Getting settled after graduating from a university is a student’s ultimate goal. Every student wants to find a career that supports their lifestyle and offers the opportunity to climb the ladder as they progress. For international students studying in a foreign country, landing a steady job after graduation is crucial for many reasons.

The country of Hungary is renowned for its high work-life balance and low-income inequality in Central Europe. This article will break down the list of job opportunities and the type of visa required for international students to work in Hungary. We will also discuss the in-demand job positions you can look forward to if you are a student about to graduate soon from a university in Hungary or are looking for a job opportunity there.

In-Demand Job Opportunities in Hungary

Being a small country, Hungary’s job market is, understandably, limited. When applying for a job, considering the region where there are surplus workers and where there is a shortage of skills is crucial. With that disclaimer, let’s explore the in-demand job opportunities in Hungary in our article below.

1. Engineering Industry

  • Salary Range: 2,734,500 – 8,062,900 HUF per year

High-skilled jobs like engineering are highly sought after in Hungary. Students can apply for different jobs. A few options include:

R&D Manager: Lead research and development projects that require overseeing product development and innovation initiatives.

Manufacturing Engineer: Improve production processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Oversee manufacturing operations and workflow.

An average engineer can earn between 2,734,500 HUF to 8,062,900 HUF per year. The salary may vary with the individual’s skill set and the city where he applies for the job. Budapest, for example, has a lot of engineering job opportunities, and they cater to many international applicants as well.

2. Hospitality & Tourism Industry

  • Salary Range: 186,000 – 874,000 HUF per year

A preferred job sector among international students includes hospitality and tourism. Hungary gets a lot of tourists yearly, and having a bilingual staff can help cater to the guests well. Experience in restaurant or food and beverage management and language proficiency in English and Hungarian are some requirements in hospitality and tourism. Having bilingual skills can help students land jobs in this sector.

There are significant discrepancies between various professions in the catering industry in Hungary. For example, there are different job opportunities in the food industry, from barista to hotel manager. The salaries of both these professions subsequently vary between 186,000 HUF and 874,000 HUF, which is relevant to the complexities of the job post. Similarly, a tour guide can get 292,000 HUF in the tourism sector. A Tour consultant can earn up to 415,000 HUF on average salary.

International Candidates looking for job vacancies in Hospitality can apply for jobs at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, Four Seasons Hotel Grisham Palace, etc. For relevant job opportunities in the travel and tourism sector, contact the Hungarian Tourism Agency and National Tourist Office. You can also look for these jobs through online job forums like Glassdoor.

3. Developer and Programmers

  • Salary Range: 900,000 – 1,236,000 HUF per month

The IT sector is well-paid globally, and Hungary is no exception. The industry’s software developers and programmers shortage contribute to relatively easy job access and high-pay packages for students. According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Software Developer is HUF 1,236,000 per month in the Budapest, Hungary area, with an average salary of HUF 900,000 per month.

Hungary also caters to students with internationally acquired skills in software development. International students can access relevant jobs in cities across Hungary. RabIT Solutions, a software development company based in Szeged, Hungary, offers an average hourly rate of $25 – $49. Similarly, VeryCreatives, a digital product agency based in Budapest, Hungary, provides an average hourly rate of $50 – $99.

4. Business Consulting and Management

  • Salary Range: 3,481,100 – 10,248,600 HUF annually

There are a variety of sectors within Hungary’s business, consulting, and management industries, including finance, marketing, human resources, strategy, and project management, among others. It involves providing professional services, expertise, and solutions to organizations in various fields.

A person working in Business Consultancy and Management in Hungary typically earns from 3,481,100 HUF to 10,248,600 HUF annually. Job posts that students can apply for include:

Business Development Manager: the job requirements include Identifying new business opportunities, developing strategic partnerships, and driving growth for the organization.

Financial Analyst: Job requirements for this post include analyzing financial data, preparing reports, forecasting, and providing insights to support decision-making.

5. English Language Teacher/Trainer

  • Salary Range: about 5,351,400 HUF per year

International students can opt for the ESL teaching profession. English as a second language (ESL) teachers work with English language learners( ELL) to improve their English language skills. International students have an advantage in landing these jobs due to their bilingual skill set.

An ESL teacher in Hungary earns about 5,351,400 HUF per year. In some cases, teachers with more experience or advanced qualifications can earn more money. ESL teachers can find teaching jobs at the local bilingual or language schools. Miskolc and Szolnok, Budapest, and Debrecen all offer teaching job opportunities to international students.

FAQs: Employment Opportunities in Hungary

Do You Need a Visa to Work in Hungary?

Hungary offers many benefits to students, including free healthcare, affordable tuition, high-quality education, and more. With approximately 67 higher education institutes, it also garners much attention from international students. Students need to fulfill specific criteria to be able to work in Hungary after they graduate.

Firstly, a work visa is not required for European Union (EU) citizens and the European Economic Area (EEA). The opposite holds for those who are not EU/EEA citizens. International students require a study permit while they are studying that stays valid only until their studies are done. The students are subsequently expected to fly back to their own countries after their study permit expires unless they find a job. You must have a Hungarian (D-type) work visa to work in Hungary. Students can apply for a work permit while their studies are ongoing; if they are working part-time already, they can negotiate with their employer for a full-time job.

One thing to remember is that Hungary is a small country; hence, job opportunities may differ depending on the region/province in which you reside. For example, Budapest, the capital of Hungary, harbors more economic growth than other regions. Getting a job permit in the capital may be more manageable than in provinces with fewer labor requirements. Furthermore, your chances of landing a job depend on your expertise. If you are a highly qualified individual with an area of interest in engineering or information technology, getting a visa or a work permit should not be an issue. Moreover, you can consult with university career offices and job portals online to find relevant jobs.

Hungary work visa applications are part of the overall residency application process. Applicants must apply for a single authorization, including work and residency permits. Regarding seasonal work, you may apply for a short-term work visa. It allows you to work for a maximum of 90 days in 180 days. The visa application process generally includes signing a job contract, obtaining a work permit, filling out the application form, etc. You can check out How to Get a Hungary Work Visa for more visa-related details.

Where Can You Find a Job in Hungary?

Finding a job through a proper, authentic website is crucial when looking for a job in Hungary. Being a small country, the job market in Hungary is saturated. Therefore, the government has also passed strict amendments for employers hiring non-Hungarian people in the market.

Doing proper research and following relevant job portals will save you future headaches and any concerns regarding your job. Some relevant job portals where you can apply for jobs in Hungary include

International students looking for a job in Hungary should follow proper protocols before applying for a job. Getting the necessary work permit and applying for jobs through appropriate channels will save unnecessary concerns and make your job experience worthwhile.


Hopefully, you found this article on the post-graduation work opportunities in Hungary informative. We have so many resources for working and studying abroad including this list of Available Programs in Europe for International Students.

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