With fashion being an ever-evolving industry, being equipped with the proper training and education makes all the difference as a student in the fashion industry. Hence, you must enroll in an institute that can successfully nurture and develop your creative talent.

The United Kingdom is one of those locations that is home to a wide range of prestigious fashion schools, thanks to its vibrant industry and rich fashion heritage. Be it design, style, or entrepreneurship in fashion, institutes in the UK can set you on the path to a future in the fashion industry.

As an aspiring fashion student interested in pursuing quality education in the field of fashion, you can be assured the UK is a great starting point. This article will provide you with 5 top fashion schools in the UK.

Top Fashion Schools in the UK

As mentioned earlier, the UK offers a range of prestigious fashion schools and a comprehensive range of fashion programs,

Here are 5 universities that offer some of the best fashion programs in the UK.

1. Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins is associated with the much-reputed University of the Arts London, a globally top-ranking fashion school. Students at Central Saint Martins are encouraged to adopt an innovative and expansive approach, thanks to the institute’s avant-garde approach to education. Central Saint Martins offers a diverse range of fashion programs like Fashion Design and Fashion Communication.

Some well-known alumni from Central Saint Martins include Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen, who have all contributed to the university’s global recognition. Tuition fees at this institute vary depending on the program, and talented individuals also have the opportunity to receive scholarships or financial aid.

2. London College of Fashion

As a globally leading center for fashion education, the London College of Fashion offers a comprehensive range of programs in varying fields of fashion. The university’s aim to combine practical experience with academic rigor has allowed its students to be well-prepared for careers in various fields in the fashion industry, including media, technology, business, retail management, and design.

Further, students at the London College of Fashion also have the opportunity to engage in networking opportunities and gain real-world exposure, thanks to the institute’s solid international connections with renowned organizations and brands. The university is well sought after by international students due to its global learning experience and multicultural environment.

3. Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art has established itself as a prominent educational institution that is reputed for its emphasis on design excellence and innovation. Students at RCA are fortunate enough to take advantage of its cutting-edge facilities, strong industry connections, and nurturing environment.

RCA is reputed for producing several highly influential personalities in the fashion industry, like Erdem Moralioglu and Stella McCartney. RCA offers numerous fashion programs, including specialized programs in Accessories, Knitwear, Menswear, and Womenswear. RCA is a great starting point for individuals interested in venturing into fashion entrepreneurship, fashion design, or creative direction.

4. University of Westminster

The University of Westminster‘s School of Media and Communication has gained much popularity in the UK’s fashion industry due to its unique fashion courses that emphasize critical thinking, nurturing creativity, and technical skills. The university also has strong international connections and a reputation in the fashion industry, providing its students with numerous opportunities and valuable insights into the industry.

The University of Westminster’s location in the center of London also offers its students exposure to the city’s lively fashion scene. Its notable alumni like Christopher Bailey, Vivienne Westwood, and Stuart Vevers further highlight the school’s ability to nurture successful talents.

Fashion programs at the University of Westminster prepare its students for various career opportunities like Merchandising, Fashion Design, Marketing, and more.

5. University of the Creative Arts

The University of Creative Arts is renowned for its practical approach to education in fashion. Students are given numerous opportunities to gain hands-on experience through internships, live projects, and industry placements. Further, the institute is well known for its highly employable graduates, which is possible due to its experienced staff and well-equipped facilities.

UCA offers a comprehensive range of programs like Fashion Management and Marketing, Fashion, and Fashion Design. The institute’s strong emphasis on industry experience and practical skills sets its students on the path to successful careers. In addition, UCA’s innovative teaching methods, creative and diverse community, and location in the UK’s fashion hub make it well sought after by international students.

FAQS About Studying Fashion in the UK

Why is the UK Considered One of the Best Countries to Study Fashion?

The UK’s rich fashion heritage, renowned institutions of fashion, and vibrant fashion industry make it an ideal starting point to kickstart your journey in fashion. In addition, the UK’s iconic fashion capital of London is also associated with various reputed fashion events and influential designers.

The UK offers a unique blend of networking opportunities, academic excellence, industry exposure, and the opportunity to be associated with one of the world’s most influential and dynamic fashion scenes.

In addition, international students can also benefit from the numerous scholarship and funding opportunities the UK has to offer, which various private organizations or universities fund.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Fashion in the UK?

As with most programs, the cost of studying fashion in the UK varies depending on the program, study duration, and university.

Tuition fees for international students could range from approximately £17,000 to £26,000 per year. For instance, the tuition fee for a fashion program at the University of the Arts London is £25,950 per year, and £17,200 per year at Nottingham Trent University for international students.

Further, living and accommodation costs range from £1,300 to £1,400 per month. Living costs may change depending on the location.


When it comes to the fashion industry, choosing the right fashion school is crucial for the success of your future career. A prestigious institute such as the five mentioned above would serve as a great starting point for any aspiring professional in the fashion industry. These institutes have long established themselves as pioneers in the UK’s fashion industry.


We hope this article about the UK’s best fashion schools is beneficial to shortlist what’s best for you. Do check out our UK Scholarships Page to give an initial boost to your study programs.

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