Drawing is the starting point in every visual art. It is the most basic skill you will need in your arsenal if you want to work as an artist.

In art schools and universities, qualified instructors help students develop a deep understanding and appreciation for the craft while sharpening drawing skills. Even those who are naturally talented agree that getting a degree in drawing will put you ahead of the competition in the job market.

Drawing graduates often land jobs as illustrators, animators, and designers in multi-billion dollar industries such as film and gaming. Others choose to be self-employed and sell their art to collectors while slowly building a name for themselves.

Choosing the best school to attend is an important life decision, so make sure to take some time and weigh the options. Good drawing schools should have dedicated art studios and instructors who can support your unique drawing style. If you’re planning to study in Europe, here are five of the best drawing schools you can attend.

What to Consider When Choosing a Drawing School in Europe

When choosing a drawing school in Europe, there are a number of important factors to consider. First, you should think about the location of the school. Do you want to study in a bustling city, or would you prefer a quieter, more rural setting? Additionally, you should consider the reputation of the school. What is their track record of producing successful artists? Another important factor to consider is the curriculum. Do the classes offered to align with your artistic goals and interests? Finally, you should think about the cost of attending school. Will you be able to afford tuition, housing, and other expenses while studying there? By carefully considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision when choosing a drawing school in Europe that is right for you.

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Top Drawing Schools in Europe

1. Falmouth University

Falmouth University specializes in providing quality education in the Arts & Design. Founded in 1920, it has spent over 120 years in operation and established itself as the top destination for creative thinkers in the UK.

Falmouth University is a top institution for drawing in Europe that offers a 3-year BA in Drawing. Under the guidance of renowned art professors, students develop a critical understanding of the craft while building technical skills. You will experience doing projects individually and collaboratively as you complete coursework and produce art shows. Previous students have displayed their work in notable venues including, Gallery Tresco, the Robert Burt Gallery, and Wheal Martyn Clay Works.

The university has a dedicated suite of studios purposely built for those studying Drawing. You will work on a dissertation and participate in a public exhibition during the final year. By graduation, you will have an extensive portfolio that is a testament to your style and professionalism.

2. Paris College of Art

Paris College of Art (PCA) is one of the most prestigious art schools in France and in Europe. Established in 1981, the school constantly aims to provide the highest standard of art education in the world while incorporating European influences in its teaching.

PCA does not offer any Bachelor’s degrees in Drawing but has two options for postgraduates: the 12-month MA or the 2-year MFA. Those who want the MFA degree would be required to complete a Master’s thesis. A portfolio of at least ten pieces that showcase your creative ability must be presented upon application for both tracks.

The postgraduate offerings of PCA are for students who want to further develop their technical skills while exploring contemporary approaches to drawing. Hours will be devoted to doing practice and research. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate on several projects with students from different programs to encourage a healthy exchange of ideas between artists of different media.

3. University of the Arts London

The University of the Arts London (UAL) is an excellent university for drawing in Europe, and is a federation of six colleges that specializes in art education. It offers its Drawing program through the Camberwell College of Arts, which was established in 1986. It is strategically located in southeast London, where students benefit from the thriving art scene in the area.

UAL offers a 3-year BA in Drawing, where students develop an understanding of the craft and explore its role in other disciplines, including film, performance, and sculpture. Students also explore the role of drawing in non-artistic fields like medicine. Lectures and coursework will expand your theoretical and historical knowledge about the discipline while doing hands-on work at the UAL creative facilities will build your skills.

During Year 3, students may choose to submit a dissertation or undertake a work placement. Choosing to do a work placement will open opportunities to work alongside established artists or in highly-respected art galleries.

4. Plymouth College of Art

The Plymouth College of Art in the UK is a recognized and specialist art school that opened in 1856. It is proudly run by artists and designers who want to pass on knowledge and techniques to younger generations. It is known for having some of the best art facilities in the country, including open-plan studios with high ceilings and large windows that welcome natural light. Working in spaces like in Plymouth encourages students to be more expressive, creative, and engaging.

Plymouth College offers a 3-year BA in Painting, Drawing, & Printmaking. It aims to guide students to find their creative voice while studying traditional and contemporary techniques. Expect to experience multiple lectures, technical workshops, and material demonstrations throughout the study period. Students are also invited to international field trips to tour the most well-reputed galleries and art fairs in Spain and Germany.

The college is also one of the few institutions that offer postgraduate degrees in Drawing. A 12-month MA in Drawing pushes students to explore drawing as a practice. Students experience several activities that encourage dialogue with their peers, discussing relevant issues and innovative methodologies that could help in shaping their careers.

5. University of Northampton

Established in 1975, the University of Northampton (UON) is known as one of the youngest universities in the UK and among the best schools for drawing in Europe. Its faculty is dedicated to providing education and research that adds value to society. The university has won multiple awards and was named Changemaker Campus in 2012.

UON offers a 3-year BA in Fine Art, Painting, & Drawing. It aims to introduce students to techniques, ideas, and materials as they begin their practice in painting and drawing. Expect to attend several lectures, seminars, and studio tutorials throughout the study duration. Practical education is equally important to UON, so each student is provided personal studio space and has access to specialist digital facilities, including editing suites and virtual reality devices.

To expand the creative perspectives of students, UON organizes international field trips for students of the drawing program. Previous trips have included visits to art galleries in New York and Berlin. Students are also encouraged to join symposiums, competitions, and live projects.


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