The United States of America is a land of opportunities, and it is believed that you will automatically succeed once you work your way to the country. The country has worked hard to improve every sector, including education. It is popular and respected worldwide for having the best universities that offer various courses, such as medicine.

Medicine is among the fields of value in the USA because those who pursue it are entrusted with restoring good health to patients. Therefore, applying to the top medical schools can be rigorous but worthwhile.

Before securing admission, one must first enroll in a pre-med school. Here, you will take any science-related program that is a minimum requirement for joining any school of medicine. Studying in the USA lets international students connect with the school and the program of choice, producing highly skilled individuals.

Start today by learning about the best schools offering pre-med programs in the USA. Here is the list of the top pre-med schools in the country.

Top Pre-Med Schools in the U.S.

1. Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a top research university in the heart of Boston. It aims to offer the best pre-med program in the USA. The university combines its learners’ various fields of interest with the chosen fields of study, enabling it to achieve its mission.

The university is equipped with world-class resources that instructors utilize to offer the PreMed and PreHealth Advising Program. Students enrolled in these programs can access the Medical Applicant Portal, an online resource meant for only Northeastern University students. The estimated annual fee for pre-med and pre-health programs is $56,500.

2. Columbia University

Columbia University is a private Ivy League institution that has been operating for 250 years. It offers one of the top pre-med programs in the USA and has more than 18,000 international students and scholars. In the U.S., it is the first higher learning institution to grant a Doctor of Medicine degree. The university is selective in terms of acceptance and admission.

Columbia’s Postbac Pre-Med Program is recognized for its serious and detailed approach to medical school preparation. Enrolling here exposes students to an Ivy League education offered by highly experienced instructors who teach non-traditional pre-med students. In addition to classwork, students have exposure to various research-backed programs.

3. Harvard University

The Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is a rigorous and challenging program offered at Harvard Extension School. This challenging program, later on, enables the students to enroll in clinically relevant electives.

The pre-physician assistant or pre-medical program exposes the students to sharpen the skills and knowledge necessary for their success in medical school and to demonstrate to the admission committee that one is competent for admission at medical school.

Students interested in medical, dental, or physician assistant school can participate in Harvard’s pre-med program. Although admission at Harvard University is competitive, once you secure a chance, the program will prepare you to secure admission to any professional school of your choice.

4. Stanford University

Apart from being a top-ranked college, Stanford University has one of the best medical schools with pre-med advisors who help pre-med students plan their coursework and visualize their long-term objectives, allowing them to gain field experience. The internship opportunities offered by the university enable undergraduate students to gain clinical hours and recommendations.

The Stanford Summer Community College Premedical Program mainly targets current underrepresented college students or those of low income. It exposes them to topics such as health disparities, leadership challenges in providing and administering health, professional development, and clinical exposure.

5. Duke University

Duke University is among the top universities in the USA, and it has an excellent pre-med program. It offers a conducive environment with the facilities necessary to enable students to study and realize their dreams. In the latest ranking, the university emerged as one of the top 10 out of the 443 ranked national universities.

The university offers some of the best pre-med programs even though it does not offer a pre-med concentration. Once international students are admitted to the university, they are involved in a pre-med advising program through the Office of Health Professions Advising. The students are enlightened on achieving their dreams through the Duke Physician Assistant Program.

6. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is a place where international students exploit their potential in preparation to transform the world. It has world-class faculty programs incorporating creativity and technology to train and develop students and help them realize their dreams.

The institution is among the top universities in offering medical courses. Its pre-medical program falls under the UNT Health Career Paths. The university does not offer a formal program, but its pre-medical studies best serve the students who aspire to become physicians. Any student interested in attending medical school after graduation receives adequate advice from the Office of Health Professions.

FAQs: Pre-Med Studies in the USA

Do Pre-Med Schools in the U.S. Accept International Students?

Yes, most pre-med schools admit international students at the beginning of every academic year. Even though most pre-medical schools in the USA are competitive, they offer international students an opportunity to study pre-med courses. Such schools have the best facilities to make them feel comfortable as they study.

The USA has about 443 national universities that admit international students. Even though they receive applications in bulk, they only consider qualified students.

To learn more about pre-med schools in the country, search for the school of interest and visit its website. You will find more information, including unique admission criteria.


Pre-medical programs offer a bridge to those willing to study various medical programs. In the USA, these are the best universities that provide pre-med programs to international students. The institutions in the United States are the best places to study medicine as an international student.


We hope this article on the best pre-med schools in the USA was informative. Feel free to visit our Guide to Studying in the USA and Open Courses in the USA for more information about the different programs and scholarship opportunities in the country!

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