Have you always been artistically inclined? If so, you may want to consider studying drawing and art design full-time. Sure, we can definitely learn different art styles in the comfort of our homes, but learning the history of art is much more fun in university.

Many people, especially the adults in our lives, would doubt our decision to pursue art as a profession. Little do they know that art nowadays goes beyond selling paintings of landscapes and still life. Yes, these still exist and are highly respected in the art community. However, art has grown to become more versatile and accessible, especially in this digital age we are living in.

Drawing goes above and beyond sketching rough lines and silhouettes of your subject. To fully appreciate and learn more about the origins of art forms and various tricks and techniques, we talk about some of the best countries to study drawing and art design abroad.

Top Countries to Study Drawing

1. France

  • Reasons: diverse course offerings, vibrant museums, breathtaking landscapes, and architecture

You cannot go wrong in pursuing art studies in France. The country’s majestic architecture and landscapes exude the need to capture their beauty as an artwork. France is a paradise for art students like you, with rolling streets of quaint little boutiques and mesmerizing museums, like the famous Louvre Museum.

To this day, medieval architecture stands strong all over France. This, alongside countless art galleries, make France one of the best countries to study drawing.

France is also home to artists who led artistic movements since the peak of their careers. Artists like Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, and Henry Matisse heralded in their own eras as France’s influential artists.

Art encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects. Nonetheless, art history is a common denominator, as it explains and contextualizes the roots of the different art forms we know of today.

French higher education institutions offer a range of art degree programs, from traditional art, fashion design, and product management. For art students like you who are focusing on drawing and fine arts, some of the country’s dedicated art universities offer the best art programs. These include The New School, Parsons Paris, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, and The American University of Paris.

2. Italy

  • Reasons: rich art history and cultural heritage, ancient architecture, highly esteemed degree programs

Italy is another perfect learning environment for art students. With cobblestone streets and decadent lifestyles of the locals, Italy is almost too good to be true. Not to mention, the country was among the world’s leaders in art and politics during the Renaissance era.

Countless art movements were also born in the lands of Italy. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Donatello are just some of the household names in Italy. To this day, they leave a significant impact on the overall visual aesthetic of most of Italy’s establishments.

The long and intricate history of art has been strongly entwined with Italian society. It is almost as if artistry comes as second nature to Italians. Thus, we dare say that Italy is home to world-class art and design degree programs.

From Rome, Milan, to Florence, art programs are generously offered to anyone who is determined in creating a career out of art. As students majoring in drawing, it is important you get the basic skills of sketching, drafting, and the like before proceeding to more complex techniques.

Check out the art and design programs offered in some of Italy’s top art universities. These include the Accademia delle Belle Arti Florence, Accademia Italiana, and the Iuav University of Venice.

3. United Kingdom

  • Reasons: home to trendsetters and brand makers, diverse major options, inclusive art community

If you are planning on picking up more developed art styles for your passion for drawing and design, why not consider the United Kingdom? As home to the Royal family, the UK gives off a regal vibe, making its streets and surroundings an interesting subject for your next art piece.

The United Kingdom, as one of the most powerful nations, leads rankings amongst the choices of adventures in art and design. In fact, the UK has always been at the forefront of the art community way back before the Renaissance era.

At present, the UK, alongside other European countries, works together to relive the beauty and significance of art across various forms, styles, and mediums.

As the UK is recognized as one of the top countries to study drawing, many universities around the country offer art degrees. The university of your choice will depend on the availability of the specialization you selected to pursue. With that in mind, some top-ranking universities for art and design are the University of the Arts London, The Glasgow School of Art, Lancaster University.

4. China

  • Reasons: art as cultural heritage, hospitable locals and delicious food, internationally acclaimed degree programs

China and its distinct architecture and works of art also make another great option for studying drawing and art design overseas. Art has long been a placeholder for meanings over the long course of Chinese civilization.

Today, despite China’s rapid modernization, the trademark brush strokes of Chinese calligraphy still persist to be one of the most used typefaces of Chinese businesses and establishments.

Because of art’s significance in the progress and development of China, it is not surprising that Chinese art can also be used to create political statements.

If you feel like proceeding with your art studies in China and incorporate Chinese culture in your art style, we got you. Universities such as Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, and Nanjing Arts University offer some of the country’s best programs for visual arts.

5. Japan

  • Reasons: beautiful scenery and infrastructure, high standards in education, abundant job opportunities

And if you happen to be an enthusiast of Japanese culture, and a consumer of Japanese media such as anime and manga, then look no further. Japan is among the best countries for students to study drawing.

Japan’s technological advancement does not take away the creative nature of its people. Instead, Japanese artists hone their artistic skills by making technology work for them. Long gone was the analog way of sketching manuscripts for the manga’s next chapter; all you need is a digital tablet to clean up and finalize your work.

Japanese art is not limited to paintbrushes and paper. Rather, art also finds itself on ceramics, glass, and big art installments beside the road.

As a student majoring in drawing, it is beneficial to surround yourself with some of Japan’s most influential works of art. Find the right art program for you in Japan’s premier universities like the Tokyo University of the Arts, Kyoto City University of the Arts, and Musashino Art University.


Hopefully, this article on the best countries to study drawing was informative. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs for International Students to know more about studying abroad and topics similar to this!