Photography is an art form that is about the capture and production of images. There are people that choose to take this path in life and a photography degree is a great way in acquiring the foundations needed to become a successful photographer. By studying in this field, students will get to develop their individuality and skills, while learning from the creations of others.

In this guide, we talk about some of Europe’s best photography schools.

What Photography Jobs Are In Highest Demand?

Some of the most in-demand photography jobs are Wedding Photography and Portrait Photography. Not only are wedding photographers the most sought-after, but they are also among the highest earners, making between $2,000 to $10,000 per wedding. Meanwhile, Portrait Photography is also popular these days, as they can work in a variety of settings. Plus, the significant increase in social media influencers these days provides portrait photographers with more jobs. While Photography is something you can study in the following schools, you might want to check out our Available Design Courses to get your creative juices flowing as you aspire to become a photographer. You can also check out Open Courses Page for other available programs in Europe.

Top Photography Schools in Europe

1. Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art is said to be one of the best photography schools in Europe. Among the most praised schools in London, it is also a prestigious institution when it comes to the study of both art and design. The school offers a master’s program in photography which can be completed in a year. As it acknowledges the subject to be an interdisciplinary practice that is of importance in contemporary art, it focuses on giving students an efficient academic environment where they can enhance their artistic development. In the program, they get to explore both practice and theory. With this, their photography degree is more related to the practices in the studio combined with the theories in contemporary art.

Through this program, the students get to learn through various workshops and inductions. They are subjected to presentations where they will be challenged to work individually and collaboratively. In these presentations, the creativity and brainpower of the students are tested as they are asked to address cultural, environmental, economic, and social adversities. In the latter part of the program, the students are expected to complete an independent research project.

2. Paris College of Art

The Paris College of Art is acclaimed for its high global standard in the teaching of art and design. They combine an American model with their own French and European influence to bring enrichment to the academic experience of their students. With this, they have American accreditation for the curriculum of all their art and design courses.

This top photography school in Europe has a bachelor’s program for Photography wherein the students are taught both the analog and digital aspects. They put great importance on the development of the student’s artistic identity together with a well-founded comprehension of image-making. In this program, classes in studios and labs are given to help students master the necessary practices and techniques. This is balanced with theory subjects and support electives. There are also choices of specializing in the following: Documentary, Fashion, and Constructed Image Photography. For master’s, students can either take a master’s in Photography & Image-making or Fashion Film & Photography.

3. Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

This school is also known as Elisava, which has high-level recognition internationally for its state-of-the-art technology and distinctive teaching in design, communication, and engineering. In Elisava, they utilize research and innovation to promote a modern approach to their training. The school has its own laboratories and workshops that the students can make use of to develop their learning. It also has partnerships with international companies and institutions for a bigger academic community.

A joint master’s program in Photography and Design is offered by Elisava. Through this, the students will be motivated to delve into contemporary methods they can apply to photography to develop their creative identity. Students will obtain forward photographic skills with the application of both practical and theoretical teachings. In the last part of the program, the students are expected to be able to create their own modern photographic project that expresses their unique ideas. The program is taught in English and there are financial grants being offered which students can look into if they wish to apply.

4. Accademia Italiana

Being active in the design industry for more than thirty years already, Accademia Italiana is one of the most reputable international institutions in this field. There are prominent celebrities and designers that have shown their admiration and respect for the school and its contributions. All the educators in this school are said to be experts in their own fields, which ensures that the students are given high-quality education.

Accademia Italiana is one of the best photography schools in Europe and offers both a bachelor’s and master’s program in Photography. The undergraduate degree has a duration of three years, and it has subjects taught in either Italian or English. The students will get to learn and understand both graphic and visual artwork, and digital and analog methods they can apply to their own projects. They will engage in diverse areas of photography, such as fashion, landscape, and still life. This will allow the students to build their own portfolios that they can use for a work promotion. On the other hand, the master’s program has a duration of two years. This is for those who want to further the knowledge that they have gained, through experimenting with new methods and techniques. The subjects it consists of are more focused on applications and instrumentation.

5. Gerrit Rietveld Academie

This school may be small-scale, but its competence in the artistic field is recognized worldwide. The Gerrit Rietveld Academie has a variety of art and design degree programs that allow the students to grow toward the specializations they aspire to pursue. They start with a basic first year where different subjects on art and design are explored to help the students in deciding what they want to specialize in. It is expected of their graduates that they will get to contribute creations of great value to society.

For their Photography department, this excellent photography school in Europe offers a bachelor’s degree that provides assessments and lessons where the students get to learn from themselves and everyone else through individual overseeing and group discussions. There are also collaborations with festivals, galleries, and museums wherein they can participate and produce their own presentations. During the first year, the students are asked to produce their own guide which they will enhance later in the course. In the last year, there is the final examination and thesis as a way of completing of their artist statement.


I hope that you found this article on the best photography schools in Europe informative and helpful. Make sure to also check out the Programs in Europe for International Students to know more!

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