What exactly is marine biology? The function of marine animals, marine biodiversity, and the ecology of the sea are primarily studied by this branch of study, which is known as the science of the sea. The study of marine biology is incredibly diverse and is expanding as technology and methods for marine surveys improve. It is clear that research like this could be more successful in rich nations with advanced technologies. One of the best places to do this is China, whose territory is largely in the Pacific Ocean. The South China Sea allows the nation to conduct research operations using modern technology in peace.

International students drawn to marine biology are therefore strongly encouraged to pursue a career in China in order to reach their full potential. The post will expose you to five prestigious universities in China that provide top-notch marine biology courses. Get to reading!

Top Schools Offering Marine Biology Programs in China

As was previously mentioned, China could be an excellent choice for you to pursue a marine biology degree. However, in order to move forward with this decision, you must choose the best university with outstanding courses in marine biology. The top related colleges in China listed below can support your aspirations, and we are here to help you with this.

1. Ocean University of China

A national public research institution with its headquarters in Qingdao, the Ocean University of China is renowned for its exceptional expertise in oceanography and fisheries. Over 34,000 students are enrolled at the university’s three campuses to pursue careers in marine biology. The institution strives to develop talented learners who are creative and well-rounded, have a strong sense of responsibility, have an eye toward the future, and are well-versed in both the sciences and humanities. The QS World University Rankings for 2024 placed the Ocean University of China between 901 and 950. International students should unquestionably join OUC in order to pursue a successful career in marine biology.

2. Shanghai Ocean University

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  • Degree/s Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. | Medium of Instruction: English, Chinese

A multifunctional public institution in Shanghai, Shanghai Ocean University was once known as Shanghai Fisheries University. The university offers 23 undergraduate specializations and 14 graduate degrees for students all over the world. Around 10,000 students are currently enrolled in SOU as undergraduates, graduates, and Ph.D. It is arguably one of the best universities in China with excellent marine biology programs. Fisheries and life sciences, marine science, marine culture, and many more fields are covered in the courses that are available at Shanghai Ocean University.

3. Zhejiang University

A national public research university located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang University consistently ranks among the first and third-best universities in China. Ocean College Zhejiang University was founded in 2003 and is the first campus to be created outside of Hangzhou. It is situated in the significant port city of Zhoushan in China. A professional and research-focused university with a development-oriented attitude is always found in Ocean College.

The college provides a nice and stimulating environment in which you would have the opportunity to learn and discover your potential. You will be a part of a community of over 1600 students at Zhejiang University if you decide to pursue an oceanic degree there.

4. Dalian Maritime University

The Chinese university Dalian Marine University is well-known throughout the world as a top provider of marine education and training. For its exceptionally gifted oceanographic enthusiasts, DMU provides a Marine Training and Engineering Practice Center, libraries, and much more.

Being a top marine biology school in China, it features more than 100 teaching and research labs, including the Ship-handling Simulator Lab and Marine Engine Simulation Lab, where researchers can exercise their creative skills. Besides these, DMU owns two ocean-going training vessels so that present and future students will have access to ample resources to learn about marine engineering and other fields as well.

5. Wuhan University of Technology

A public institution in Hubei, the Wuhan University of Technology was established by a combination of three universities. WUT is one of the best institutions in China with top marine biology programs and has produced more than 600,000 senior professionals since New China’s foundation. Over the past ten years, over 95% of graduates of WUT have found jobs for the first time, and over 55% of all employment is in the fields of strategic rising industries. As an international student, you may decide to pursue a degree in marine engineering because the courses here are delivered using cutting-edge technology and knowledge.

FAQS About Studying Marine Biology in China

Is Pursuing a Degree in Marine Biology Worth It?

Whether or not obtaining a degree in marine biology would be worthwhile for you depends on a number of factors. Your life would immediately be worthy of getting a degree in marine biology if you have a passion for it. However, the workplace may be gratifying and appealing, and graduates can earn a handsome salary.

According to the preferences of international students, there is a vast field of study and specialization, including marine biotechnology, marine ecology, marine data science, marine engineering, and many more. International students who are considering a profession in one of those fields would therefore have great opportunities to explore and develop globally.


With a degree in marine biology from top Chinese universities, you’ll be able to study everything from cell biology to international relations that has to do with marine life. Getting an oceanographic degree will not only make you an expert in the underwater world but also introduce you to fascinating ideas. Any of the five institutions mentioned above is an option for international students who want to pursue a promising and inspiring future.


We hope that this article on the best marine biology schools in China was informative. Please also check out the China Scholarships Page for more details on studying in China.

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