If you are passionate about pursuing a career in the fashion industry and having trouble deciding on a study destination, this article will give you some insight into one of the world’s most popular fashion scenes, Germany.

As a country home to several prestigious fashion schools, Germany can provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in many fashion fields, like fashion journalism, fashion design, fashion management, and more. As making an informed decision when selecting your university is crucial to your future success, checking out all available fashion schools is an important step.

This article highlights five of Germany’s top fashion schools and their unique features and achievements.

Top Fashion Schools in Germany

As mentioned above, Germany is home to some of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world. This article will highlight 5 of Germany’s best fashion institutes.

1. Fashion Design Institut, Düsseldorf

Fashion Design Institut, Düsseldorf, offers a range of popular fashion programs in various fields like fashion management, fashion design, and fashion marketing. Students at FDI are provided with valuable hands-on experience due to the school’s emphasis on industry connections and practical training. FDI is further reputed for its comprehensive curriculum, which inculcates creativity alongside a deep understanding of the technical aspects of fashion in students.

Several of FDI’s popular alumni, like Thomas Rath and Esther Perbandt, have contributed to the school’s reputation. While admission to FDI is somewhat selective and requires applicants to showcase their artistic abilities, the school does provide financial aid and scholarship opportunities to individuals based on talent and academic ability.

2. AMD Akademie Mode & Design

AMD Akademie Mode & Design is located in Munich and offers a great range of courses in fashion. Some popular programs offered include fashion management, fashion design, and fashion journalism. The school emphasizes international opportunities, practical experience, and industry partnerships. AMD is reputed in the fashion industry for its various international connections with fashion companies and brands.

Some popular personalities who graduated from AMD Akademie Mode & Design include Peter Lindbergh, a fashion photographer, and Marina Hoermanseder, a fashion designer.

AMD ranks among the top fashion schools for fashion education and has competitive admissions. It is also a well-sought-after school by international students due to its connections to the industry, internship and collaboration opportunities, and experience-based approach to learning.

3. HTW Berlin – Berlin University of Applied Sciences

The HTW Berlin – Berlin University of Applied Sciences offers a great fashion design program that incorporates fashion design with textile technology. In addition, fashion students at HTW Berlin are encouraged to participate in the university’s various exchange programs and internships.

The university also offers its students career opportunities, which has led to several of its graduates working for renowned fashion brands, as well as successfully creating their fashion labels.

Admissions to HTW Berlin are competitive, and tuition fee varies depending on the program. However, students can reduce their academic costs by applying for various scholarships and financial aid opportunities offered by the university.

4. School of Design (DesignPF)

Pforzheim’s School of Design is reputed for its programs in the fashion field. The school offers interesting fashion-related programs like jewelry, creative direction, and fashion design. In addition, the school is also known for its international connections, strong reputation, hands-on learning, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Hence its students receive valuable exposure to the industry as well as networking opportunities.

Some noteworthy graduates from Pforzheim’s School of Design include Tomas Maier, a creative designer, and Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion designer. The university’s fashion programs are highly ranked and have competitive admission. Pforzheim’s School of Design is popular among international students for its location in Germany’s leading center for fashion, strong partnerships with the industry, and its quality education.

5. Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts

The Faculty of Media, Information, and Design at Hochschule Hannover offers several great fashion programs, including fashion design. Programs at Hochschule Hannover focus on enhancing students’ technical expertise, design skills, and sustainability knowledge in the fashion industry.

Some well-known fashion graduates from Hochschule Hannover include Peter Lindbergh, a fashion photographer, and Jil Sander, a fashion designer. While admissions at Hochschule Hannover are competitive, the college also offers several financial aid and scholarship opportunities to talented individuals. In addition, the university also provides valuable career and networking opportunities for its fashion graduates.

FAQS About Studying Fashion in Germany

Why is Germany Considered One of the Best Countries to Study Fashion?

In addition to its thriving fashion industry, Germany’s prominence in the fashion scene comes about due to its unique craftsmanship, innovation, and efforts for sustainability. Germany can provide its fashion students with plenty of opportunities to network, learn, and gain work experience. Students are also provided with plenty of opportunities to intern with renowned brands, learn under industry professionals, and engage in workshops and collaborations.

With the country being home to many prestigious fashion schools, fashion programs in Germany are of high caliber. The programs are all designed to allow students to gather comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry, nurture creativity, and develop technical skills. Germany’s location in the center of Europe also makes it an ideal spot to explore the vibrant fashion scenes and various fashion cultures in and around Germany.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Fashion in Germany?

Academic costs in Germany can vary depending on your program and university. Not all universities in Germany require a tuition fee. In addition, tuition fees in Germany for international students are generally quite affordable.

For instance, the tuition fee for a fashion program at a public university could either be free or cost a very small sum, while tuition fees for a private university can cost around €4,900 per semester for non-EU students.

While academic costs in Germany may not be much, students will also have to cover living expenses, which are approximately around €867 per month for international students.


For anyone interested in venturing into the fashion industry, it is highly recommended that you start your journey by obtaining a high-quality qualification in fashion. By choosing a prestigious university, you would receive a vital education, practical experience, and valuable industry connections. A good university would, therefore, most likely kick-start your career in the fashion industry.


We hope this article about Germany’s best fashion schools helps you identify top fashion schools. Do check out our Study in Germany Page and read insightful articles about studying abroad! You can also search for courses on our Available Programs in Germany!

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