As of the year 2023, just roughly 0.03% of the global population is using creative writing as their primary source of earning. Due to low levels of saturation, it is a budding sector and provides fresh opportunities for those seeking to develop their creative writing abilities.

One of the primary goals of creative writing is to inspire new ways of thinking and the development of original ideas, plots, and protagonists. The ability to express oneself and interact with others is enhanced via the practice of creative writing.

Courses in creative writing may be helpful for developing and focusing this ability in the right direction. Australian history and literature play a huge role in propelling this field. Among the earliest creative cultures in the globe is that of the indigenous people of Australia, the first residents of the southernmost region.

Since 1831, when the first Australian novel – was published by Henry Savery, Australian authors have been introducing readers to an unfamiliar territory via their creative writing. Since then experts have introduced modern techniques to enhance literature and writing concepts.

This over the decades gave rise to numerous state-of-the-art institutions that offer various courses in creative writing. To simplify it for our readers, we’ve got the inside scoop on the top-notch Creative Writing schools in Australia, tailor-made for international students. We have created a review for this purpose below.

Top Schools Offering Creative Writing in Australia

Australia is home to a number of prestigious institutions offering diverse courses to its national and international student body. Some of the best schools and courses for creative writing in Australia are mentioned below.

1. Deakin University

Our #1 recommendation is Deakin University, with world acclaim in research and teaching methodology. With a QS World University Rankings 2023, Deakin is placed in the top 300 universities worldwide making it a top-tier institution and Australia’s top creative writing school. The university is distinguished by its emphasis on collaborating with business partners to address real-world problems and by its promotion of internships, job shadowing, and other forms of professional development.

The goal is to provide students with the information, experience, and contacts they require to establish successful careers. They offer a diverse range of courses for international students from around the globe. Among these, a Graduate Diploma with a major in creative writing is ideal. Students pursuing this diploma will have the opportunity to learn and practice several effective writing strategies.

Editing, genre analysis, outlining, and editing a concept via several iterations are all skill sets that may be mastered through this. The emphasis of this research course is also on independent research. Doing this will help students grow not just in their knowledge of creative writing but also in their technical and organizational competence, as well as their self-reliance as professionals.

This is a 1-year full-time course with a tuition fee of approximately $33,800 for international students. Adding to this, Deakin offers a generous scholarship named as Deakin Student Support Scholarship. Students applying to certain degree programs at the University will be eligible to receive this substantial scholarship.

Students who enroll in qualifying programs in 2023 are eligible to receive a stipend of up to $10,000 per year for the normal duration of your course ($1250 per credit point).

2. Macquire University

The second recommendation in our list is Macquarie University, which is widely recognized as one of Sydney’s finest educational institutions. According to QS’s 2023 rankings, it is in the 42nd position and is AACSB accredited. It offers a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in creative writing for international students.

Students majoring in creative writing for a Bachelor of Arts get both academic and practical experience. Students will gain an understanding of the socioeconomic and cultural variables that impact literature in Australia and elsewhere, as well as the editing and publishing environments.

They will learn how to write in a variety of genres, including literary works, poetic nonfiction, scripts, and digital content. The fee of this course for overseas students rounds up to around AUD23,500. In the Master of Creative Writing program, students hone their craft in rigorous seminars covering a wide variety of writing forms, from poetry to brief stories to novels and imaginative nonfiction.

In addition, students will work on their writing with a group of fellow learners and instructors who are experts in the field. The fee for this course for 1 year is AUD 39,100 for international students.

To aid students, around $6,000,000 is distributed annually in scholarships, making Macquarie one of the nation’s most lucrative foreign scholarship initiatives in Australia. Long-term and short-term options for overseas students are included.

In addition, all students who apply for an undergraduate degree at Macquarie University via the UAC are automatically considered for the Macquarie University UAC International Scholarship. The grant of this scholarship is a one-time award of AUD10,000 to be used toward educational costs.

