The University of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest public universities known for producing successful professionals in various academic fields. In 2021, it was named the top university in the Northeastern United States by the Wall Street Times Higher Education College Rankings.

The University sets the stage for students to gain quality education with a successful employability rate of over 95% within 6 months of completing any course of study. For international students, this comes with a backdrop of a friendly community, interesting culture, and multiple scholarship opportunities to choose from.

Read along to find out what the acceptance rate of this university is and how you could improve your likelihood of becoming a student here.

University of Pittsburgh Acceptance Rate

According to College Navigator, The University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania has an acceptance rate of 49%. What this means for the university is that it is relatively challenging to get selected for a program here. On average, universities in the U.S. have an acceptance rate of over 70%. A lower acceptance rate indicates a higher difficulty to get into the school, with the top universities having an acceptance rate of less than 10%.

For the undergraduate admissions for the fall intake of 2022, The University of Pittsburgh recorded 53,070 total enrolments, of which 49% of applications were accepted. Of the selected candidates only 17% proceeded with the enrolment at the university.

Preparing for the University of Pittsburgh

As international students, there are multiple factors to be considered when applying to a university abroad. Of course, knowing the acceptance rate would help in making the decision, but other factors like admission requirements, fee breakdown, and scholarships should also be understood.

Admission Requirements

Knowing the requirements for eligibility makes the decision-making process much quicker and easier. It helps make sure that you have all the right qualifications to study a specific course. Students need to reconcile their academic achievements against the minimum required qualifications for the school to determine their academic eligibility.

Being aware of the admission requirements also ensures that the student is well-prepared and aware of the admission process. Knowing these requirements is crucial to make sure that your program and institute of choice are befitting your career goals.

Tuition Fees

The financial aspect of education abroad is one of the most important decision-making factors. Being able to meet all the academic financial needs, living expenses, traveling expenses, and other financial needs is something that needs to be considered at the very early stages of planning.


There are multiple scholarships offered for both domestic and international students by government and international bodies. Though most of these scholarships are intended to reward academic excellence, there are many scholarships that function to facilitate international students as well. Being aware of these scholarship opportunities ensures that you are making appropriate use of the resources that are provided to you.

The University of Pittsburgh has multiple campuses across Pennsylvania and has more than enough room to accommodate more and more international students with every intake. Discussed in this article are some of the factors that you need to consider before picking out a suitable program for your study.

We hope that this article on the University of Pittsburgh acceptance rate was helpful. To learn more about studying abroad, feel free to check out the Available Programs for International Students.

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