The employment market has seen a worldwide expansion recently due to an influx of highly trained graduates in several fields. Malaysia has a booming culture with a diverse yet enriching job sector. Its economy has seen an acceleration in the third quarter of the past year.

When measured by GDP, Malaysia’s economy ranks 38th globally and 6th in Southeast Asia. Because of this, it has become a popular destination for career-focused individuals. With easy immigration and work, permit procedures, it also has a low cost of living, making it a preference of many foreign-qualified degree holders.

In this article, we will focus on the criteria for getting a work permit in Malaysia and the many jobs that are considered the best options within the country. The students can also opt for well-rounded post-graduation opportunities within Malaysia, which are discussed in the article as well.

In-Demand Job Opportunities in Malaysia

Highly qualified individuals are highly sought after by employers in Malaysia. Some of the job opportunities for international students after graduation are as follows.

1. Medical Professional / Doctor

Malaysia’s dual healthcare systems supporting public and private units have garnered global acclaim and are given the 49th spot worldwide by WHO. The country is considered a medical tourism hub due to its top-notch specialized treatment and care for tourists.

Job opportunities in major cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang as medical professionals are in abundance catering to high demand. The University of Cyberjaya and MAHSA University offer top-notch MBBS degrees which are regulated by the country’s Federal Government.

 According to statistics from different sources, the standard pay for a medical practitioner in Malaysia is between RM5,840 and RM14,217 per month. From an entry-level doctor position, there are high career expansion opportunities to become a medical resident/ surgeon through specialized practices and examinations.

2. Digital Marketing Assistant

This is another great work opportunity for international students in Malaysia post-graduation. The country has a booming industry of digital marketing, with an emphasis on virtual advertising. This sector contributes to more than 23% of the country’s GDP, maintaining a significant position.

With several universities like Asia Pacific University of ​​Technology and Innovation and Taylor’s University offering credible degrees in digital marketing, there are various employment options as well. TDCX, Accenture, Nestlé, and Maxis provide work opportunities to fresh graduates.

In Malaysia, a digital marketing assistant can expect to earn a median salary of RM50,359. Career growth is also phenomenal here, with promotions to posts further like digital marketing strategist and Chief marketing officer.

3. Cybersecurity Engineer

Another field that has quickly gained recognition in Malaysia is Cybersecurity. With the Government of Malaysia’s focus on strengthening cybersecurity protocols, experts and graduates in the field are highly sought-after. Being a progressing nation in the field of technology and increasing digitization of the economy led to a rise in the requirement for cybersecurity experts.

The digital economy in Malaysia has grown to RM1.4 trillion, or 26.1% of GDP. This rise is fueled by the internet, e-commerce, and mobile device usage. According to projections made by the National Cyber Security and Technology Centre (NSTC), the need for cybersecurity professionals in Malaysia might rise to a significant amount by the year 2025.

There is an average annual income of RM170,046 in Malaysia for a cybersecurity engineer. HILTI, Inventiv0 Pvt Ltd, and many other firms have positions for cybersecurity engineers open. This is a great first step for new graduates to gain an advantage.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an excellent post-graduation opportunity for international students in Malaysia. The industry plays a major role in shaping the virtual identity of Malaysia. ​​Supporting the retail, tourism, technology, and education industries in the country, this field is a big contributor to its economy. It has seen steady growth in recent years in fulfilling the demands of the digital era.

A graphic designer in Malaysia may expect a monthly income of around RM5,850 as a new graduate. Web design, user experience (UX) design, motion graphics, and branding are a few subfields that graphic designers can venture into.

Designers specializing in graphic design may become experts in their industry, which in turn increases their salary. The country has set foot into the virtual sector due to the budding industry of freelancers and design firms. Occupational growth is steady in this area, as a UX/UI designer, branding specialist, and web designer.

5. Civil Engineer

Malaysia’s infrastructure and development field concentrates on sustainable designs and construction practices. Whether it’s structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, or Building Information Technology (BIM), project planning has improved within the country. One big trend within the civil engineering industry in Malaysia is the formation of smart cities.

Due to urbanization and infrastructure needs, there are several job opportunities available for fresh graduates. In Malaysia, the average starting salary for a civil engineering degree holder is RM38,670. Petroplan, GE, and WSP have different posts available for foreign-qualified graduates. Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Petaling Jaya are the ideal cities with job opportunities.

Steady growth can be observed in this sector, with promotions and certifications available to propel an individual within the field. Educational institutions like the University of Malaya, and the University of Putra, Malaysia have several civil engineering degree options for international students.

FAQs: Employment Opportunities in Malaysia

Do You Need a Visa to Work in Malaysia?

Business trips or short stays in Malaysia do not require a visa. But for employment purposes, a visa is required for a stay. A Malaysian Work Visa can be applied through an employer for this. Work permits have two types in Malaysia. One is the Employment Pass (EP), which is issued for 60 months. It entails three categories depending on the salary offered to the individual by the Malaysian firm.

The second type is the Professional Visit Pass (PVP), which is only authorized for 12 months. It has six categories depending on the job title of the individual. An approval letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs, a photocopy of the employment contract, and the sponsor’s application form are required to apply for a work permit in Malaysia.

Where Can You Find a Job in Malaysia?

Websites and recruitment agencies are some of the easiest and fastest ways to secure a job within Malaysia. Fast-hiring and user-oriented job searches are the focal point of these. Abundant job options are available here, which the candidate can avail without any hassle. We are listing some of the most popular options below for your convenience.

  1. Michael Page
  2. Randstad
  3. Job Street
  4. Indeed


Having an advanced qualification leads the way to a rewarding career in the respective field. Malaysia, having a low living cost and high-paying jobs, is an attractive destination for international students seeking jobs internationally. We hope this article helped you determine the annual salaries and the most beneficial opportunities in Malaysia.


Hopefully, this article on the work opportunities in Malaysia after graduation for international students was informative. To kickstart your academic journey in this beautiful country, head over to our open courses page and explore the currently available programs for aspiring international students! Then, check out our Study in Malaysia for more details such as tuition fees, application procedures, and awesome scholarships!

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