The study of Animal Science directly deals with the production of domestic livestock species such as dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, and many more. Students of this course learn about the behavior, nutrition, welfare, and management of food animals. The biological and physical principles are also taught and applied to the related problems of managing the animals.

The course is taught in universities around the world. There are certainly a lot of choices for those who want to study the physiology and anatomy of animals. In this article, you can find out more about the best universities for animal science programs.

Top Animal Sciences Schools in the World

1. University of California – Davis

The University of California, Davis (UC Davis) is located in Northern California and is a leading university for animal science across the globe. It is also considered one of the most prestigious public universities in the world. It is designated in a town designed to help its students grow into their full potential.

The university has 3 undergraduate majors that students can choose from which are Agricultural and Environmental Education (AEE), Animal Science (ANS), and Animal Science and Management (ANM).

The AEE major gives students an opportunity to explore the wide array of topics related to agriculture and the environment that can aid them to further understand natural and social sciences. The ANS major is dedicated to students who wish to fully understand the biology and care of animals. The ANM major is focused on the preparation of students who want to undertake a management career in agribusiness and its related industries.

Its Department of Animal Science also offers 6 minor programs; Animal Biology, Animal Genetics, Avian Sciences, Dairy/Livestock, and Equine. The minor programs are open to students who are pursuing other majors and want a minor in animal science to complement their study programs.

2. Wageningen University and Research Center

The university is located in the Netherlands and has a wide array of research facilities available on its campus. It is also considered one of the top-ranked universities for animal science in the whole world.

Its Department of Animal Sciences offers a Bachelor’s in Animal Sciences, Master’s in Animal Sciences, and Master’s in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management. The department also has a lot of groups under it that helps in developing the studies of animal science.

The aim of the university’s animal sciences department is to be involved in research and education related to animals and people. Its focus is to further the development and knowledge regarding the various functions of animals for people.

3. Cornell University

The Cornell University is located in New York that is considered one of the top animal science universities in the world. in the United States. It is an Ivy League university known for its prestige and exceptional education standards.

At Cornell University, the Department of Animal Science offers undergraduate and graduate programs. The goals of the programs are to discover and develop new techniques that can benefit animal management and agriculture while further enriching the chances of its students pursuing a career in their chosen path.

The faculty at Cornell’s animal sciences department is internationally recognized for its diverse knowledge and interests in genetics, breeding, animal management, and so much more. They help the students build a strong foundation to pursue their careers in the animal science industry.

4. University of Florida

The University of Florida is a leading animal school across the globe and is located in Gainesville and has been around since 1853. The university is situated on a 2000-acre campus that includes more than 900 buildings and it’s known for its world-class research facilities.

The university has an animal science department that offers undergraduate and graduate programs. For the undergraduate programs, students have 3 specializations to choose from:

  • Animal Biology – this specialization is best for students who want to pursue graduate programs.
  • Food Animal – this specialization is focused on dairy, beef, and meat science combined with business courses.
  • Equine – this specialization is focused on combining equine and business courses to prepare the students who want to embark on a career in the animal and equine industries.

For the graduate programs, the university currently offers 3 specializations as well. The programs are as follows; Master of Science, Master of Science (Non-thesis), and Doctor of Philosophy.

5. Michigan State University

Michigan State University is a public research university founded in 1855. The university is focused on its Spartan Excellence. They are dedicated to producing leaders and creating healthier and more sustainable communities.

The Department of Animal Science is known for delivering a high-quality animal science program in the world and offers undergraduate and graduate programs. Its Bachelor’s program aims to provide students the knowledge and information regarding the scientific principles of animal agriculture and biology which are derived from various animal models. The animal science program at MSU revolves around different animals beef cattle, horses, poultry, and much more.

6. University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen was founded in 1479 and is one of the top universities for animal science in the world. The researchers and students of the university are driven by critical thinking and intellectual creativity.

The university offers a Master of Science in Animal Science. Those who undergo this program are taught about companion animals, production animals, and experimental animals. Everything that is within the realm of animal sciences is discussed such as sustainability, genetics, breeding, and much more. Students are expected to help develop sustainable livestock production in the real world once they get their degrees.

7. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota was founded back in 1851 and is one of the top and most prestigious research universities. The university is known for encouraging its faculty and students to engage with communities all over Minessota as they apply their expertise.

The Department of Animal Science in the university offers undergraduate and graduate programs and provides an exceptional animal science curriculum among its students. For the undergraduate programs, students can choose whether to go for an Animal Science Major or Animal Science Minor.

Here are the specializations under the Major program:

  • Industry and Business
  • Production
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Science
  • Equine
  • Companion Animal

The university’s animal science department has 4 emphases for its graduate program. The specializations are as follows: Genetics, Nutrition, Physiology, and Production Systems. The students can either pursue a Masteral or Doctorate.


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