Information systems deal with tasks, people, structure, and technology. Graduates from this field must know the ins and outs of the organizational structure and must be able to efficiently operate as both a simple technological expert and a business literate individual. This is because most universities and institutes are mixing computer science, management, and administrative work into one course. That’s why most of the graduates from this field can take on tasks that aren’t from a technological side and more towards the entrepreneur aspects.

Today, we will be talking about the best information systems schools in the world.

Top Information Systems Schools in the World

1. Carnegie Mellon University, United States

Carnegie Mellon University‘s Information Systems program is a combination of computer science, information technology, business management, and a light sprinkle of both humanities and social-sciences based education. In this university, students will learn how to utilize the rapid pace of information for the benefit of either business, the government, or even society as a whole.

This program teaches students how to improve fraud detection by the use of data science, build business intelligence, track health data, and identify money laundering schemes. These learnings, while it may seem trivial, benefit a lot of people which range from normal citizens to big-named companies that have to deal with these problems daily.

2. University of California Berkeley, United States

The University of California Berkeley doesn’t offer a bachelor’s degree but makes up for it with its Master’s and Ph.D. programs. Students here will get to know more about applying computational thinking and algorithmic principles to solve modern-day information and technological problems. They will know how to apply fundamental principles through addressing technical frameworks.

They have an internship offering wherein they will have the chance to get some hands-on experience between their first and second years in the program. Here, they will get to know about practical applications and work practices to better prepare themselves in the future. Moreover, unlike the optional internship, students will be required to have a final project which can range from prototype information up to innovative research projects.

3. University of Toronto, Canada

The University of Toronto hones its students to understand the techniques of data creation, how to utilize the tools used in creating and storing it, and possibly how to create similar tools in the future. The students of this excellent information systems school are expected to be innovative and active when dealing with modern-day problems when it comes to information.

Furthermore, one must exercise cultural, ethical, and legal awareness especially in dealing with information. Students should be able to collaborate and professionally work in a team setting to properly address any complexities in the system, this is because group work is often expected in this field, thus students must be prepared for it.

4. National University of Singapore, Singapore

The National University of Singapore helps its students realize the value or importance of information systems in a company. This helps them develop the necessary insights needed in a work setting and helps them deal with potential everyday problems that they might face in the workplace.

Since the program deals with a lot of information technology while branching out a bit on the business aspect of things, it does seem broad and varied in terms of its courses. This is because IT doesn’t only deal with technology but marketing and event management as well. Due to this, the National University of Singapore is constantly among the best information systems schools in the world.

5. New York University, United States

The New York University dedicates itself to honing students that can produce new technology. In their curriculum, they will get to know how to design and operate information or data systems which will help them in successfully developing new technologies. Moreover, it will be completely based on the needs of a specific organization which in turn helps them in their future careers.

As a top information systems school, NYU’s students work closely with their professors and faculty members in creating either a thesis or a project as a part of their learning process. Moreover, students can also apply all of their knowledge through an internship in which the university encourages. They will have students collaborate with coaches in the Wasserman Center which in turn will help students in acquiring internships.

6. University of Maryland, United States

The University of Maryland is yet another one of the best information systems schools. It mixes information systems with business management. That means their curriculum is quite fixated on the mathematical, legal, and business aspects of the field. Other than that, students will also get to learn about marketing, accounting, and finance. This will aid them in broadening their ideas towards an entrepreneurial perspective instead of a general idea of information systems

Furthermore, students will be tasked with applying their critical skills to problems or situations such as information technology investments or managing dynamic projects that are technology-based. On the more basic side of things, they will also be taught how to create business papers and how to effectively make and deliver oral presentations.

7. University of Arizona, United States

The University of Arizona seeks students that have a high potential in becoming business leaders in the industry of information systems. Being among the best information systems schools in the world, students at the University of Arizona should be able to know how to change the businesses from their internal aspects up to the external ones. This goes to show how important business is in the program and how much it is integrated into the curriculum.

Not only will the students be able to have business skills but also managerial and administrative ones. This is because, in most careers, people are tasked to analyze, design, and even implement specific types of technological information systems based on the organization or business and its needs. That’s why topics in this curriculum are varied and wide, just like the responsibilities of an Information Systems graduate.


I hope this article on the best information systems schools in the world was helpful. Check also the Available Programs for International Students to learn more about studying abroad.

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