Washington University in St. Louis was established in 1853 with the aim of improving higher education in the Midwest. Among its 17 founders were William Eliot and former Missouri senator, Wayman Crow. Since its inception, the university has changed its name at least four times. The phrase “In St. Louis” was added in 1976 to differentiate it from other institutions bearing the first President’s name. Washington University in St. Louis began with very little financial aid. It has, however, been able to grow to one of the best private research universities worldwide. This article will discuss WashU’s latest acceptance rate.

The student population at WashU is over 15,000 with about 7,500 undergraduates. The institution has very high ethnic and social diversity, with only 10% of the students coming from Missouri. The other 90% are admitted from other states and more than 150 countries. Distance learning is also an option at the school and 2% of the students are currently utilizing the opportunity. What makes it an ideal option is the high number of full-time lecturers (63%) and an on-time graduation rate of 88%.

WashU comprises seven undergrad and graduate schools ranging from Engineering, Medicine, to Art & Sciences. These schools are hosted in two main campuses, the Danforth and Medical Campus, both located in St. Louis, MO. One can choose from a total of 107 undergraduate degree programs under 21 different fields (75 majors). Some of the majors signed for by most students include Business Management, Engineering, and Social Sciences.

U.S. News & World Report ranks Washington University in St. Louis as the 19th best university nationally in overall performance. Among institutions offering an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Government, WashU comes 4th in terms of quality. Its Medical School is the latest to offer free tuition to its students. As such, a lot of applicants are expected in the near future. If you are interested, make sure to check out its acceptance rate at WashU in the next section.

WashU’s college dorms rank among the best in the United States. Therefore, you are assured of secure and comfortable housing to enhance your studies. Apart from the university’s residential areas, there are a variety of private apartments in the vicinity. With over 300 registered clubs and organizations, students can express themselves as they interact with people from different cultures. Sport is an important part of campus life and at WashU one can choose from various activities including football, hockey, tennis, and athletics.

Acceptance Rate at WashU

As one of the universities accommodating students from over 150 countries, admission to WashU is always very competitive. About 31,000 students submitted their applications in the previous intake but only 16% were accepted to the institution. Further analysis shows that every successful applicant had an SAT score falling in the top 7% across the nation.

SAT or ACT scores as well as a $75 nonrefundable fee are some of the requirements for any aspiring candidate. Impressive recommendation letters and essays can increase your chances of being among the next WashU freshmen.


I hope that this article on WashU’s acceptance rate was helpful. To know more information on how you can study abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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