Albania is gradually opening up to foreign nationals with increasing career opportunities and a developing economy. In this article, you will find important information about Albania’s work visas, focusing on work eligibility, permit requirements, and visa application procedures.

Do I need a work visa in Albania?

A foreign national’s entry and work rights in Albania depend on their nationality. If you are a citizen of the European Union (EU), Western Balkans, US, and Schengen countries, you have the same rights as Albanian citizens and do not need special authorization.

Foreign citizens not in the above categories that intend to work in Albania need to apply for a working visa.

What are the requirements to apply for a work visa in Albania?

Third-country nationals can apply for one of the two work visa types in Albania. These are the Type C and Type D Visas, but the latter is more commonly applied for by foreign workers.

Type C Visa

Type C is a short-term residence visa that allows you to stay in Albania for 90 days within a 180-day period (starting from the date of first entry). It may be single, two, or multiple entries and valid for five years.

Type D Visa

Type D is a long-term residence visa with the same grants as the Type C visa, except it is valid for one year. During this time, you can apply for the issuance of a residence permit to stay in Albania for a longer period.

There are several categories under these visa types depending on your purpose. You must submit general requirements applicable to all types, as well as specific documents that are occupation-specific.

General Requirements:

  • Completed standard application form
  • Valid travel document or passport valid for three months after the intended stay in Albania
  • One passport-sized photograph taken no longer than six months from the application date, measuring 47x36mm
  • Work permit issued by the Local Labor Office
  • Proof of available accommodation in Albania (if applicable, declared by the host)
  • Legalized criminal record (Good Character) document
  • Registrar documents (e.g., birth certificate, marriage certificate)
  • Travel medical insurance for the period of residence
  • Documents showing professional qualifications, such as:
  • Diploma or transcript of records
  • Required professional licenses, certifications, or proof of work experience

Additional Requirements for special occupations:

Type C Visa for cultural, sports, scientific, and humanitarian reasons

  • Invitation from the host organization

Type C Visa for professional, commercial, and business purposes

  • Invitation from the host organization
  • Document proving the professional activity
  • Document proving the legal status of the commercial entity

Type D Visa for economic, professional, and employment activities

  • Invitation from the host organization
  • Document proving trading professional competence
  • If invited by a commercial entity, a document proving their legal status
  • Photocopy of the work permit issued by the Albanian authorities

Type D Visa for religious work

  • Notarized license for carrying out the activity
  • Letter of motivation by a religious institution

Type D Visa for humanitarian reasons

  • Document proving humanitarian motives

Type D Visa for seasonal employment

  • Invitation from the host organization
  • Photocopy of the work permit issued by the Albanian authorities

Keep in mind that you can only apply for an Albania work visa after you are issued a work permit. Then after receiving a work visa, you can apply for a residence permit. These three separate authorizations allow you to enter, work, and live in Albania.

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Steps on Applying for a Work Visa in Albania

Applying for a work visa in Albania has a similar process to most European countries. It starts with the issuance of a work permit, followed by the formal application of the work visa, and is completed with a petition for a residence permit.

You can follow the steps below:

1. Secure a work permit from your employer

A work permit is an authorization issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs that grants foreign workers the right to work in Albania. You will be issued a work permit once you sign an employment contract with a company in Albania.

Your employer publishes a notice for a Vacancy position for at least a month. When there are no Albanian citizens available during this period, your employer will be authorized to hire foreign talent like you.

You will submit a copy of your requirements to your employer proving your eligibility for the job. Your employer will provide documentation showing their legal registrations in Albania. These documents will be submitted to the Local Labor Office, which they will evaluate within 15 days.

If the application is successful, you and your employer will receive a Work Permit document.

2. Apply for a work visa online

After receiving a work permit, you can now formally apply for a Albania work visa. The first phase would be an online application, while the second phase is an in-person appointment.

Access the online visa application website at e-Albania. Perform a new application by clicking “Apply”. Fill out personal information and upload the documents requested in the form. Submit the application when you are done. You will receive a verification code through email which you can use to track your application on the same website.

After the verification process, you will be directed to a payment service. Follow the procedures of the payment so your application will be accepted.

3. Attend the visa appointment

Your online application also secures a date and time of appointment with a relevant Albanian diplomatic mission, embassy, or consulate. The details will be sent to your email.

On the date of the appointment, you must be personally present before the Embassy to submit physical copies of your application documents. The Embassy has the right to ask for additional documents and to request a short interview with you.

Your work visa for Albania will be issued 15 to 30 days from the acceptance of the application.

4. Apply for a residence permit

Within 30 days of entering Albania, you must apply for a residence permit. Access the electronic service for residence permit application at e-Albania. Complete the electronic form and upload the requested documents in PDF format. The local migration office will be notified once you submit the form and will process your application within 30 days.

If your application is successful, you will receive a residence permit card with a validity varying from 3-6 months, one year, two years, three years, or five years depending on your work permit.


I hope this article on how to get a work visa in Albania was informative and insightful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!