Do you want to know about the acceptance rate of the Australian National University? The Australian National University or ANU as some like to call it is a research-based national university located in Canberra. Established in 1946 and originally conceptualized as a research university for postgraduate students, they branched out into Undergraduate studies in 1960.

Over the years, ANU has developed into one of Australia’s leading universities with multiple disciplines offered across seven colleges. The university is especially well-known for its courses in humanities and social sciences.

Multiple disciplines offered at ANU such as social policy, politics, international relations, geography, etc. are amongst the best available in the world.

Australian National University Acceptance Rate

  • Estimated Acceptance Rate: 35%

Now, let’s take a look at the acceptance rate of Australian National University. If you look at the official university website, they do not have the acceptance rate published. However, we can estimate from the various forum such as Reddit and Quora the acceptance rate. The estimated acceptance rate is 35%. This might sound high for such a prestigious university, but they do accept a lot of international students. In fact, around half of the student body are international students. Isn’t that a lot?

Rankings and Facts

The high quality of education imparted at the Australian National University is attested by its high ranking in major international surveys that rank universities worldwide. The QS World University ranking of 2019 places ANU at 1st in Oceania and 24th in the World while the 2019 survey by Times Higher Education ranks them 2nd in Australia and 49th in the world.

Times also ranks ANU as the 7th most international university in the world in terms of the diversity of the students enrolled in the various courses. The university has also been ranked 1st in Australia and 21st around the world in Graduate employability by a survey conducted in 2007 by Times Higher Education. Additionally, the CWTS Leiden ranking places ANU 1st in Australia and 100th in the world.

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Enrollment and Accommodation

The Australian National University currently enrolls around 10,000 students in their undergraduate courses and over 10,800 students in postgraduate courses across various disciplines. A significant number of these students are from countries throughout the Indo-Pacific region as well as the world over.

This ensures that the students enrolled at ANU are exposed to various cultures from around the world which helps broaden their perspectives.

The Australian National University has several accommodation facilities available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are currently eighteen student halls that provide housing to students enrolled at the university.

The composition of the student population comprises many different nationalities which make living in any of these student halls a truly international and multicultural experience.

Famous Alumni

With an endowment of AUD1.13 billion, the Australian National University has managed its resources well to achieve renown for its cultural and academic output. They have produced many brilliant minds who have gone on to lead influential and impactful lives. The list of notable alumni includes 6 Nobel Prize winners and several Rhodes scholars.

The university alumni also account for two Prime Ministers of Australia, the current Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and former Prime Minister Bob Hawke. Other notable alumni include the CEO of Kellogg Company, John Bryant, and the Chairman of Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation, Cheong Choong Kong.

The academic excellence of The Australian National University is at par with the best in the world. This is evident from the high rankings it attains in all major global university surveys. The eminence of the teaching staff combined with their dedication towards empowering the students contributes majorly towards making ANU one of the best universities in the world.

Add to this the multicultural composition of the student body and the ANU experience becomes unparalleled.


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