Studying geology at a higher level of education will not only let students learn about the Earth’s system and its geological processes and history. It will equip them with the essential tools to face challenges and solve problems in society and the environment- from studying rock deposits to looking for sustainable energy resources and predicting future geological events. Students will also have the chance to travel a lot and explore different parts of the Earth as a significant part or incentive of their future jobs. Earning a degree in one of the best geology schools in the world will make their profile stand out. On top of that, it will help students acquire a broad spectrum of career opportunities in the economic, political, academic, and environmental sectors. In this article, let’s take a look at the top universities for geology in the world!

Top Geology Schools in the World

1. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is a top-leading public research university and an excellent geology school in the world established by the Swiss Federal Government in 1854 in Zürich, Switzerland. The university consistently ranks as one of the best in Europe, delivering educational excellence, mainly focusing on sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It continues to lead in the World as a top-tier academic institution, ranking 8th in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. The school has produced many notable personalities, including the most respectable physicist, Albert Einstein.

ETH Zurich is an excellent choice for students to study subjects in Earth Sciences, specifically a major in Geology. The 2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject in Geology places the school 1st worldwide. It offers a Bachelor’s degree in Earth and Climate Science which allows students to explore the fundamentals of mathematics and natural sciences. In their third year, they will choose a specialization subject between Geology and Geophysics or Climate and Water, intensively preparing them to take on their graduate studies. The school also offers a Master’s in Geology and Doctorate in Earth Sciences.

2. Harvard University

Harvard University is, of course, one of the best universities to study subjects in Earth Sciences. As a top 1 university in the United States and the World, Harvard University offers the most prestigious geology program for students across the globe who seek to understand more and engage deeply in scientific research about the Earth’s geological processes and rock record. More importantly, the students may access the school’s world-class laboratories and state-of-the-art facilities and use equipment with the highest standards in conducting their studies and research in the subject. In the 2021 World University Rankings by Subject, the school ranks 2nd best to offer geology programs globally.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is another top university to study geology abroad, and is the number 1 best university worldwide, according to the 2022 QS World University Rankings. The private land-grant educational institution is widely known for its outstanding performances and groundbreaking research in science and technology. Originally started as a college with 15 students, the institution substantially developed and acquired a world-class reputation for addressing real-world issues through modern technology and scientific research.

4. The Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at MIT is a world-class faculty offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Geology, Geochemistry, and Geobiology. In their early years at this department, students will learn about the fundamentals of studying the Earth’s surfaces, understanding its processes, measuring geological time records, and other interrelated topics, which will help them probe their areas of interest for their laboratory and research courses.

4. University of Cambridge

As one of the most prestigious geology universities in the World, the University of Cambridge offers the topmost quality of educational training and research program for students pursuing a degree in Earth Sciences. In the 2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject, the university ranks top 5 for best geology studies according to overall academic reputation, employability ratings, and research impact.

The Department of Sciences at Cambridge provides state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities that allow students to take on their day-to-day lectures and practical lessons comfortably. On top of that, students may explore varied geological features and Earth deposits from different places through field trips across the UK and overseas. Experts and professionals in this field will also supervise them through a weekly lecturing session. Moreover, the University of Cambridge has close ties with “The Sedgwick,” a museum home to more than 2 million collections of rocks, minerals, and fossils.

5. University of Washington

The University of Washington is known as the oldest public research university on the West Coast and the center of academic excellence of the Washington state. Its College of Environment: Earth and Space Sciences offers Bachelor’s programs in Geology, Geoscience, Biology, and Physics, Master’s programs in Applied Geosciences, and research programs that will further the understanding of students about the system and mechanisms of the Earth’s surface and its interior. Studying here will deeply equip students with the knowledge and skills in preparation for future careers in environmental policy, law and sciences, geological engineering, scientific journalism, and education.

6. University of California-Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is one of the top 7 best geology schools worldwide, according to the 2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject. As a preeminent public research university, it hosts many leading research institutions catering to mathematical sciences, space sciences, genomics, chemistry, physics, and engineering projects. Because of its high-quality educational training and research programs, UCB is an excellent choice for students seeking a degree in Earth Sciences in the state of California, the US, and the World.

7. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is one of the most prestigious private research universities worldwide and an excellent school for geology in the world, focusing on technical arts and pure and applied sciences. Its Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate programs with options to major in geobiology, geochemistry, geology, geophysics, and planetary science. In the early years of these programs, students will engage in thorough academic training and supplemental courses on fieldwork that will enable them to gain firsthand experiences on real-life geological phenomena. At the graduate level of studies, they will have a much broader training undergoing specializations in complex subjects, both in the school’s world-class laboratories and natural settings.


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