Have you always spent your childhood days digging your hands into modeling clay? Perhaps you had fun spinning the potter’s wheel too, proudly showing off your first-ever mug despite its unbalanced dimensions.

The sculpture is an exciting subject to major in. Not only are you permitted to get down and dirty in your workspace, but you also explore and discover shapes and forms that you never realized were always there.

The human body is a favorite muse for sculpting projects. With every shave off the marble or clay, you also acknowledge the curves, edges, and flat planes of a human body.

Completing a degree in sculpture grants you a lot of opportunities in the world of art and design. This is your ticket to working with some of the world’s most famous art and fashion brands, so what are you waiting for? Check out our list of the best countries to study sculpture overseas, and bag those lucrative career opportunities and recognition awards!

Top Countries to Study Sculpture

1. Italy

A simple walk down a street in Italy greets you with a plethora of art pieces from all sorts of styles and eras. Architecture, sculptures, and paintings from both classical and contemporary movements mingle harmoniously together in the decadent atmosphere of Italy.

Art students majoring in sculpture will find Italy as the perfect study destination for them. As a long-time innovator in science and the arts, Italy preserved its roots well and kept the art movement alive and flourishing. Museums, theaters, and even movie houses carry pieces of art that inherently hold stories about Italian culture.

Italy is a top country to study sculpture as it is the land of many founding fathers in science and the arts. Michelangelo is perhaps the most popular of all. He was a sculptor, architect, poet, and painter all in his lifetime. His famous pieces include the Pieta, David, and the painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, a depiction of the complexities of humans’ relationships with God.

Sculptures are also abundant in Italy and serve as wonderful inspiration for you. You can also formally specialize in sculpture. The Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara has a dedicated School of Sculpture for students to immerse in marble work manufacture and processing, among other courses. The Rome University of Fine Arts also provides a Master’s Program in Sculpture.

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2. France

  • Best School/s: Paris College of Art
  • Reasons: Home to world-famous art galleries and museums, significant influence on art movement, first-hand access to original prints and publications

France rivals Italy’s artistic roots and is a favored study destination by art students. Though living costs and tuition fees are more costly, France still provides rich and informative training grounds for art students to mold their skills, particularly in sculpture.

If you are running low on inspiration, or simply want to look at aesthetically pleasing and intriguing works of art, you can visit museums like the Louvre. France is another excellent destination for those who want to study sculpture as it is well-known for its art galleries and museums, which the world has perceived as one of the most romantic places to be at.

French works of art are, in no doubt, inspired by the Italians. Nonetheless, France has led the art movement of Gothic sculpture and architecture. The lavish decorations you see in pillars, and the stained glass windows in churches are evidence of Gothic architecture.

The French art movement was more subtle than that of the Romans but still left an impression among neighboring countries. French sculptures range from highly detailed busts, and anatomical full-body studies, to clean, crisp sculptures made on bronze.

Explore more of French art and art history as you enroll for an art degree in France. The Paris College of Art is one of the country’s best universities for the arts, with a strong and competitive specialization in sculpture.

3. Austria

The arts are delicately woven into the history of Austria. Actively engaged in the classical and romantic periods of music, Austria has long been nurturing the beauty of art and music. Till now, the works of Austrian composers Johann Strauss and Franz Schubert have moved the world.

As for visual works of art, Austria also kept up the pace as it is among the best countries for sculpture programs. Austria is said to have led the movement for baroque and rococo architecture. Extravagant details splashed with vivid colors of larger-than-life art pieces accentuate the characteristics of baroque art. Sculpting students like you may find inspiration from the deliberately incomplete sculptures, another mark of baroque influence.

Austria is also home to museums, galleries, and theaters that are lavishly decorated. You simply won’t run out of ideas to draw and sculpt as most museums are easily accessible.

Apart from popular art movements, studying in Austria will also expose you to the long history of Austrian art; from the time Bohemian influence was evident in Austrian art, to eccentric gold leaf trimmings added in Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’.

Sculpture in Austria is not limited to grand displays only; it also extends to the theatrical stages. Ornate decorations in theater halls and elaborate altarpieces brighten up churches too.

Get the most of your international studies in Austria and return home with the skills of a first-rate sculptor! The University of Applied Arts Vienna and University of Art and Design Linz offer a wide range of art programs, including a major in sculpture.

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4. Greece

When you think of Greece, do you think of the artifacts archeologists have dug up? Their famous black pottery, the Athens, and busts of Greek heroes are just some that immediately come to mind about Greece. And all of those about art and history, a testament that Greece is a favorable study destination for art students and for the students who wish to take up sculpture program such as yourself.

With fairly affordable living costs, Greece has to offer some of the best tourist experiences yet. Despite modern living standards, ancient ruins are still preserved, and the influence of Greek art hangs lightly in the air.

As an art student, you may notice that Greek art emphasized the ideal appearance of humans. Aphrodite’s ‘Golden Hip-to-Waist Ratio’ is the dream figure of many women to this day. As someone focusing on sculpture, you may also recognize the Greeks’ pottery method plays a significant role in modern-day pottery.

Greeks understood art as the closest man-made creation to technology. They took their time to innovate artistic methods from painting, sculpting, and pottery. To this day, we see hints of Greek art in pots, jars, medals, trophies, and high marble columns in architecture.

A lot of Greek art took form in sculptures, so you will surely find studying in Greece a fun and productive experience. The The American College of Greece and AKTO Arts and Design College carry a broad spectrum of art and design programs, with countless workshops and a competitive program of sculpture.

5. Spain

Spain is no stranger to art and architecture. It is a treasure chest full of splendid statues, busts, and monuments dotting the streets of Barcelona. Even the old ruins of Spanish castles are a source of inspiration for art students.

Spain is home to the world-famous Pablo Picasso, whose eccentric yet influential masterpieces gave birth to a new wave of visual artists. Before, we had only known sculptures to take after the spitting image of man. But with Picasso’s influence, sculptures and paintings began to take on more abstract appearances.

The average individual may find these artworks confusing. Art students like you, on the other hand, will probably marvel at the overall composition of the work.

Spain, as a country that emphasizes formal education, is brimming with universities. Indulge in the Spanish culture and lifestyle while you complete your studies in sculpture! Consider looking up art and design programs offered by the University of Barcelona and Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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FAQs: Studying Sculpture Abroad

Is Sculpture a Good Career?

A career in sculpture can be very lucrative if you possess the necessary skills and drive. Sculptors make an average of $56,000 to $139,000 annually, depending on their location and skills. There are many places to study sculpture abroad, but knowing the right places is crucial if you are looking for quality education. While we don’t have specific sculpture courses on our website, you can check out various institutions offering courses in Art and Design in places like Europe to kickstart your career in sculpting.

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