3. Murdoch University

Murdoch University is next on our list and is proud to be a leading research institution throughout the globe and a member of the prestigious organization of Innovative Research Universities. It is an excellent creative writing school in Australia well known for its advanced studies, and its competent faculty members who actively push their students to develop into intellectuals who are future-oriented.

The QS World University Rankings for 2023 place it in the top 600 institutions worldwide. It offers a number of courses for foreign students, and an undergraduate with a major in Creative writing is one of the best. The curriculum offered international students the chance to deepen their understanding of literature and the technique of writing.

They have the option of pursuing further areas of study or specialized occupational learning. Some potential occupations for someone with this Bachelor’s degree are experienced authors, editors, journalists, and arts administration In order to enroll at Murdoch University, prospective students must demonstrate competence in English via either standardized testing or strong academic performance.

The full fee for this course is approximately AUD36,000. Scholarships are available to qualified students at Murdoch from a variety of external sources, including both public and private organizations. It might be a monetary award or a decrease in tuition costs. In addition, undergraduates in Australia may apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship.

4. Griffith University

Since 1975, Griffith University has dedicated its curriculum and academic pursuits to solving the world’s gravest ecological and social issues. Griffith University is consistently ranked in the top 2% of institutions worldwide because it offers degrees that take into account the needs of business, look forward to the days to come, and prioritize societal benefits.

Through their bachelor’s program, by majoring in English and creative writing at Griffith, aspiring authors may develop the practical abilities necessary to succeed in the modern publishing industry. In addition to encouraging students to put pen to paper, their creative writing classes will improve their self-esteem, increase their knowledge, and prepare them to think analytically.

In addition to having top creative writing programs in Australia, the vibrant intellectual community at Griffith is supported through the Creative Writing program. Events like the annual trip to the Ubud Authors’ Festival in Bali provide students a chance to showcase their writing, network with other authors, and get insight into the publishing industry.

The fee for this 3-year course is estimated to be AUD9,517 AUD per semester. Apart from this, Griffith University offers a number of scholarships for students with financial constraints to help their education.

5. University of South Australia

Our final suggestion is for UniSA in South Australia. Located in the city of Adelaide, the University of South Australia is a public research institution. It’s the biggest institution in South Australia and one of the first members of the Australian Technology Network of educational institutions.

This school’s English and Creative Writing MBAA program is a great way to increase your viability to potential employers. Having the intellectual curiosity and openness to new perspectives gained through a double major is highly valued by the employment market.

Students majoring in creative writing and literature study a wide variety of literary forms, including classics and modern works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, etc. Students will be able to articulate a deep familiarity with the history, philosophy, and technique of creative writing in various literary genres and social contexts.

Along with being able to work effectively in groups and individually, they will be able to develop creative and critical writing in a variety of forms. For 2023 entrants, the annual tuition for this 3-year full-time MBA program is AUD 29,400.

Furthermore, UniSA provides International Merit Scholarships. For the length of their selected program of study, students qualified for this grant will have their required student expenses (tuition costs) reduced by 15%.

FAQs about Studying Creative Writing in Australia

Which Creative Writing Schools in Australia Offer Scholarships for International Students?

Apart from Australia having top creative writing schools, it has a robust economy and many excellent educational possibilities; many prestigious organizations from there also provide financial support in the form of scholarships for overseas students. There are many awards and scholarships out there for foreign students to use toward facilitating the growth of their artistic skills.

Some of the schools that offer the best scholarships are Deakin University and Macquarie University. These offer the Deakin Student Support Scholarship and Macquarie University UAC International Scholarship, respectively. Both of these offer considerable stipends to aid students with tuition fees, health insurance, traveling costs, and living expenses.


Australia undoubtedly has some of the best creative writing schools in the world. Additionally, it ranks as the third-best country to pursue an international education. Many highly regarded universities are located there, making it possible to get a degree in creative writing.


Through this article, we hope you are able to decide which Australian university is best to study a creative writing course, effectively. You can also visit the Australia Scholarships Page for more articles about studying in Australia!

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