Due to its history of academic excellence and vibrant culture, China is acclaimed to be one of the most appealing countries for higher education. The country’s exceptional educational system alongside its first-rate learning conditions makes it one of the first choices for both Chinese and international students. In addition to obtaining a diploma from some of the top-tier universities in the world, students studying throughout China can immerse themselves in the country’s rich and unique culture.

One of the most distinguished fields of research at Chinese universities is the study of law. Chinese law programs are among the best in the world and pride themselves on giving their students a well-rounded worldly legal education. At almost all universities, students may study various areas of law on all three academic levels. This article will take a closer look at five of the most respected law schools in China.

Best Law Schools in China

1. China University of Political Science and Law

Initially established in 1952, the China University of Political Science and Law is considered to be the best law school in China. Its student body consists of 15.600 students, whose areas of research may span from languages and the arts to the fields of law and economics. The University’s diverse program is available at all three academic levels and is taught by some of the most prominent academic figures in both China and the world.

CULP is one of the leading research centers for educational innovation due to creating the Comparative Law degree, the first two English taught legal education programs in China. International students may choose to continue their legal studies at CUPL at either a Ph.D. program or two available LLM programs. In addition to its exceptional academic standing, the University’s location in the capital of Beijing offers an additional advantage for its students. Namely, they can study law amongst some of the most prestigious law firms and judiciary courts in China.

2. Renmin University of China

Situated in the Chinese capital city of Beijing, the Renmin University of China possesses one of the most prestigious legal schools in China. Its jurists are ranked among the very finest, as they have earned a law degree from the first institution for higher legal education in the People’s Republic of China. To give its students a well-rounded and unique education, the University aims to merge the teachings of both acclaimed legal academics and younger innovative professors and lecturers. In addition, with the help of their mentors, the students are encouraged to take part in legislative redrafting and have a more active role within their communities.

Presently, Renmin University is comprised of around 3.000 students, who are studying at either the undergraduate (LL.B.) or graduate levels (LL.M. and Ph.D.). Its leading philosophy remains educating students to be not only exceptional jurists but global productive citizens, as well.

3. The Southwest University of Political Science and Law

One of the most notable Chinese institutions for the study of law, the Southwest University of Political Science and Law is located in the city of Chongqing, in southwest China. Alongside being established amongst the first higher institutions for political and legal study, the University is also home to many prominent alumni in the field of law. At present, its student body is allowed to earn a diploma at one of the University’s 14 schools and all three academic levels. Although undergraduate students cannot study law in both Chinese and English, this opportunity is present at both Chinese Law and Law master’s programs, as well as during their Ph.D. studies.

In addition to its diverse academic program, SWUPLS offers its students a wide array of international exchange programs in Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. Through its connections with other leading legal institutions around the world, the University aims to build cultural bridges and give its students an international and novel education.

4. Peking University

Peking University, another excellent law school in China, was founded in 1898 in the capital city of Beijing. Almost a century later, the Peking University Law School was established. Throughout its history, the University has remained at the epicenter of major intellectual movements and has educated various noteworthy figures in the field of law. Its rich past is documented in the University’s library which is noted to be one of the largest in the world.

Presently, the Peking University Law School offers its students a chance to study law at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. At the undergraduate level, it is primarily focused on five key legal areas: economic law, jurisprudence, constitution and, administrative law, and criminal law. Once students have obtained their bachelor’s degree, they may choose to study other legal areas such as international law, civil and commercial law, procedural law, etc. during their graduate studies. The University strives to incorporate both well-established and innovative teaching practices into its curriculum and host both well-known and up-and-comic scholars and legal experts.

5. Tsinghua University

In our list of the five best law universities in China, it is crucial to mention Tsinghua University, a leading research center situated in the Chinese capital of Beijing. The University was initially established in 1911 as a preparatory school for students who were to continue their higher education in the US. Over the century, it came to be known as one of the leading institutions for the study of law, numbering over 50.000 students yearly. Due to its international roots, Tsinghua University aims to give its students a worldly education through numerous exchange and international programs.

In addition to the university’s remarkable academic credentials, it stands out for its location as well. Namely, the University is situated in the Haidian district, on the grounds of the royal gardens of the Qing Dynasty. Symbolizing its vibrant history, its architecture is a unique mixture of eastern and western design, with some arguing it has the most beautiful campus in the world.


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