In this article, we will be looking at the best medical school in San Francisco, which is UCSF! We will explore its history and background. If you’re planning to start your career in medicine, you can consider studying here! 

The University of California, San Francisco

UCSF is a top-ranked medical school located in the bustling city of San Francisco. It is considered to be one of the most highly esteemed medical and science universities in the world. Previously, the school also ranked as the eighth-best hospital in the nation. The school was originally founded in 1864 as the Toland Medical College. This founding was inspired by the period of overcrowding and unhealthy living conditions of the Gold Rush-era San Francisco. The school then eventually made ties with the University of California where it now functions as its medical department.

UCSF defines its top values as Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence—the initials of which spell out the word “PRIDE.” Many UCSF students who embodied these values went on to achieve highly-regarded awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize. Stanley Prusiner and Elizabeth Blackburn are two such alumni. Additionally, alumni have been credited with Lasker Awards, Shaw Prizes, National Medals of Science, and even the Breakthrough Prize in Life Science. The school’s alumni are also responsible for such groundbreaking discoveries as Vitamin E, genetically engineered insulin, and the creation of the first organism through DNA splicing.

The university’s nationally recognized specialty treatment areas include cancer, diabetes, diabetes and endocrinology, ear, nose and throat, gynecology, nephrology, neurology, and neurosurgery, rheumatology, and urology. UCSF is also instrumental to the San Francisco Bay Area’s economy. In fact, the university and medical center are responsible for creating and sustaining upwards of 40,000 jobs. UCSF is estimated to contribute a total of $8.9 billion in economic output in the Bay Area. Even more impressive is the fact that more than 185 startup companies and 1,760 inventions were born at the University of California, San Francisco. For more information about the University’s economic contributions, interested parties are encouraged to check out their first economic impact report titled “the power and promise of ucsf.”

Prospective students will be glad to know that the University of California, San Francisco is highly committed to establishing and maintaining a diverse student body and community while also engaging diversity in ideas. The Office of Diversity and Outreach is responsible for developing visibility programs like “Race Matters in Healthcare,” “OUTLIST,” “100% You,” and the “Diversity Hub” database.

The University is truly unique. While it is committed to research and innovation as are many other medical centers worldwide, it offers two unique, specialty service programs for women and children. The University prides itself on its individualized approach to patient care and its prerogative is to investigate symptoms to determine the cause on a case by case basis. The UCSF Medical Center and Children’s Hospitals are busy places. Statistics show that the centers see roughly 45,000 admitted patients per year and 1.7 million outpatient visits per year. Interestingly, the UCSF Global Health Group is also highly involved in trying to eradicate malaria.

If you are looking to attend one of the best medical schools in the country in one of the most interesting cities in the U.S., UCSF is a great option for you.


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