Animation is one of the most exciting fields of the arts in the world today. Many of the largest film studios, such as Pixar and Dreamworks, create animations that reach millions every year. Europe is home to many of the best animation schools in the world. Today, we will discuss just a few of the best schools in Europe for students that want to get involved in this art.

Does Animation Require Drawing Skills?

Absolutely not! Animators do not need any drawing skills. Although drawing and animation complement one another, you do not need one skill to perform the other. Many animators learn drawing because of the practice they get while they animate. They gain a deep understanding of anatomy, perspective, and movement and become drastically better at drawing than they were before starting their careers as animators. We have plenty of Design Courses available on our website for students who want to pursue a degree in animation. Feel free to browse through our Open Courses Page for more related programs.

Top Animation Schools in Europe

1. Berlin School of Business and Innovation

  • BSBI Faculty of Creative Industries
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation is a top school in Europe that offers the premier animation course in Germany. The bachelor’s in animation available at the college gives students the chance to study the principles of animation. As well as this, students take part in a variety of practical classes that will allow them to build up their portfolios. The school also allows students to study abroad, allowing them to study styles and techniques from around the world.

The school is located in the capital of Germany. Surrounded by some of the most important cultural sites in the country, students should take the chance to explore the city to find inspiration. Some of the best include the Tiergarten, Tempelhof Airport, and the Astor Film Lounge.

2. Aalto University

One of Finland’s foremost design schools, Aalto University is home to the country’s best animation program in Europe. The Master’s in Animation provides students with the opportunity to study under some of Finland’s best and most experienced animators.

While enrolled in this program, students will focus on topics such as character animation, pre-production, and direction, with many other options available.

The university is one of the best in Finland. According to the QS World University Rankings, Aalto University is the 134th-best university in the world. Students can be confident that the degree they earn from Aalto will be recognized internationally and propel their careers forward.

3. University Ramon Llull

Ramon Llull is an excellent institution for animation in Europe that offers degrees at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels to students interested in studying animation. In attending this college, students will study topics such as 3D Modelling, Composition, and Rigging, among others. By completing either the bachelor’s or master’s, students will have created a digital portfolio to show to prospective employers.

Ramon Llull is one of the most internationally connected universities in Spain. For students interested in studying abroad, there are many excellent options to choose from. The college has agreements with over 630 universities around the world and is part of many international networks.

4. Gobelins, l’École de l’image

Gobelins, the School of Visual Communication, is perhaps the most famous animation school in Europe and in the French-speaking world. The school is the alma mater for many of the most successful animators in the industry today, many of whom work on some of the largest projects in animation.

The university offers several long-term programs, including degrees at the bachelor’s and master’s levels which provide a solid grounding in animation. As well as these, short, specialized courses on specific topics such as gestures, visual storytelling, and character animation are also available at the school.

5. Bournemouth University

With roots going back as far as the early 1900s, Bournemouth University stands as one of the best animation universities in Europe. Over 17,000 students attend the college, many of whom go on to work in renowned media companies.

For students interested in studying animation, Bournemouth’s range of undergraduate courses is impressive. With the opportunity to practice cutting-edge techniques such as virtual reality alongside the fundamentals of cinematography, Bournemouth’s animation program is widely regarded as one of the most complete in the country.

The university’s campus is also incredibly vibrant. With over 120 clubs, Bournemouth is a great place to make friends and gain inspiration while outside the classroom.

6. The Animation Workshop

Created in the city of Viborg in Denmark, The Animation Workshop stands as one of the best animation schools in Europe. Prospective students of animation have an excellent selection of courses to choose from. Character animation and Computer Graphics Art are just two of the most popular degrees available at the school.

One of the most exciting opportunities available at the college is The Open Workshop. Successful applicants to the workshop will get the opportunity to work on passion projects within a supportive and talent-rich environment. As well as this, successful applicants will be given free housing at the workshop, significantly cutting down on living expenses.

7. Royal College of Art

The Royal College of Art in London is home to another of the UK’s best animation programs. Students that attend the college can be sure that they are learning from the best. The RCA is consistently ranked as the best art college in the world by the QS World University Rankings.

While studying animation with the RCA, pupils will get the opportunity to practice illustration and painting. The university also offers more specialized techniques such as extra-cinematic animation and installations. Completing this course with the Royal College of Art will give students the skills they need to succeed in this competitive industry.

In conclusion, Europe is home to several excellent animation schools. All of the colleges discussed above will give students the chance to improve their skills and develop a portfolio that will stand for them in their future careers.


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