If you are passionate and excited about welcoming a brand new life into this world, midwifery might be just for you. Midwifery has long been a well-respected profession. Midwives take care of the mother in labor and assist them in delivering their baby.

To become a midwife, it is inherent that you value a woman’s health above anything else. Midwives deal with mothers in their most critical situation, so a midwife needs to be quick-witted and alert while comforting the mother.

Midwives are in demand all over the world. A highly practical field with transferable skills, midwifery also introduces you to some attractive career prospects.

Whatever your career choice may be, studying midwifery overseas helps in cultivating a rich global perspective on the different healthcare standards and protocols across countries. An internationally accredited degree also jumpstarts you to some of the most sought-after careers.

We curated some of the best countries to study midwifery abroad. Read on to discover which study destination fits your needs and expectations.

What are the Top Universities for Midwifery Programs?

Besides the institutions in best countries listed below, some of the top universities for midwifery programs are Vanderbilt University, Midwives College of Utah, and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. These universities offer quality education and opportunities for hands-on learning, as well as highly experienced faculty.

For more information on studying abroad and available courses in other destinations, such as Europe and Canada, check out our Open Courses Page. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable experience and valuable insights and experiences in your midwifery education.

What Bank do International Students Use Abroad?

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Top Countries to Study Midwifery Abroad

1. Australia

Reasons: accessible healthcare, high quality of life, globally competent degree programs

Australia ranks among the countries with efficient public healthcare systems. Living standards and satisfaction rates in Australia are so high, it makes you feel bad for feeling bad about getting sick. Apart from quality healthcare services, Australia also offers some of the world’s best education for medicine and for midwifery as well. Midwifery students like you can find Australia as a conducive learning environment for your degree.

Midwifery, as a long-standing profession, honors the birthing traditions of a society. Birthing traditions in hospitals are not exactly observed. Fortunately, birthing centers and midwives allow mothers to give birth to their children through methods they feel more connected to.

Apart from upholding tradition, midwifery in Australia is taught in a highly technical approach. Practical skills are put to the test with simulated laboratory activities to ensure you, as a midwifery student, are capable of assisting a mother in labor without risking the lives of both mother and infant.

Learn the science of childbearing, birth, post-natal nursery care in top-rated schools in Australia. Check out the midwifery programs offered at Griffith University and the University of Newcastle, and compare their programs’ curricula.

2. New Zealand

Reasons: free and subsidized healthcare, internationally accredited degree programs, cutting-edge research facilities, and equipment

New Zealand is an excellent country to study midwifery and it also tops the charts for its quality healthcare services. Everyone gets access to free or subsidized public healthcare in New Zealand. If you are an aspiring midwife, New Zealand will be the perfect learning environment for you to hone your skills and earn your certification as a licensed midwife and member of the medical field.

Midwives are needed everywhere, and New Zealand is no exception. While the country’s population is relatively lower than other countries, most midwives have shifted to other fields. Giving birth requires more than just a doctor’s support and encouragement. It is the midwife’s specialty to make an altruistic connection with a mother in labor and comfort her throughout the process.

New Zealand is home to schools and universities with abundant accreditations from international boards. Midwifery is among the country’s accredited programs, offered across five universities.

During their studies, midwifery students get to immerse themselves in family planning clinics, learn the fundamentals of postnatal care, and get exposed to home births. Midwifery students also get to work under the wings of obstetricians.

Some of the best universities in New Zealand feature comprehensive programs for midwifery. Consider going through midwifery coursework at Auckland University of Technology, Otago Polytechnic, and at the Victoria University of Wellington.

3. the United Kingdom

Reasons: center for bioscience research, cutting-edge facilities, and equipment for medicine, high respect, and appreciation for midwives

The United Kingdom is among the world’s top countries with high demand for nurses and midwives. The decreasing number of health professionals and allied health workers in the country allows midwifery students such as yourself to secure a career immediately after graduation.

The role of a midwife is no easy task. From the first signs of pregnancy to infancy, a midwife is a trusted companion of the mother and family. Studying midwifery in the United Kingdom welcomes you to opportunities to work with different families, all with their situations to deal with aside from their newly added member.

The United Kingdom boasts access to abundant research and state-of-the-art research facilities. As midwifery goes beyond the students’ altruistic nature, midwifery is also taught from a scientific point of view. Aside from emotional well-being, midwives must have broad knowledge about adult and infant physiology. Students work in simulated environments to prepare themselves for real-life situations.

Midwifery is taught across several internationally recognized universities. City, University of London, and Birmingham City University offer midwifery.

While students train to become professional midwives, the skills gained for mastering midwifery are also highly relevant in other fields of work. Midwifery is a versatile profession respected everywhere in the world. Thus, your midwifery experience is transferable and highly relevant in other fields of medicine, like pediatric care.

4. Switzerland

Reasons: best place for work opportunities, inclusive and welcoming community, high living standards, and positive healthcare services

If you are interested in seeing the Alps, or you just can’t miss the opportunity for a career that upholds and celebrates women and their children, then Switzerland is the study destination for you. Students favor accomplishing their education in Switzerland for the community is very encouraging and open to new ideas and solutions that could solve age-old problems.

Apart from the progressive society, Switzerland is a top destination for midwifery as it has one of the most innovative healthcare systems in the world. However, it is also among the most expensive. Swiss universal healthcare, while mandated by the government, is regulated by private insurance. Nonetheless, healthcare and assistance are accessible in the country.

Midwifery is also a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enter the medical workforce. Doctors and other healthcare workers receive generous salaries in Switzerland. Not to mention, the country is always on the lookout for welcoming a fresh graduate with globally competent skills and is up-to-date with the latest discoveries in medicine.

Midwives, for one, are highly valued and appreciated in Switzerland. Because pregnancy itself costs some big expenses, mothers in labor would always seek more affordable options to have their baby delivered. Booking a midwife costs less, but at the same, if not more, professional and comforting treatment.

Begin your journey to becoming the next best midwife in Switzerland. The Zurich University of Applied Sciences offers Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs for midwifery. The university presents opportunities of placing students in clinics and having them train under midwives and obstetricians.

5. Iceland

Reasons: one of the world’s happiest countries, hospitable and accommodating, free tuition costs

Last but not least, you probably thought of studying in Iceland. It boasts the title of the happiest and safest country in the world. This is made evident with Iceland’s stellar healthcare, high satisfaction rate among its nationals, free tuition fees for all students, and a progressive economy.

Iceland is also a favorite study destination not just for midwifery but for any program because of its scenic landscapes and amazing weather. International students like you can bask in Iceland’s natural glory after a stressful week of exams and term papers.

Midwifery in Iceland takes on a different route than the rest of the countries discussed in this article. Midwifery students spend six years in training; four years dedicated to earning a nursing degree before taking a midwifery program. Maternity care is free for women in Iceland, and they have the freedom to choose a midwife to assist them in their pregnancy journey.

Midwifery students, however, must first complete a nursing degree. Thus, if you wish to study midwifery in Iceland, you must first have a degree in Nursing. The doctoral program for midwifery at the University of Iceland requires applicants to have completed a Master’s degree in midwifery before admissions.


I hope that this article on Best Countries to Study Midwifery Abroad was helpful. If you are interested in knowing more information like this, check out the Available Programs for International Students!

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