options when it comes to destination countries, however, are limited. Ukraine is among the few countries whose universities accept the Visegrad Group Fund scholarships. Therefore, if you’re looking to join a Ukrainian institution from one of the V4 countries, then this scholarship might be ideal for you.

3. The Boren Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Scholarship Page
  • Scholarship Amount: Up to $30,000
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s

Ukraine is one of the countries considered vital to the U.S. national security, but few students often have it as an option for their study destination. The Boren Awards, therefore, are designed to motivate students to choose a university in such countries. This scholarship in Ukraine demands that you study Ukraine’s principal languages (Ukrainian and Russian).

Since Ukraine is listed as one of the preferred countries, studying the two languages will further strengthen your application. The Boren Awards are categorised into two – scholarships and fellowships. The former is meant for the undergraduates and one can receive up to $20,000. Fellowships, on the other hand, target graduate students and brings as much as $30,000.

It’s worth noting, though, that the U.S. government expects you to complete a government service in return. The most popular service is working in one of the national security agencies like Homeland Security, Department of State, and the Department of Defense.

4. School of Russian and Asian Studies Grants

  • Scholarship Page
  • Scholarship Amount: Up to $5,000
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s

The School of Russian and Asian Studies, popularly known as SRAS, is a huge supporter of those studying abroad in Eurasia. SRAS scholarship, one of the best scholarships in Ukraine for international students, programs are available for both undergraduates and graduates, but only supports selected courses.

The applicants are eligible for grants, translation internships, or research awards. All of these are aimed at offsetting the tuition fee and other costs that one might incur while studying abroad. For instance, as a report journalist, you can qualify for translation internship in Kyiv where you will be able to study the Russian language as well as foreign policy.

During your time there, you will have the opportunity to report for popular journals like Kyiv Weekly. In return, you will receive two scholarships worth of $5,000 to pay your tuition fees. There is also a nominal award worth $750 which can be awarded to you when you work in museums and other cultural institutions.

5. Gilman Awards

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  • Scholarship Amount: At least $5,000
  • Eligible Degree/s: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.

If you have received Pell grants (which indicates financial need) and want to pursue your studies abroad, the Gilman Awards are for you. These scholarships are exclusive to American students, the disabled, and those students currently enrolled in two-year programs. Most Ukrainian universities accept this award provided the student meets the school’s academic requirements.

The beneficiaries of this scholarship in Ukraine receive about $5,000 to offset their tuition fees and for accommodation. If you pick to study one of the listed languages, you will be offered an extra $8,000. Another reward for studying one of the preferred languages, especially Russian, is the fact that you will be able to spend more time in Ukraine. Keep in mind that people who speak fluent Russian are in high demand in the country.


We hope that this article on the best scholarships in Ukraine for international students was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe for International Students!

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